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Example sentences for "behaving"

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behauiour; behave; behaved; behaves; behaveth; behavior; behavioral; behaviors; behaviour; behaviours
  1. The knights, we are told, refused to let them have the post of honour in front, behaving thus with the usual feudal vaingloriousness, which had cost the French so dear at Crecy.

  2. Guerilla bands spread everywhere, sometimes serving in a so-called regular army, sometimes behaving as brigands.

  3. When Sharrkan heard him say these words concerning his own folk behaving to him though he were a slave, he waxt wroth and turned towards his men, meaning to sign to them and bid them not prepare him change of harness or horse, when lo!

  4. Thenceforth Japan, in all her dealings with the Peninsular Kingdom, found the latter behaving as a Chinese dependency, obeying the Chinese resident in everything.

  5. The idea of behaving treacherously in the face of such trust was unendurable, and thereafter Muneto served Yoshiiye with faith and friendship.

  6. She had already laughed several times to herself at the mere thought of the absurdity of a hostess asking one to her house and then behaving as Mary had done.

  7. And are you here quite alone with no chaperon," asked Nigel, with that momentary sort of brotherly feeling of being shocked that an Englishman nearly always feels when he sees a compatriot behaving unconventionally in a foreign land.

  8. And here again is Jemmy Fox, not behaving at all as he used to do.

  9. From him she was to learn the value of proper pride and dignity, of behaving in her new position, as if she had been born to it, of remembering distant forefathers, but forgetting her present father, at any rate as an example.

  10. You deserve to be called--even worse than they have called you, for behaving so to me.

  11. They pointed out that he was not behaving as loyally as the governors of Massachusetts and Connecticut had; they warned him against giving aid to traitors, and then they flatly asked whether he meant to obey King Charles or not.

  12. Still that doesn't prevent me from behaving properly, and, true as I stand here, I've never had a lover.

  13. A Vignon Cabinet would doubtless plume itself on behaving honestly.

  14. He doubtless desired to please Benedetta, by behaving amiably towards her protege.

  15. KITTY (gently): It's simply dreadful to see two people behaving in such a way.

  16. If you'll forgive me for behaving unkindly.

  17. I shall make no secret of anything--it's the only way to prove I'm behaving honestly to you.

  18. He thought he did, and was sure he was behaving beautifully and with the easiest unconcern, but the mere way he looked at her and stood over her was enough.

  19. If he was a fool, I wouldn't mind his behaving like a fool.

  20. To Robert Ferguson she was a little more explicit: "Blair has not been behaving himself; he's in debt; he has been gambling.

  21. On Sundays he managed to get far enough away from business to interrogate Miss White about his niece: "I hope Elizabeth is behaving herself, Miss White?

  22. When the first four or five men had jumped ashore, they brought out these three, all the while ill-treating them, and behaving as if they meant to kill their prisoners.

  23. She began talking all the nonsense she could think of and behaving as if she were mad, and so well did she pretend, that the wedding was put off, and all the doctors were called in to see if they could cure her.

  24. In the meantime the baby was behaving beautifully.

  25. But, I reasoned, if the animal is there, it's behaving itself and if it were on mischief bent it would have transacted its business long before.

  26. Rhinos were everywhere jumping out from behind bushes when least expected and in many ways behaving in a most diverting way.

  27. I think he is behaving beautifully with a real monkey on the premises; no jealousy in good old Shep.

  28. These fellows used to go about, wearing heavy chains, uncouthly dressed, and behaving roughly; and they told outrageous stories of visions and of fights with devils which they pretended to have had.

  29. But while the heathen were behaving in this way, and each of them thought only of himself, Cyprian called the Christians of Carthage together, and told them that they were bound to do very differently.

  30. Mary believed in keeping up appearances, and the appearance she most desired to keep up was that of behaving beautifully to her sister.

  31. Alice was behaving like an angel in her Paradise.

  32. Come swaggering in, dropping your cigar ash over the place, and behaving as though you'd been a respectable person all your life!

  33. Ellen," he protested, "you are behaving foolishly.

  34. His complaisance made her uncomfortable and shy of him, it was so strange; it gave her a little shiver, as if he were behaving undignifiedly.

  35. Besides helping to compose Fanny's expeditionary corps, and really exerting himself in the cause of Uncle Jack, as he calls it, Dick is behaving beautifully.

  36. If Trix went on behaving well---- But the truth is that Mrs. Bonfill herself was captured by Trix.

  37. Does Sarah know nothing more about Trix's reasons for behaving in such a fashion?

  38. Then they got to exchanging newspapers and tobacco, telling the news, and altogether behaving as if they were rational human beings, and not machines sent to kill one another for political ideals far beyond their ken.

  39. They had to be battered to bits, if possible; and Paris was behaving very heroically now.

  40. I daresay you know that my son is there," she continued, "and I am afraid he's not behaving exactly as he should.

  41. I turned back into the sitting-room, but before I had reached my easy-chair I began to think that I was scarcely behaving well.

  42. He said the failure of the firm was so painful to him since Mr Walker's death; and that the representatives of the poor old man had forced the estate into bankruptcy, and were behaving very badly to him.

  43. So far as I could judge, he took no notice of the episode whatever, behaving exactly as if nothing had happened.

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