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Example sentences for "curs"

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curru; currus; curry; currycomb; currying; curse; cursed; cursedly; curses; curseth
  1. Poor, half-starved wretches they seem, reminding me, in their rags and struggles, of desperate curs quarrelling savagely over a bone.

  2. Every girl had two or three mongrel curs held in a leash.

  3. Cornelis and Sybrandt are two ill curs that have shown me their teeth and their heart a long while; but they could do no more.

  4. Here sit I upon my throne, whilst the curs of uncleanness come from the north and the south, from the east and west, bringing me vast presents for the liberty of fighting and quarrelling at the foot of it.

  5. These beaten curs of Courtlanders broke at the first attack.

  6. Curs of Courtland, would ye desert your Prince?

  7. The street curs persecute him, they go for him in every street, but he jumps clear of them, and if they succeed in joining issue with him, he distributes a few bites with his splendid teeth which the rabble don't forget in a hurry.

  8. One can scarcely conceive of a more utterly wretched people than the monastic community of Sup Ogwanis; one would not be surprised to find them envying even the pariah curs of the country.

  9. Small curs are not regarded when they grin; /= 20 =But great men tremble when the lion roars.

  10. I go through my appointed daily stage, and I care not for the curs who bark at me along the road.

  11. The mastiff is quiet while curs are yelping.

  12. Besides these also we haue sholts or curs dailie brought out of Iseland, and much made of among vs, bicause of their sawcinesse and quarrelling.

  13. Certes it is vnpossible to describe these curs in anie order, bicause they haue no anie one kind proper vnto themselues, but are a confused companie mixt of all the rest.

  14. There are poor-spirited, contemptible curs in every country, sir, if you mean that!

  15. Collars, and curs to wear them," growled out Tony, under his breath.

  16. There is," wrote Caius, "comprehended under the curs of the coarsest kind, a certain dog in kitchen service excellent.

  17. When first the word wheel was pronounced, all the curs pricked up their ears in alarm; at the second wheel they set up a doleful howl.

  18. Those yelping curs will soon be at our heels; they come nearer and nearer every time.

  19. Why, a dozen curs at least, who come running up to you, all answering to the name of Bob, and wagging their stumps of tails.

  20. All Romans according to our fair Queen's judgment, are curs and degenerates," Benilo drawled insultingly.

  21. Hold the yelping curs in check, till we are ready!

  22. He became discontented and addicted to low company, dissipating with vile curs whose owners enjoyed anything but unblemished reputations,--a fact first notified to me by a clergyman of my acquaintance who knew him well.

  23. The bone yielded to the strongest and fiercest, the other curs leaped about him, licking at his hair.

  24. As an icy gust now and then filtered in through the chinks of the stockade wall and swept him, he swayed gently back and forth; while the tailless curs snuggling against him whined in sympathy and fought for a warmer place.

  25. It was one of those big yellow, shaggy-haired curs that are of the original Maori breed.

  26. It has been proved by this time that if ever dingoes or runaway curs did exist, they are practically a myth, as far as this part of the island is concerned.

  27. Immediately the larger and fiercer dogs fell upon the food, crowding or scaring the smaller curs away from it.

  28. Nor did any of the pursuing curs catch up with him.

  29. Mongrel, puppy, whelp and hound, and curs of low degree.

  30. He mouths a sentence as curs mouth a bone.

  31. Turk, who lay bound hand and foot at a short distance from the pirates, "why do these mangy curs keep us lying so long on the wet grass?

  32. He grasped one of the curs in his deadly hug, and with his teeth planted in its neck, relinquished not his hold until it fell from his arms a disfigured and lifeless object.

  33. It was not long before the notes of Ringwood and Jowler suddenly increased in sharpness and quickness, and the curs and terriers, hitherto silent, set up a confused medley of sounds, which reverberated like one continuous scream.

  34. The curs relinquished their unprofitable racing round the thickets, attracted by the hounds, and soon learned to keep in the rear, depending on the unerring trailing of the old hunters, as the object of pursuit was not yet in sight.

  35. The curs and terriers had already passed far beyond the spot, being unable to decide any thing by the nose, and always relying on their swiftness in the chase when they should be in sight of the object pursued.

  36. As they approached, the strange and simultaneous yelpings of the curs and terriers resembled an embodied roar, amid which the flute-like notes of Ringwood and Jowler could hardly be heard.

  37. Eshwell and Pat, neither of whom had ever had the smallest taste of success, were stolid, like cornered curs taking their beating and waiting in silence for the blows to stop.

  38. I'll have those filthy curs kicked off the force.

  39. If any thing could destroy the happiness of human beings, as well as of the broom-riding beldams, it would be the howling of worthless curs at night.

  40. On one occasion, I remember, he whipped the combined curs of a railroad tie camp, making every antagonist take to his heels.

  41. He was so useful in keeping all the country curs off our huts; none dare to approach and steal, and he never stole himself.

  42. A dog bit the leg of one of my goats so badly that I was obliged to kill it: they are nasty curs here, without courage, and yet they sometimes bite people badly.

  43. He enjoyed the chase of the yelping curs immensely, but if one of them had turned he would have bolted the other way.

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