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Example sentences for "curses"

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currying; curs; curse; cursed; cursedly; curseth; cursing; cursings; cursive; cursives
  1. That it was that had brought the moisture to my brow and curses to my lips; that it was that had caused me instinctively to thrust the rag of green velvet within my doublet.

  2. Muttering curses as I ran--for 't was my way to curse where pious souls might pray--I sped back to the quadrangle and my horse.

  3. Yet if silent, the curses that I heaped upon the Chevalier's crassness were none the less fervent, and to myself I thought with grim relish of how soon and how dearly he would pay for the affront he had put upon me.

  4. As it was, he had got no farther than his knees when his right leg slid from under him, and he fell prone among the shattered tableware, mumbling curses and apologies in a breath.

  5. I have done that already, I fear has pull'd too many curses on me.

  6. Curst on our sights, our fond credulities, A thousand curses on the Slave that cheated us, The damn'd Slave.

  7. And the LORD thy God will put all these curses upon thine enemies, and on them that hate thee, which persecuted thee.

  8. The so-called social diseases, over which eugenists raise such a pother, are surely not the worst curses that mankind has to bear.

  9. He curses the gods, and defies them to kill him.

  10. Sidenote: Worry Causes Dissipation] Anger and worry, especially worry, are the cause of most of the drunkenness and other dissipations which are the curses of the age.

  11. It has been buried, with curses deep and bitter for its funeral obsequies.

  12. He answered raillery with raillery, curses with cursing, and abuse with defiance.

  13. Then there were blows and kicks and curses from the crowd, which rushed upon him.

  14. His lips moved in prayer, the forgiving words mingling with the curses of his assailants: "O God, my help and my shield!

  15. He had muttered curses as he hurried to one side.

  16. A voluble man, who chews tobacco, curses it as a mask for the old Federalist party, which tried to corrupt America with the British system, after it had failed as a combination of Loyalists to keep America under the dominion of Great Britain.

  17. All the wickednesses and cruelties she had committed for his sake seemed to have become his own, and to be so many curses upon him.

  18. But Apollo was as deaf to his curses as to his prayers.

  19. Without doubt, if the Moguls had been sober, they would never have been guilty of such horrible barbarity as to compel the thoughts of a dying man to mingle with curses and blasphemies, but, alas!

  20. On page 79 quotation-marks are deleted, the language used being adapted, thus, "clothe themselves with curses as with a garment.

  21. Perhaps in these cloths they were catching the souls of those at whom their curses were levelled, just as we have seen that Fijian chiefs used to catch the souls of criminals in scarves and nail them to canoes.

  22. Having obtained the object, whatever it was, he chanted certain spells and curses over it in a falsetto voice and buried it in the ground.

  23. I know so much of the corruption of my heart, that, were God to leave me to myself but one moment, I should with oaths and curses deny my Master.

  24. On buckled knees their owners lurched forward to find resting- places; in their eyes burned a sullen rage; in their mouths were foul curses at this Devil's Stairway.

  25. Then, bracing himself with his good hand, he brandished his steel hook at the rapids and heaped curses upon them.

  26. Curses came like thunder claps upon the head of the house, but it was all to no effect.

  27. At this point a horde of howling women pressed up to the table, and threatened the queen with their fists, and hurled wild curses at her.

  28. Curses follow her when she drives out, and even when she enters the theatre.

  29. It was his pleasure to watch this humiliated royal family, to see them fall day by day, and hear the curses that accompanied them at every step.

  30. The songs of the revolution, the wild curses of the haters of royalty, the coarse laughter and shouting of the rabble--these were the storm birds which were beating at the windows of the royal apartments.

  31. And in very fact in the street there were loud shouting and crying, and intermingled curses and threats.

  32. More dreadful grew the wild shrieks and howls, the curses and maledictions which came in from without.

  33. The people danced around the carriage with wild shouts of joy and curses of the king.

  34. But through the dark, deserted halls which that day had witnessed so much pain and anxiety, resounded now the clang of the raging, howling voices which came up from the square, and hurled their curses against the queen.

  35. It was faintly answered from the encampment, and met by deep but noiseless curses from the exasperated soldiery, whom the sight of their murdered officer was momentarily working into frenzy.

  36. Your brother dies even on the spot on which my nephew died; and you, Clara, shall be my bride; and the first thing your children shall be taught to lisp shall be curses on the vile name of De Haldimar!

  37. I tremble before you this evening, and at the curses you have uttered against the children of your lord and sovereign, your father's best friend.

  38. Assa escaped his wife's scolding, but a thousand curses have fallen on him and on his house.

  39. Darrell and Miss Mathews were still looking at the rifle, as if expecting that by a close examination they might guess who fired it, when they were startled by Mathews uttering frightful curses and smashing the furniture.

  40. If God sends what blesses us, who sends what curses us?

  41. I had scarcely time to note these things, and the effect produced upon the troop, when strange noises came from the woods to the right: the floundering of steeds, the cries and curses of men, and the ringing of steel striking steel.

  42. Oh, what a burning day that day of the Lord will be when His well earned curses will be carried out, and none can escape.

  43. Literal were the curses threatened concerning Israel and Israel's land, literally they were all fulfilled.

  44. The roll is of immense size, and on it are the dreadful curses of an angry God.

  45. No curses greeted them; no whiplash cut into them; no strong arm jerked them over the harness.

  46. Threats are good against common people, but not against me, who am able myself to write curses still more dreadful.

  47. Has it ever happened otherwise, though our land has been full at all times of strangers, sometimes foreign priests and princes, who groaning in captivity and grievous labor might utter the most dreadful curses through sorrow and anger?

  48. The trumpets, the whistles, the curses of barbarian officers were heard calling to order.

  49. As to the worthy Patrokles, he drinks and curses all day from vexation.

  50. The Libyans wished shame and death to Egyptians; the Egyptians hurled curses on the Libyans.

  51. And, wherefore, O dweller in the crevices of the earth, wherefore wouldst thou guard this spot from the curses of the seasons?

  52. You are deemed the foe of all liberal opinion, and you read your curses in the eyes of a nation.

  53. That is one of the social curses of Spain.

  54. But the curses of Spain were the ignorance of the masses, the greed of the professional politicians, and the varying ascendancy of some one man's power in the army.

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