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Example sentences for "fitter"

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fits; fitt; fitte; fitted; fitten; fitters; fittest; fitteth; fitting; fittingly
  1. Alas my yeares are yong: And fitter is my studie, and my Bookes, Then wanton dalliance with a Paramour.

  2. After you've changed your method from rifle to shotgun, you'll bag your share, and you'll come back fitter for work.

  3. Far as the luminous beacon on we pass'd Speaking of matters, then befitting well To speak, now fitter left untold.

  4. Account of that division tripartite Expect not, fitter for thine own research.

  5. And they did not speak again all the way home.

  6. He’s like von Sohn,” Fyodor Pavlovitch said suddenly.

  7. And if she does go to the old man, can I marry her after that?

  8. Our historical pastime is the direct satisfaction of inflicting pain.

  9. He is living, for the soul lives for ever, and though he is not in the house he is near you, unseen.

  10. He was dressed in a peasant’s long reddish coat of coarse convict cloth (as it used to be called) and had a stout rope round his waist.

  11. He was in such a hurry that in his impatience he put his foot on the step on which Ivan’s left foot was still resting, and clutching the carriage he kept trying to jump in.

  12. As for Relation, replied the Duchess, our Poets defie and condemn it into a Chimney-corner, fitter for old Womens Tales, than Theatres.

  13. The good woman began, as some very neat people are rather apt to do, with making many apologies that her house was not cleaner, and that things were not in a fitter order to receive such a gentleman.

  14. Was there ever a fitter place or a fitter hour for prayer than here, in the presence of the great sea to which they were about to commit their lives and their precious trust?

  15. They went up to Cosmo's room, to make it something fitter for a lady's bower.

  16. But she had told it well after her own fashion, and she could not have had a fitter audience.

  17. I wish they'd kept that Ussher down in the north when he was there; he's fitter for that place than County Leitrim, any how.

  18. It's something of a disgrace indeed to have touched the beast--an oaken staff had been fitter than your hand,' she replied.

  19. He called on the phone and wanted to see Marina Oswald, wanted to make sure she was being properly represented, that she knew her rights, and so on and so forth.

  20. His capacity was considerable; but fitter to discourse on general maxims, than to conduct any intricate business: his intentions were just; but more adapted to the conduct of private life than to the government of kingdoms.

  21. I should have supposed that, considering our unhappy relationship, and the terms on which we stand towards each other, the lawyers were the fitter negotiators between us.

  22. Let us pass on, my lord; and if you want further explanation, seek some other time and fitter place.

  23. A fitter place and fitter judges must be chosen by the mutual consent of the parties, or she would be the cause of trouble and scandal to them and their posterity.

  24. I should add that the preliminary conversation from St. XXV to St. XXXI is fitter to be held in the young lady's absence.

  25. The Duke should have selected some fitter messenger to hold converse with his fair learned cousin.

  26. Given these lakes, what fitter argument than Ariadne abandoned on her little island?

  27. And he will be far fitter to face the privations, anxieties, and troubles of life in the most successful way.

  28. Has it made him fitter than his fellows, who went into athletics with no such zeal and devotion, to stand life's wear and tear, especially when that life is to be spent mainly in-doors?

  29. They had been accustomed in their childhood to follow his direction, and to refer their little differences to him, and when they were men, who fitter to rule them?

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