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Example sentences for "boon"

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  1. This was beyond any anticipations Stayner had formed, and he lost no time in apprizing the public in Canada of the boon conferred upon them.

  2. The opportunity afforded by the extension of the United States postal service into the northern parts of Minnesota was a great boon to the inhabitants of the isolated settlement.

  3. For this boon it has often applied to Sahela Selassie; but from motives of prudence he has not chosen to extend either his visits or his authority beyond the frontier village of Aimellele.

  4. Dionysus, on his part, seeing how agreeably his discovery had affected his immediate followers, resolved to extend the boon to mankind in general.

  5. His value as an educated man was recognized, and he found himself at twenty-four in possession of the always coveted boon of the young Italian, a place in the government employ.

  6. A small boon that you might have taken without asking, if you can find a dog to lead you, like other blind wretches.

  7. Colonel Boon instantly caught his rifle, ordered the men to form, take trees, and give battle, and not to run till they saw him fall.

  8. Yet, even in doubt that it pleased, in dread that it might annoy him, she received the boon of the meeting as an imprisoned bird would the admission of sunshine to its cage.

  9. Neither of them wanted to be foremost, but each sincerely desired to be useful; and useful the clergy consented to make them--with which boon they were content.

  10. It was the day before the duke took the fatal draught which he believed was to confer on the mortal the immortal boon that, finding my power over him was gone, I abandoned him to his doom.

  11. We smile at the picture of "Miss Philura's" confusion as she hesitatingly sends up to her Creator a petition for the much-desired boon of a husband.

  12. We do not have to ask for sleep as for a special boon which may be denied.

  13. Children, bereft, the nightly boon require, And anxious call their slow-returning sire.

  14. When Adam and Eve, as the saints all believe, From the garden of Eden were driven; They put up a prayer to king Joe in his chair, That a boon he would grant them from heaven.

  15. For every boon of service well performed he must be eager to make requital to the author of it, nor hesitate to visit on the heads of those neglectful of their duty a just recompense.

  16. And if horses and dogs derive benefit from this art of husbandry, they in turn requite the boon through service rendered to the farm.

  17. So Fate that ever scorns to grant Or grace or boon to me, Since what can never be I want, Denies me what might be.

  18. I will not rise, senor," answered the afflicted damsel, "unless of your courtesy the boon I ask is first granted me.

  19. Soon shall your boon be granted,' cried the earl, 'for this very day to the church shall ye go, and your mother and your six little wee brothers shall be with you.

  20. A boon I have to ask,' cried then the little wee boy; 'I would we were all in the holy church that the good priest might christen me and my six little brothers.

  21. It may be when fair fortune has smiled upon us, and we are no longer poor and nameless, that we will come to you to crave the boon you have graciously offered this day.

  22. He received a wound which, though not dangerous, impeded his flight, so that he was boon overtaken and captured.

  23. Ah, sire, I should like to think that you did not refuse my second boon any more than my first.

  24. At this warning sound Gregory hastened up with all possible deference, a bottle of brandy in each hand; for he knew that when Ivan summoned him he gained in two ways, as innkeeper and as boon companion.

  25. And in truth, for a day or two, the boon companions sharpened their wits at the expense of the worthy monk, when all at once, on a good road and without apparent cause, the carriage overturned.

  26. Boon Three egg whites beaten very stiff; gradually put in above one cup of granulated sugar, one teaspoonful vinegar, one-half teaspoonful vanilla.

  27. Boon Four eggs, separate yolks and whites; three-fourths cup butter; one and three-fourths cups each of sugar and rye bread.

  28. Boon One cup brown sugar; two cups granulated sugar; two cups boiling water.

  29. Jacopo l’Indaco and Mineghella were boon companions of the master.

  30. That's how the workingmen are left to foolish devices and keep worsening themselves: the best heads among them forsake their boon comrades, and go in for a house with a high door-step and a brass knocker.

  31. They had hope, and it is likewise a boon to the poor to promise them welfare in the world to come.

  32. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "boon" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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