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Example sentences for "behaves"

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behaue; behaued; behauiour; behave; behaved; behaveth; behaving; behavior; behavioral; behaviors
  1. That man who regards all creatures as his own self, and behaves towards them as towards his own self, laying aside the rod of chastisement and completely subjugating his wrath, succeeds in attaining to happiness.

  2. Viswamitra said, 'Let him who has stolen thy stalks become a servant that behaves with deceit towards his master!

  3. That man who is devoted to compassion and who behaves with compassion towards others, has no fear to entertain from any creature.

  4. It looks like design, and he will see how the thing behaves before he approaches too near.

  5. Benzene diazonium hydroxide, although a strong base, reacts with the alkaline hydroxides to form salts with the evolution of heat, and generally behaves as a weak acid.

  6. If, therefore, you hold our President to be reasonable, it is because he behaves as if he were reasonable.

  7. It behaves as germinal matter, and they do not hesitate to regard it as such.

  8. It behaves to some extent like the pendulum bob just referred to.

  9. The people of two continents would now unite with the venerable sage, in repeating the declaration--"He behaves like a man!

  10. The declaration of that father in reference to the son, when a lad--"He behaves like a man!

  11. Nearly forty years before, he had said of his son:--"He behaves like a man!

  12. All his life, he conforms his actions to his theories; having come as the heir of the Anglo-Saxon princes, he behaves as such.

  13. She is only our stepmother, and behaves accordingly.

  14. I presume you know Brunhilde behaves rather like Dido in the end: nearly everybody, more or less, is murdered off, and there is a sort of Madame Tussaud exhibition in the clouds at the curtain.

  15. A person behaves with unintentional nobleness when he has accustomed himself to seek naught from others and always to give to them.

  16. Yoessel looked at the cantor, and as a doctor behaves to his patient, so did he: "Take do!

  17. Pshaw," said his brother, "if she behaves like that herself!

  18. He behaves as if he knew about everything.

  19. But no matther how it behaves they niver quit usin' its face f'r a right iv way.

  20. Whin it behaves itsilf they praise it as though it was a good dog.

  21. A very small amount of luciferase only is necessary because it behaves as an enzyme and follows the general rule that catalysts act in minute concentrations.

  22. Although used up in oxidizing large quantities of luciferin, it behaves in many ways like an enzyme and may be so regarded.

  23. Indeed, we have nothing but the kindliest feelings of admiration for the successful business man who behaves decently, whether he has made his success by building or managing a railroad or by shipping goods over that railroad.

  24. In connection with these insect forms it is of interest to find in the spermatogenesis of Sagitta a body which stains like chromatin and behaves somewhat like the accessory chromosome.

  25. In another letter, dated some years later, he writes to his wife: "I am very glad that Rupert is in your good graces, and that Charles behaves so well.

  26. Just in the same way behaves the body of an ant from which the head has been taken away.

  27. It may also be added that Lasius flavus behaves towards strangers quite differently and much more hospitably than is the case with L.

  28. In the history given susceptibility to this disease behaves as a Mendelian dominant.

  29. In most cases in this history, however, the defect behaves like a Mendelian dominant.

  30. In which Redbud suppresses her feelings, and behaves with decorum XXII.

  31. When she laughs it is in a very pleasing and modest manner; she behaves properly and respectfully in my daughter's presence; if she did the same when she is not with her, one would have nothing to complain of.

  32. If the Duchesse de Berri was not my daughter-in-law, I should have no reason to be dissatisfied with her; she behaves politely to me, which is all that I can say.

  33. There is not one of them who does not believe that the more impertinently he behaves to my son about the Constitution, the more he will improve his credit with the Court of Rome, and the sooner become a Cardinal.

  34. Una behaves (as thou wouldst affirm) like an angel.

  35. Belovedest, Miss Fuller's cow hooks the other cows, and has made herself ruler of the herd, and behaves in a very tyrannical manner.

  36. The other constituents are fragments of semi-vitreous basic rocks and of palagonite, together with fragments of plagioclase and pyroxene crystals and of an amorphous siliceous mineral which behaves optically like chalcedonic silica.

  37. The odd chromosome in this species of Hemiptera, therefore, behaves like that in the Coleoptera and Orthoptera.

  38. The odd chromosome, so far as it has been studied, behaves precisely like the larger member of the unequal pair without its smaller mate (figs.

  39. The old aristocrat who feels like a prince and behaves like one, is more picturesque than the person who has sweated himself into it.

  40. And then, too, if disaster and suffering and cruel usage and terror come from God, without reference to the sensitiveness of the soul and body on which they fall, can we possibly love the Power which behaves so?

  41. He isn't agreeable, and he doesn't feel agreeable; but he behaves as if he was, and it is the only thing that makes him bearable.

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