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Example sentences for "fits"

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fitin; fiting; fitly; fitness; fitnesses; fitt; fitte; fitted; fitten; fitter
  1. So, the attraction of the Market drew Mr Dolls to it, and he had out his two fits of trembles and horrors in a doorway on which a woman had had out her sodden nap a few hours before.

  2. The neck of the prisoner fits into the fork, secured by a cross-piece also behind, while the wrists, brought together in advance of the body, are tied to the pole.

  3. In times past the Jones boy had been subject to queer fits that took him all of a sudden, and doubled him up with a severe cramp.

  4. Look at him through the glass, and see if the following description fits him.

  5. It is an admirable remedy for the fits of the mother, and other infirmities of the matrix, and therefore the Latins called it Vulvaria.

  6. It stays the flux of the belly, kills worms, helps the fits of the mother.

  7. Vomits are more dangerous for women than men, especially such as are either with child, or subject to the fits of the mother.

  8. Jet, it is of a softening and discussing nature, it resists the fits of the mother.

  9. It is said that some of its alloys are without a rival as an anti-friction metal, and having hardness and toughness, fits it remarkably for bearings and journals.

  10. Its capacity to resist oxidation or rust fits it most eminently for all household and cooking utensils, while its color transforms the dark visaged, disagreeable array of pots, pans, and kitchen implements into things of comparative beauty.

  11. The resistance to corrosion evidently fits this metal for railway sleepers to take the place of the decaying wooden ties.

  12. The upper edge of the sides of the bottom part of the box is made with a tongue which fits into a groove made in the lower edge of the sides of the cover.

  13. Doctor Hugh had missed so many home Christmas Days that he in particular, enjoyed the preparations and his attempts at secrets and his insistence on tasting all of Winnie's dishes drove the girls into fits of laughter.

  14. She nearly frightened the little Percey girl into fits showing her a live snake one afternoon.

  15. You frightened Aunt Trudy into fits and now you've upset a whole class.

  16. We hence learn, that under all these fits of deadness to which his people are subject, nothing without Christ will help: Not, 1.

  17. Their fits are not known to every one; nor doth every one know what lieth sometimes at their heart; nor would they think it such an easy matter to win to heaven as they imagine; and so deceive themselves.

  18. It is here clearly presupposed, that even believers have need of Christ to be life unto them; and so have their fits of deadness.

  19. And as for believers, they would not think it strange to meet with such fits of deadness; nor thence conclude, that all their former work was but delusion, and that they are still in the state of nature.

  20. It fits closely to the leg, the tail being worn upwards, and the neck highly ornamented with fringe and porcupine quills, drags on the ground behind the heels.

  21. It fits the body loosely, and reaches half way down the thigh.

  22. There has been, may we not think, constant interchanges between these planets of such lives as survive material dissolution, and they have found the nidus that fits them in each.

  23. Assailed by fear and hope in a moment: Boutcher, this womanish passion fits not men, Who know the worth of freedom: shall smiles and eyes With their lascivious glances conquer him, Hath still been lord of his affections?

  24. What strange fits grow upon him here a-late!

  25. This dealing fits not one Of your account.

  26. Than if a judge should frown on't; three such fits Would shake it into goodness, and quite beggar The under kingdom.

  27. It however fits very nicely into lithographs of supposedly ideal camp scenes.

  28. It consists of a padded canvas yoke which fits over the breast and shoulders of the wearer and the yoke ends connect by small stout ropes to the pack much the same as with a regulation tump line.

  29. This fits loosely at the knee, waist, and wrist, enabling the evaporation of constant perspiration to the open air, especially during exercise of any kind.

  30. In its position on the back the pack should be carried low so the bulge fits the hollow of the back.

  31. This languid spring day while Conny turned over her mail that lay strewn in disorder on her bed, she apparently had one of her worst fits of dubitation.

  32. As a matter of fact he had been attacked by one of those fits of intense occupation which came upon him in the intervals of his devotions.

  33. They haven't a dollar, and she is going to have a baby; she is in fits about it.

  34. If it fits my theory, I shall annex it unscrupulously, of that I give you fair warning," said Dangeau, laughing.

  35. I do not quite know whether the story fits your theory or mine, but I will tell it you, if you like.

  36. Sin has many tools, but a lie is a handle which fits them all.

  37. He writes again: "Anna Cole, living at Hartford, was taken with strange fits which caused her to express strange things unknown to herself, her tongue being guided by a demon.

  38. Time-honoured though it be, this symbolism in no way fits Catherine’s case.

  39. It is evident, that this absence fits in admirably with the gap already mentioned.

  40. For one thing, we know how King Henry “had for years been visited by regular fits of the gout; his strength visibly wasted away, and every spring the most serious apprehensions were entertained of his life.

  41. The second passage, though occurring in an early chapter of the Vita, undoubtedly belongs to these final months and fits well into this particular day.

  42. If his mother tearfully besought him to return to her, he would burst into loud fits of laughter, and shriek until the very sea-birds flew affrighted from the spot.

  43. For this reason she bore patiently with his occasional fits of low spirits.

  44. He hardly ever coughs--' 'Does he get those bad fits of cough and breathlessness?

  45. I grieve to say that she and her friend have been in one of their fits of enthusiasm.

  46. The lower end of the pin fits into a cast-iron socket fastened to the masonry, and is prevented from turning round by being made hexagonal.

  47. His close fits of sedentary application, during which he in a manner tied himself to the mast, had laid the seeds of a lurking malady in his system, and produced a severe illness in the course of the summer.

  48. I want to get out where I can breathe, where the sky fits the ground as far as you can see--where it isn't eternally broken into by these everlasting hills.

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