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advancement; advancements; advances; advanceth; advancing; advantaged; advantageous; advantageously; advantages; advantagious
  1. If the estates were not entailed, I would at once give you a deed for half of them, and then I should have no advantage over you in wealth or position.

  2. Umslopogaas is quite as much like what I can imagine her real name to be, and has the advantage of sounding more foreign.

  3. Altogether it is a quaint room, without any particular order or style, but very comfortable, and it has one great advantage in being cool.

  4. All this is greater advantage than they had in olden days, while they were infidels.

  5. I give your Majesty an account of this matter, because of the importance that it may have for the service of God and your Majesty, the good of the poor, and the advantage of a work of such public necessity and importance in these regions.

  6. The officials take much advantage of their position, and especially favor their dependents unduly.

  7. Of this advantage it is right that this royal hospital should have the fruit, because it is not the least important, and that it should not suffer, and remain as it is.

  8. In the first place this advantage is enjoyed by those who have not served in this land, thus depriving of it those who have served.

  9. It is a great and necessary advantage for your Majesty to provide this in the manner and by the person most pleasing to you.

  10. May God further these affairs, as they are especially for His service and for the advantage of the royal crown of your Majesty.

  11. Ah, my good friend, and how are you taking advantage of this great boon--the enormous privilege of free education?

  12. Unfortunately not; but I had the advantage of seeing the top of his Royal Highness's head.

  13. Would you allow our own advantage to prevail against the hope that this maiden, who is loved by everyone of us, may be saved?

  14. You know well that I do not love you after this sort, no, and never can, and even if you keep me from Domitian, who does but make a tool of you, what would it advantage you to take a woman who leaves her heart elsewhere?

  15. Thus the advantage rested, or seemed to rest, with the Jews, who held all the ruined houses and swept the open space with their arrows.

  16. Of course, Miriam is quite right not to marry me if she has scruples, and, of course, I should be quite wrong to take advantage of the accident of my being able to purchase her in the slave-ring.

  17. It will be observed that the result from the unsubsoiled portion is very good, and if nothing more were said about it, people would be led to conclude that there was no advantage in subsoiling.

  18. I quote this story as a text on which I wish to speak as to the advantage of gravelling heavy clay soils.

  19. About 1891, I had joined the Psychical Research Society and had the advantage of reading all their reports.

  20. All are agreed that no religion upon earth has any advantage over another, but that character and refinement are everything.

  21. The Babylonians, Assyrians, and Egyptians, had the advantage of being formed into regular, well-constituted states.

  22. Two persons of equal intellectual calibre may have, one a talent for mathematics, the other for literature; that is, one can exhibit his intellect to advantage only in calculation, the other only in writing.

  23. I have not had the advantage of perusing his book, and cannot, therefore, say whether his idea is similar to mine.

  24. Also advantage may be taken of the fact that a small per cent of persons die of smallpox or measles.

  25. Dodge, for his part, took advantage of his usefulness to the extent of requesting him to purchase them railroad tickets, the plan being to leave Alice the following morning for Monterey, Mexico.

  26. Choiseul thought that he might practice his regimen and drink his senna tea, to the advantage of public affairs, within those venerable walls.

  27. That is the great advantage of having the young of both sexes in the same schoolroom,--the manners of the brutal sex may be made tender by the presence of the refined one.

  28. Such a piece of work would have the advantage of giving me opportunities for showing how strongly tempted we all are to judge works of art by some special criterion instead of applying different criteria.

  29. Scott has the immense advantage over dull authors of being almost always interesting, and the equally great advantage over many exciting authors that he never leaves an unhealthy feeling in the mind.

  30. One end of the house (which is rather long for its height and depth) abuts against the hill, and close behind it is the cotton-mill which my grandfather worked, with no great profit to himself or advantage to his descendants.

  31. This is carrying exactness to excess, and it is not given as an example to be followed, but it had the advantage of letting me know how my time expenditure was running.

  32. The advantage in working under his eye would have been in receiving a great variety of sound artistic ideas; for few painters know more about art as distinguished from nature.

  33. I afterwards had the advantage of a little correspondence with Lewis.

  34. Nay, it is you who have the advantage of me with your two glasses of claret, which I call downright intemperance.

  35. All this was a perfectly gratuitous expenditure of time and health that could not possibly lead to any advantage whatever.

  36. I had one merit, that of being an excellent listener, which has been a great advantage to me through life.

  37. Anais' husband was as docile as a child who asks nothing better than to be told what to do; and, generous and clever woman as she was, she had taken no undue advantage of his weaknesses.

  38. Old men of the world might say to him, as card-players would say to the man who declines to take advantage of his trumps, 'Monsieur, you ought not to play at bouillotte.

  39. Renunciation, my angel, is daily death of self; my renunciation will only last for one day; I will take advantage now of that day.

  40. Your beginning has made enough sensation to smooth your way," said Florine; "take advantage of it at once, or you will soon be forgotten.

  41. Petit-Claud had seen at once that Lucien's return put Louise de Negrepelisse in a false position; and now, in a moment, he flattered himself that he saw a way to take advantage of it.

  42. Whatever may happen, I shall gain one solid advantage which no Liberal victory can give me.

  43. Take advantage of your social maiden fame to walk alone and grasp honors.

  44. The hands, small as a woman's, never showed to better advantage than when gloved.

  45. In a duel between a man of sixty and a man of thirty-five, all the advantage lay with the latter.

  46. He jumped the stile and cantered carefully down the narrow path, well content to go slow for the advantage to be gained.

  47. He had the advantage over him that a man who controls his speech and his temper always has over a man who habitually controls neither.

  48. And for the downstairs rooms he told me that any pictures or china and so forth that I had a fancy for I might have, and I hope I have not taken advantage of his generosity.

  49. They found Dick in an affable mood as they walked across the park together--the sort of affectionately jovial mood of which they had occasionally taken advantage to secure a temporary addition to their income.

  50. Humphrey had no right to take advantage of his threats to work against me.

  51. He's taken advantage of my being out of favour to get the governor to consider leaving the best part of the property to him.

  52. Oh, I've watched you," said Ford Obert as if he had then perhaps after all the advantage of me.

  53. Her manner now moreover gave me a great idea of them, and her whole air was of taking immediate advantage of my impression.

  54. I therefore took no advantage, or took only the advantage I had spoken with the intention of taking.

  55. It was quite what I had meant to do, but she now took still better advantage than I had expected of her opportunity.

  56. So I stood up, to put her more at her ease, and it was while I remained before her that I tried to turn to her advantage what I had committed myself to about Brissenden.

  57. Sharpe, became a centre of ritualism, and on June 9th advantage was taken, on the appointment of the new incumbent, the Rev.

  58. Possessed of remarkable skill in deciphering old documents, his services in this respect were taken advantage of by the Corporations of Norwich, Lynn, and other boroughs, whose ancient records he undertook to arrange.

  59. It has the additional advantage of acting also as an extra break when required.

  60. A capital first book of English Literature for children, produced in handsome form, with excellent print, and having the advantage of twenty first-rate coloured illustrations by J.

  61. Though sharp at the moment, it had the advantage of being soon over; and remembering my project, I almost hoped that the headmaster would order me to follow him to his desk, the usual place of execution.

  62. Old Smiley, who had the advantage of knowing the ground better than we did, followed hard at our heels, breathing out threats and curses.

  63. Our men had a great advantage of the Spaniards in firing uphill, and it was a very great advantage they were not obliged to wade, for the water often overflows that part where we were obliged to engage them.

  64. The British, who had been practically a subject race for nearly 400 years, could make no head against the fierce Picts and Scots, who at once took advantage of the withdrawal of the Roman garrison and swarmed into the North of England.

  65. By this the French has the advantage to fight at a distance, and we yard-arm to yard-arm.

  66. The like advantage have we over them in shipping; although they are broader and carry a better sail, our sides are thicker and better able to receive their shot; by this they are more subject to be sunk by our gun-shot than we.

  67. The Spaniards rolled pieces of rocks down the hill and wounded a great many of our men, but our advantage in firing was more than all they could do.

  68. The German destroyers turned about and fled, but we had the advantage in speed, soon got within range with our 6-inch bow gun, and opened fire.

  69. Another factor which shows how great an advantage we have over the enemy in the matter of the air service is revealed by the comparative failure of German bombing attacks and the havoc that has been wrought by the French and British squadrons.

  70. It succeeded to a certain extent, and it gave the "hyphenated" section of the American people an opportunity of which they took full advantage for renewed girdings against England.

  71. I do not want to see this or that party snatch a party advantage out of our old quarrels on the subject of Free Trade.

  72. The violation of the neutrality of Belgium may have been an advantage from the point of view of strategy; whether it was or not, the Germans thought it was, and that was good enough for them.

  73. If it would be an advantage to Germany, they were prepared to undertake it, and treaty obligations troubled them not one whit.

  74. Not men alone, but munitions are the secret of success to-day, and every single advantage that Germany has won since war broke out has been won by her superiority in mechanical equipment.

  75. Sivert took advantage of a burst of laughter to bury his tired head among the pillows, but a sudden silence made him open one eye warily and peer out into the room.

  76. Now, was it nice, was it decent of her, to take advantage of a momentary lapse like that?

  77. This would be so great an advantage that we are not surprised to find the coiled type (Goniatites) gain upon and gradually replace the straight-shelled types (Orthoceratites).

  78. It would be an advantage in many ways if we could believe that new species arose by sudden and large variations (mutations) of the young from the parental type.

  79. One race will outstrip another because of its advantage in soil, climate, or geographical position.

  80. This is the chief advantage of studying the story of evolution in strict connection with the geological record.

  81. The modern crocodiles, which replaced this ancient race of sea-crocodiles, have a great advantage over them in the fact that their nostrils open into the mouth in its lower depths.

  82. The advantage of a four-chambered heart and warm coat would be greatly reduced when the climate became warmer.

  83. On the other hand, the power to move in search of their food, which is not equally diffused, becomes a most important advantage to the feeders on other organisms.

  84. The placental structure would be so great an advantage in a cold and unfavourable environment that some writers look to the northern land, connecting Europe and America, for their development.

  85. Laplace had one great advantage over the early speculators.

  86. It was a compensating advantage for the loss of the shell.

  87. The mammal and the bird are already on the stage, but their warm coats and warm blood offer no advantage in that perennial summer, and they await in obscurity the end of the golden age of the reptiles.

  88. They may continue to occur for ages without any of them proving an advantage to their possessors.

  89. It is sometimes suggested that social life was the great advantage which led to the superior development of mind in man.

  90. Everywhere, where there was fighting, the advantage rested with the allies.

  91. However, before the general staff can take advantage of the report, it must be verified absolutely.

  92. General Rhodes, realizing the advantage won earlier in the day, was determined to press it to the utmost.

  93. Continuing along the line to the south, the allies pressed their advantage at all points.

  94. We have the advantage at this moment, in spite of the fact that we have suffered some reverses lately.

  95. Nevertheless, if it were true, it would be of advantage to the allies to know of the impending appeal at the earliest possible moment.

  96. At Chester's first cry he knew what was up and he grew instantly alert, ready to take advantage of the first opportunity that presented itself.

  97. Taking advantage of this success, General Lejeune pushed Brigadier General Abernathy's Second division into the breach.

  98. No trickster is going to take advantage of the Hodges or of Mrs. Weems either--not if I can prevent it.

  99. And I assure you I have no intention of deceiving or taking advantage of your dear friends, the Hodges.

  100. Now the pursuer was losing some of the advantage of his superior speed; the Parrott was perceptibly higher; the Valkyr must needs mount in a more sweeping curve.

  101. They immediately suspect a design of obtaining an advantage for you, without any real equivalent to themselves.

  102. And she was so insensible to the advantage of a cavalier per se, that she would rather talk to an amusing woman than to a stupid man, however handsome and fashionable.

  103. Freligrath's reputation as a poet appears to have much advantage from his persecution as a patriot.

  104. Then, gentlemen," said Von Apsberg, "we will not hesitate to take advantage of the benefit allowed us by the laws of duelling.

  105. Natural flowers may be worn in the hair with greater advantage at this season than at any other, as they fade less rapidly, than the summer flowers.

  106. I will cheerfully relinquish all the advantage to be drawn from an English sale.

  107. He raged at the prohibition against speaking Chinese; that ability should give him an overwhelming advantage of Gerrit Ammidon.

  108. He hoped that his sister-in-law didn't suppose her helpless; the impenetrable Manchu control gave her a pitiless advantage over any less absolute civilization.

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