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Example sentences for "behaved"

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behalve; behaue; behaued; behauiour; behave; behaves; behaveth; behaving; behavior; behavioral
  1. He admits that Onesimus had behaved ill in the service of Philemon; not in running away, for how they had parted with each other is not explained, but in being unprofitable and in refusing to pay the debts[B] which he had contracted.

  2. He admits that Onesimus had behaved ill in the service of Philemon; not in running away, for how they had parted with each other is not explained; but in being unprofitable and in refusing to pay the debts[32] which he had contracted.

  3. The people felt deeply the great blessing that had been conferred on them, and behaved uncommonly well.

  4. He said he prayed for Huckstep--that it was not he but the devil in him who behaved so.

  5. A more decent, orderly, and well-behaved assemblage could not be seen in any part of the world.

  6. It must have been a horrid little stranger dressed just like you who came in and behaved so badly.

  7. Sarah now thought the best thing she could do was to write to Dick and tell him why she had behaved in such an extraordinary way at Belfast.

  8. Sarah had been feeling very sad and angry during Dick's little lecture, and as she still considered herself quite in the right, she would not confess even to Dick that she had behaved hastily.

  9. I don't think you have behaved well to me in this matter.

  10. She knew she had quite lost her temper and behaved badly, and although we may say she had some excuse, it is always a silly thing to do.

  11. Ruined and harassed by debt, Louis entered the army, but behaved so disgracefully that he was dismissed.

  12. No, because I have not completely achieved the object I had in view when I asked you for an invitation here to-night; yes, because these two rascals behaved in a manner which dispels all doubt.

  13. I immediately recollected him as the preceptor who had behaved with such propriety when my sister was persecuted by the addresses of the young nobleman; and I, therefore, felt very easy upon the subject.

  14. Peter Anderson then told me that he would teach me, provided I behaved myself well.

  15. I have always behaved well; don't drive me from you.

  16. She talked in this sensible way for six days, but when the following Thursday came, and the mermaid did not show herself, Sleepy Tony lost his wits, and behaved as if he was half-mad.

  17. After this the passion of her life was to get into the water, and she was always the better behaved and the more beautiful, the more she had of it.

  18. In devouring a feast of mutton provided for those who were my guests in camp, they certainly behaved as such, gnawing at the bones and tearing off the flesh.

  19. They were obliged to fight as long as Tippu pleased, unless completely crippled, and, if they behaved well, they were generally rewarded with a turban and shawl, the quality being according to their merit.

  20. Throughout all this the junk behaved in a manner which astounded me.

  21. We encountered one or two violent storms, in which she behaved wonderfully.

  22. There was still a tone of covert insolence in her voice, and she went on, "True, Madame Wolsky has not behaved as badly as she might have done.

  23. And then--oh well, she behaved very oddly.

  24. Not every doorkeeper would have behaved in the same way.

  25. I behaved must have seemed very arrogant to you.

  26. After the departure of this ghost other seances were held in her bedchamber, at which good and holy spirits manifested themselves, and behaved in a very comfortable and encouraging way.

  27. They were well behaved and courteous, and when we had intimated our wish to see the interior of the castle, a soldier soon appeared, with a large unlighted torch in his hand, ready to guide us.

  28. Margaret immediately returned to Scotland, and, had she behaved with any degree of wisdom, might have greatly strengthened her brother's tortuous Scottish policy.

  29. The King of Scots arranged in 1536 to marry a daughter of the Duc de Vendome, but, on seeing her, behaved much as Henry VIII was to do in the case of Anne of Cleves, except that he definitely declined to wed her at all.

  30. While on board the Triton he had always behaved well, and he now showed us that he was grateful for the kindness he had received.

  31. I bethought me how Cousin Silas would have behaved under similar circumstances.

  32. Silva used to listen to what Mr Brand said to him, and he always behaved very well.

  33. My dear fellow, I think you behaved like a hero.

  34. He means we all behaved well," said Brace laughingly; "and I think you ought to say a few words to the men.

  35. If any other mistress of a house had behaved so unceremoniously, Browning declared that he would have walked out of the room; and Mrs Browning left with the impression--"she does not care for me.

  36. Flush was warned to make no demonstration, and he behaved with admirable discretion.

  37. The more reasonable and well-behaved you are, the sooner shall I feel at liberty to tell it you.

  38. I dared not write to her father or mother after the way the former had behaved to me, and I shrunk from approaching Mary with a word that might suggest a desire to intrude the thoughts of myself upon the sacredness of her grief.

  39. I told him the whole affair from beginning to end, and thought he behaved very oddly.

  40. If he did not seem exactly interested, he certainly behaved with some oddity.

  41. Mrs Osborne, whom I seldom saw, behaved with much more kindness, though hardly more cordiality.

  42. When we reached the inn he ordered some refreshment, and behaved to us both as if we were grown men.

  43. I loved my uncle with perfect confidence and profound veneration, a result of the faithful and open simplicity with which he had always behaved towards me.

  44. It was nothing less than amazing to see how these kites, all built on the same pattern by different boys, behaved differently.

  45. Bob's was the slowest and most powerful, Anton's the fastest but behaved poorly in a strong wind, Monroe's was absolutely useless in a zephyr.

  46. Jacob Brown proudly informed the Governor of New York that "the militia of New York have redeemed their character--they behaved gallantly.

  47. Bainbridge had behaved heroically at Tripoli and was logically in line to take over one of the crack frigates.

  48. In wardroom or steerage almost every man could tell of engagements in which he had behaved with credit.

  49. He was the only one who behaved badly, and Miss Kennedy made as if she had not seen.

  50. Moreover, Lord Jocelyn, sitting down in this strange company, observed that the girls behaved with great propriety.

  51. He behaved with great coolness and presence of mind.

  52. If you'd behaved humble you should ha' seen those proofs.

  53. No one but a low ruffian could have behaved as this fellow did.

  54. Lady R--is pleased to consider me as a companion, and I must say that she has behaved to me with great kindness and consideration.

  55. Caroline, to do her justice, behaved exceedingly well.

  56. His mother was frantic at the idea, but he actually laughed at her, and behaved in a very unfeeling manner.

  57. Oh, Valerie, how sorry I am--but you have behaved just as I think that you ought to have done; and how very kind of you not to say that I told you.

  58. My dear Amy, you have behaved like a kind friend.

  59. Woodford, our minister to Spain, behaved with the utmost courtesy and did everything in the power of mortal man to avoid hostilities.

  60. It is said that at the beginning of the war, before being driven to reprisals, the Cubans behaved with all humanity.

  61. All on board behaved in the most heroic manner, Captain Charles D.

  62. Perfectly at home under the wing they knew so well, they behaved with an easy naturalness that appeared to Mrs. Twist outrageous.

  63. They came to no conclusion and passed no judgment because they didn't know but what if one was an American one naturally behaved like that.

  64. She had behaved too persistently; and they had to endure it the whole twenty-four hours.

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