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Example sentences for "exulted"

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exultance; exultant; exultantly; exultation; exultations; exulting; exultingly; exults; exuviae; exuviation
  1. The children feasted and exulted through all the processes, especially enjoying some sweet spareribs.

  2. Every stroke of the hammer told rapidly now, and we all exulted over our new and better appliances for carrying out our plan of country life.

  3. The pot-pie was exulted over, and the secret of its existence explained.

  4. One Saturday night, the last of April, we exulted over the fact that our acre was planted and the seed well covered.

  5. I exulted in the beauty of the scene, and augured a prosperous voyage; but the veteran master of the ship shook his head, and pronounced this halcyon calm a "weather-breeder.

  6. Briggs exulted over her, helpless and panting in the clutch of the two foremast-hands.

  7. Nature was strong in the woman, and, spite of her selfishness, she exulted over the ruin of her own plans.

  8. She seemed to weave the idea of my dear friend's death with every luxury that surrounded her dwelling; to my prejudiced fancy, she even exulted in it.

  9. She had carried away her captive and exulted over him with charming playfulness, which he answered in a low, impressive voice.

  10. My readers will readily believe that we exulted not a little in the triumph of our exploit.

  11. Our enemies exulted over it as testimony against us, given by those who had been in our councils and well knew what spirit animated us.

  12. Many of the newspapers, especially those of New York City, exulted over the results of the riots of the 21st of October in Boston and Utica.

  13. The rising monarchy of the Franks exulted in that very dignity of St. Peter's successor, which the Byzantine monarch was striving to subject to his own will.

  14. Mohammed exulted in his sin, as deserving of praise and exceptional privilege.

  15. Some exulted and sang the paean, while others were grieved and lamented, so that all places were filled with cries and groans.

  16. Relying on their numbers, the security of their situation, and the assurances of their prophets, they derided our approach, and already exulted in anticipation of the victory they expected to obtain.

  17. Without a strict observance of these, victory must ever be uncertain, and ought hardly to be exulted in even when gained.

  18. Nevertheless they kept a footing for themselves in Troy, that they might deceive future inhabitants who repeopled these lands; while at Rome, by a wider exercise of their malignant arts, they exulted in more abundant honours.

  19. He exulted as the water cried out under the keel.

  20. As he looked down at the river from the bridge and marked its water flowing swiftly from the lake toward the splendid sunset sky he exulted over the power of man, of science, to reverse the natural current of a stream.

  21. He exulted in the sense of power such an occasion gave him.

  22. Ellen had a feeling that the little Island trembled in the splendid abandon of wind and sea--trembled, yet exulted in the freedom of the elements.

  23. She exulted in the consciousness of giving so much pleasure by her presence.

  24. Once, when I crossed the Atlantic, I exulted in finding myself alone in a room well situated in the middle of the ship.

  25. He exulted in the glorious act of restoring Africa and Italy to the republic; but the calamities which followed the departure of Belisarius betrayed the impotence of the conqueror, and accomplished the ruin of those unfortunate countries.

  26. On his just complaint, they coldly blamed the imprudence of their engineer; but the next day the insult was repeated; and they exulted in a second proof that the royal city was not beyond the reach of their artillery.

  27. The Vatican exulted in the spiritual conquest of Bulgaria, the first object of the schism; and if the Greeks could have preserved the prerogatives of the church, they would gladly have resigned the rights of the monarchy.

  28. More than ever, she exulted in her escape and freedom, thinking, "What a poor figure is Cousin Mad beside these men whose faces are so full of intelligence!

  29. What the end would be she dared not think, but for the moment her spirit exulted in the excitement which would at least banish stagnation.

  30. He lived intensely in the present; excitement and bustle were congenial conditions, and his soul exulted in the prospect of freedom.

  31. She justly exulted in the act by which she had baffled the vengeance of Perkins, and she had ceased to have the anxieties of a bitter Southern partisan.

  32. I observed her impatience, and exulted in her chagrin; and after my partner was set, took the opportunity of passing by her to make a slight bow without stopping, which completed my triumph and her indignation.

  33. Through the Smithsonian she wandered, apparently examining its treasures, but now she saw only the pitying countenance of her grandmother, and now the malicious triumph in Miss Higginbottom's eyes, as she exulted in some impending misfortune.

  34. Nevertheless, Charles exulted in his brief triumph, and his exultation was shared by his companions.

  35. Thus Cromwell's able plan was accomplished, and he inwardly exulted at its success.

  36. It's our pitching staff that has carried us through so far," exulted McRae in one of his talks with Robson.

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