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Example sentences for "exults"

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exultation; exultations; exulted; exulting; exultingly; exuviae; exuviation; exuviations; exyle; eye
  1. She in whose favour it is determined exults greatly, and being attended by her relations is laid on the funeral pile with her husband: the others, who are postponed, walk away very much dejected.

  2. Brunhild glories in the fall of Siegfried and exults over the mourning widow.

  3. The prince exults to see himself rejected, And I receive a favor from the king With marks of anger!

  4. My heart exults with joy-- So excellent a general!

  5. Now roves the eye; And, posted on this speculative height, Exults in its command.

  6. The fruitful field Laughs with abundance; and the land, once lean, Or fertile only in its own disgrace, Exults to see its thistly curse repeal'd.

  7. My heart exults with pleasure new The shelving band and ford to view, Where gathering herds of thirsty deer Disturb the wave that ran so clear.

  8. Such is the triumphant language with which a critick exults over the misery of an irregular poet, and exults commonly without resistance or reply.

  9. He never exults in his triumphs, nor is querulous on those who oppugned them.

  10. The good man exults in the wonders which sometimes may be opened to us by what he terms "a silver key rightly applied.

  11. Elyot exults in having augmented the English language by the introduction of this Latin term, now made English for the first time!

  12. Pleading for forgiveness, she expires; and as Mephistopheles exults at the catastrophe he has wrought, angels appear amid the music of the celestial choirs and bear the sufferer to heaven.

  13. He exults in his liberty, and gleefully looks forward to a meeting with Lord and Lady Allcash, which he anticipates will redound to his personal profit.

  14. Arena exults over his death, and over the emperor's grief for his loss, and then proceeds to describe the disastrous retreat of the imperial army, and the glory of France in her king.

  15. The painter, in his "Anecdotes," exults over the pecuniary profit he derived from the extensive sale of these two prints.

  16. The sergeant's wife is informed by the other of the injury sustained by her husband, and she exults over it because it will deprive him of the power of beating her.

  17. It appeared that they had risen against the tyranny of their lord, but had been unsuccessful in defending their cause in a court of law, and the ecclesiastical satirist exults over their defeat in a very uncharitable tone.

  18. Basks in purple, glows in green, exults in gold.

  19. And once more-- 'Who but Eulogius now exults for joy?

  20. Now, wrapped in ninefold fur, his squeamish Grace Defies the fury of the howling storm; And whilst the tempest whistles round his face, Exults to find his mantled carcase warm.

  21. Thus Shelley exults in the thought, The Pythian of the age one arrow drew And smiled.

  22. Telramund, who has been spying unseen, exults to see mischief in the person of his wife entering the house of the enemy.

  23. She has in reality gained nothing by the disaster to Elsa, but she exults in it.

  24. In the sixth edition the marquis greatly exults in his successful contrivance; by which means he had punished the vicious curiosity of certain persons, and perhaps had persuaded some, whom otherwise his book might never have reached.

  25. Exults the fluttering heart, O Mortal-born, If Fame pronounce thee beautiful and wise, If pompous blazonry thy name adorn!

  26. Where, from a base unthankful world exil'd, Freedom exults to roam the careless wild; Where taste to science every charm supplies, And genius soars unbounded to the skies!

  27. What human heart exults not in the tokens of human power!

  28. Complaining that her mind was grown too feeble to form a connected prayer, she bade me repeat to her the triumphant strains in which David exults in the care of the Good Shepherd.

  29. Far wiser he, whose sympathetic mind Exults in all the good of all mankind.

  30. Detest the slander which, with a Satanic smile, exults over the character it has ruined.

  31. Daniel exults as he looks upon the dead bodies he is assisting to deposit in the corn-shed.

  32. Romescos spreads himself wonderfully, throws his dice, and exults over the result.

  33. Mr. M'Fadden exults over the happy times his boys have at home.

  34. And she exults over the efficiency of her negroes, who stand at her side acknowledging the compliment with broad grins.

  35. All right on that score (Romescos exults in his law proficiency).

  36. On recovering consciousness and seeing nothing save corpses around him, Roland exults to think that Charlemagne will find forty dead Saracens for every slain Frenchman!

  37. Meantime Youkahainen exults because his foe is dead, although his mother insists her son has merely brought woe upon the earth.

  38. He also exults in his shrewdness and business capacity.

  39. He had a rare gift of realistic painting, and he exults in using it.

  40. He exults in the fate of one who, without initiation, tried to get a sight of the holy spectacle at Eleusis, and perished by falling from his secret point of observation.

  41. On the accession of Trajan, Pliny, in his Panegyric, exults in the fall of the freedmen from the highest place.

  42. The disciples pray him to eat, but he is no longer hungry, no longer thirsty, no longer weary; he exults in the gifts that he is ready to give, and the hearts that are opening to receive.

  43. She is thrown perforce on the weapons of physical weakness; and Deborah exults in the success of the artifice with all the warmth of her indignant soul.

  44. Leah, the less beloved one, exults over her handsomer and more favored sister because she has been made a fruitful mother, while to Rachel the gift of children is denied.

  45. The animus of it is, in some respects, the same with that of the song of Hannah,--it exults in the might of God as the protector of the weak and helpless.

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