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Example sentences for "exultant"

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exuding; exuere; exul; exult; exultance; exultantly; exultation; exultations; exulted; exulting
  1. And although his tone was civil, even good-natured, Eustace was not slow to mark a look of exultant malice in the Scot's cunning features.

  2. But the fleeting smile went unseen, the exultant flash as quickly disappeared, and in its place a very serious look came over Rutley's face, as in a low voice he replied, slowly but very distinctly.

  3. Higher and higher it swelled, cleaving the air with its exultant melody.

  4. No exultant curses now came from his captive's lips.

  5. An exultant exclamation slipped from his lips; his hot breath fell on the engineer's cheek; his eyes glared into those of the man his arms encircled.

  6. Then she heard his voice in a low exultant whisper, "You love me, Marie!

  7. And since the last war this complacent spirit has seemed ever more and morerready to break forth into exultant cries and demonstrations of triumph.

  8. There was manifestly no enthusiasm on the occasion, and no exultant shouts were heard.

  9. Six Indians near by rushed, with exultant yells and gleaming tomahawks, for his scalp.

  10. Like vari-coloured lamps they swung, and wakened you to wonder and joy with the exultant challenge of their beauty.

  11. Then, all at once, the steam-whistles shrilled out, the bells pealed, and from the black mob of people that lined the banks there went up an exultant cheer.

  12. They retired towards San Antonio, followed by the exultant Texans.

  13. They marched to Pyramid Lake, not far from the present town of Reno, and there met the exultant braves,—about one thousand strong.

  14. A wild and exultant cheer greeted their leader as he ran across the clearing to the door of the side wall.

  15. The Indians were astonished and jubilant over the turn which matters had taken and pursued the rangers with wild and exultant yelping.

  16. He then followed this with an exultant whoop.

  17. They bounded forward with exultant shouts, but as they came nearer, the bold trapper rolled upon his side, raised his rifle, and brought one of them to the earth before he could get behind a tree.

  18. She put her hands on his shoulders and said in a loud, exultant voice, "My soul is escaped as a bird out of the snare of the fowler.

  19. The old man looked at it, absently at first, then with a start, and finally with a rush of joyful and exultant exclamations.

  20. Doubtless he is the noblest man who most often feels this exultant humility.

  21. Lena sat still, picking at the bit of paper, but she looked up now, moved in spite of herself by the exultant ring in Dick's voice, as he strode over to her and held out both his hands.

  22. All at once exultant shouts and cheers resounded at the entrance of the defile, and the clarion-notes of martial music joined in these stirring acclamations.

  23. They looked at each other with exultant and enthusiastic glances.

  24. At last, however, the Boer guns were gained; the Devons too came pouring up the hill, and a torrent of British soldiery swept exultant upon the last Boer remnants.

  25. At Herbert's gate they separated, and Bland walked on in an exultant mood which was broken by fits of thoughtfulness.

  26. He continued in a quietly exultant strain, and Sylvia felt relieved that her fate was decided.

  27. He picked up several of the glimmering objects and examined them under the flame of the candle; then he turned to the boys with an odd, exultant look and spoke but one word: "Diamonds!

  28. Giving vent to exultant yells, they rushed from the timber and, in a few minutes more, would have overwhelmed Matt and his friends by sheer force of numbers.

  29. It is difficult to say whether the exultant St. George, the dignified young bishop, or the two older saints are the more sympathetic creations, or the more admirable, both in drawing and colour.

  30. He then drew in his kite, packed up his apparatus and returned to his laboratory probably the most exultant and happy man in this wide world.

  31. The other horses and the wagons, with their abounding supplies, were left to magnify the triumph of the exultant Indians.

  32. Andrew tore open the envelope, and there was an exultant tone in his voice as he read out: "Specimens unpromising.

  33. The voice rang harsh with exultant fierceness and Geraldine knew that she had gained her object in rousing the brute in him.

  34. If there was one thing to her which could alleviate sorrow and grief it was the exultant joy which was created within her by the Divine Art--that Art which alone is common to earth and heaven.

  35. Tears started to his eyes; yet over his brow there came something which is not generally associated with tears--a lofty, exultant expression, an air of joy and peace.

  36. Try it,' said the little creature, with an excited and exultant face.

  37. Don't say so,' retorted Fledgeby, secretly exultant as the old man stretched out his hands, with a shrinking action of defending himself against the sharp construction of the two observers.

  38. A taunting roar comes from the sea, and the far-out rollers mount upon one another, to look at the entrapped impostors, and to join in impish and exultant gambols.

  39. On his returning a gracious answer and taking his place at the literary settle, Mr Boffin began to compose himself as a listener, at the opposite settle, with exultant eyes.

  40. Bella, with an exultant ringing laugh as she struggled with him and forced him to turn his delighted face to hers.

  41. And stealthily rubbed her little hands behind him, and poked a few exultant pokes with her two forefingers over the crown of his head.

  42. Tom's control came back to him, and he was filled with a sudden exultant sense of mastery over this keen, powerful man.

  43. Henry was so exultant that he laughed aloud.

  44. Exultant over this sudden find and what they regarded as a sure capture, they plied their paddles with such a spasm of energy that the canoes fairly leaped over the water.

  45. Other such glances from time to time would serve to keep him straight, and again he felt the mighty and exultant swell that was in the nature of spiritual exaltation.

  46. He saw the pack bolt forward, heard the wild clamor that marked their advance, and then caught the exultant strain in their noisy yelpings, as they pounced upon the slain deer.

  47. Charmian had become so exultant on noticing this that she had been unable to refrain from saying to Gillier, "Do you begin to believe in it?

  48. Her exultant enthusiasm had died away for the moment.

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