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Example sentences for "gleeful"

Lexicographically close words:
glebe; glebes; gled; glede; glee; gleefully; gleek; gleeman; gleemen; glees
  1. With a gleeful yell, Rollin turned to pursue, but Victor called to him angrily to let the buffalo be.

  2. Tony came at once, with such a gleeful visage that his father's intended chastisement for the recent practical joke ended in a parental caress.

  3. Oh, merry was I that winter night, And gleeful our little one's din, And tender the grace of my darling's face As we watched the new year in.

  4. Never a little one hugs my knee And I hear no gleeful shout-- I am sitting alone by the old hearthstone, Watching the old year out.

  5. I was very much surprised at his gleeful impatience, not knowing a whit to what they alluded; and I only marvelled that no one came to fetch him, that we were suffered so long to retain him.

  6. Seraphael had spoken in his gleeful voice.

  7. Antony, with an indescribable twinkle of gleeful enjoyment, though those twinkling eyes seemed the only living thing in the old face.

  8. Old Mary Antony, gleeful and marvelling, followed the stately figure of the Prioress.

  9. The Bishop paused and rubbed his hands softly over each other, in gleeful enjoyment of the recollection.

  10. Thus the rising generation multiplied and grew apace; and merry innocent laughter and gleeful childlike shouts began to resound among the cliffs and groves of the lonely refuge of the mutineers.

  11. She was a round light-brown embodiment of gleeful impudence, and had barely reached the staggering age of infancy when taken on board the Bounty to begin her strange career.

  12. Whenever they were together, they invariably behaved like two gleeful children out for a holiday.

  13. Taken at a complete disadvantage, Mignon could only mutter an embarrassed good night to the outwardly grave, but inwardly gleeful Laurie.

  14. Lovingly did she nestle against his manly breast with eager, childish confidence, throwing her beautiful silken ringlets over his shoulders in gleeful pride.

  15. Foremost in gleeful demonstration was the pioneer Johnnie, who danced and sang in the enjoyment of his native element--light and sunshine.

  16. And Joseph carried out his part so well that Rettie, gleeful and happy every minute of the long two hours, did not so much as think of the dinner.

  17. She had been lying in the cemetery for a year when Hester Andrews’ family moved into the town, and Margaret was only a busy little elf of not quite six, when she received with gleeful laughter her mother’s last kiss.

  18. Here, for once, orchestral music is really wonderfully rascally and impudent, horns gleeful and windy and insolent, wood-wind puckish and obscene.

  19. Jim danced a gleeful breakdown on the patch of sunlight, winding up by making a grab for Jocko, who evaded him by jumping over his head to the banister, where he became an animated pinwheel in approval of the new mischief.

  20. A flock of children danced with gleeful shouts about a great Christmas tree in the middle of the floor.

  21. Between the picnic and the party, the girls were kept pretty busy for the next few days, and the house was very merry, for busy hands with happy hearts, bring chattering tongues and joyous laughter; and these summer days were gleeful ones.

  22. She laughs, she wakens gleeful cries; In her delicious laughter part revealed; Yet mother is she more of moans and sighs, For longings unappeased and wounds unhealed.

  23. Blanche jumped up, upsetting Thrummy in her progress round the earthen floor in a gleeful waltz.

  24. But, before she had time to do so, the wee leddy's voice rang out in gleeful tones, concerning the varied delights of the larch plantation, which the dwellers under the tartan could not fail to hear.

  25. The gleeful tones half stole into Rotha's heart; yet on the whole her spirit thermometer was sinking.

  26. She folded up the shirt, with a gleeful feeling that now the afternoon was over.

  27. All the world was fresh and green and dewy; the very spirit of life in the air, and the very joy of life too, for a multitude of birds were filling it with their gleeful melody.

  28. She named and distinguished for him birds of which he had never even heard, and corrected him with gleeful pride when he innocently mistook the cry of a woodpecker for that of a jay.

  29. Barbara clapped her hands with gleeful approbation, but her comment brought a new rose to Mistress Mehitable's face.

  30. Their prayer meetings are pious and gleeful affairs.

  31. Now and then a few worshippers of the ancient type drop in from some country place, and explode at intervals during the course of some impulsive prayer, or gleeful hymn, or highly enamelled sermon.

  32. The wolf began rapidly working with her legs and nose, looking round to see whether the puppy were coming, but the smell of the warm steam and manure had hardly reached her nose before she heard a gleeful burst of barking behind her.

  33. Sharp voices scared the gleeful tomtits, who, with terrified and indignant piping, took refuge in the nearest trees.

  34. This matter settled, his spirits began to rise at once; and by the time Mr. Hastings and he crowded their way through the midnight train, the cars contained no such gleeful spirit as Tode Mall's.

  35. Yes, sir," answered Tode, promptly, giving the glasses little gleeful chinks as he singled out the clearest.

  36. In this desperate and gleeful fighting, whether it is Greenville or Benbow, Hawke or Nelson, who flies his colours in the ship, we see men brought to the test and giving proof of what we call heroic feeling.

  37. But the more vehemently I insisted, the more he aggravated my distress by his insulting, gleeful laugh.

  38. Enthroned upon his monstrous steed, and solemnly proceeding up and down the wide, steep field, he looked the very incarnation of quiet, gleeful satisfaction and delight.

  39. But they both heard the gleeful voice of their opposite neighbor and welcomed the sound.

  40. Once from the campus below he heard Dopey McNab's gleeful voice mingling with the deep bass of Buck Waters: "Oh, father and mother pay all the bills, And we have all the fun.

  41. They swarmed out on to the platform amid the returning gleeful crowd, crossing and intercrossing, caught up in the hubbub of shouted recognition.

  42. For the enjoyment of Aristophanic fun a sort of Southern childishness and swiftness of gleeful apprehension is required.

  43. To-day she was like a child out of school in her gleeful enjoyment, only very quiet.

  44. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "gleeful" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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