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  1. Big electric cars rushed along where formerly the snail-like horse cars crept painfully by.

  2. He and another fellow were taking cars over to France and England.

  3. I wonder if there'll be any cars coming along before we get home?

  4. As they came to a line of empty cars standing on a spur they heard a movement in one of the empties and crouched down to listen.

  5. The boys followed this plan, and, after winding about several half-loaded cars which had been left on the tramway, found themselves in a large chamber from which numerous benches were cut.

  6. Down in the village, on the corner where the cars stop, is a restaurant.

  7. The trolley cars went creaking and moaning around the curves through the mean, dirty, squalid, little streets of the mining and manufacturing towns.

  8. The brakeman on the car signaled for the engineer to pull the other cars away, and leave the Frisco car at the top of a slight grade, to be shoved down by the men when another car was needed at the loading chute.

  9. The cars came jangling along the passageways empty and went back loaded and groaning.

  10. They stood between the box cars in speechless astonishment.

  11. He was dreaming of the distant day when motor cars would be used in sufficient numbers to make it profitable for the Captain to equip them with his power saving device.

  12. He helped her on the cars and then stooped and hugged her hard without kissing her, and so stumbled out again, while she sat white and rigid, breathing hard.

  13. A train of cable-cars came nosing along like vicious boars, with snouts close to the ground.

  14. The cars thickened, the sun grew hot and lay in squares of blinding light across her carpet.

  15. She hurried past Mary to her own room and lay for hours on her bed, without undressing, listening to the howl of the wind, the grind of cars and the distant boom of the breakers.

  16. The buildings grew mightier but not less gloomy; the freight cars grew fewer, and the coaches more numerous.

  17. The noise, the leaping motion of the cars and the perilous passage of drays made it as pleasant to her as a ride behind a running team on a corduroy road.

  18. The cars jangled by, the click-clack of horses' hoofs and the swift rattle of wagons kept up long after the house was silent.

  19. A number of cars were drawn up together at a particular point, where we also halted, as we understood they were blowing a rock, and the shot was expected presently to go off.

  20. The cars came up, he jumped aboard, and his heart beat with exultation as he reflected that he had taken the first step toward the Land of Gold.

  21. Now the hill may be ascended in cars drawn up the steeply graded sides by an endless rope running just below the surface.

  22. Course sometimes we can't get show grounds clost enough to the railroad to use the cars much, but in this burg we're lucky enough to get a lot pretty clost to a siding.

  23. I suppose the carnival cars will stay here today--" But for once Sally was not listening to him.

  24. Mr. Neal squirmed through the crowd, looking in at the windows and watching the people coming out; but he did not see the face, and frantic lest he should lose it once more, he crowded into one of the cars again at the last minute.

  25. Mr. Neal turned with an effort (for he was wedged in tightly) and looked through the glass door at the brightly lighted cars as they passed, and then slowly gained upon, his own train.

  26. Old Conboy was rich; he had one of the first motors on the Cape, when cars were still a wonder.

  27. It was just at the lull of traffic before the rush of the late afternoon, and the cars were only comfortably filled.

  28. Twice he had heard the midnight freight stop and cut out cars on the siding.

  29. Cars is like horses ma'am; no two just alike, but kind of generally the same.

  30. Back in Petrograd, in the salons of the highest in the Empire, he lived in luxury, with cars always at his disposal.

  31. An hour's ride in the cars brought us to the village of Niagara Falls, a splendid manufacturing point, having all modern improvements and unsurpassed railway facilities of various kinds.

  32. It embraced specially built Pullman Cars of the most luxurious character.

  33. Its cars built of solid mahogany, and lighted by electricity, were constructed and equipped by the Canadian Pacific Railroad Company.

  34. These cars are raised and lowered by water-power, by means of a three-inch cable 300 feet long, running over steel wheels.

  35. They both felt sure that a minister lurked among the cars somewhere, and they ate with a zest to prepare for the ceremony, arguing the best place for it, and quarreling amorously over details.

  36. Cars are mere vehicles, but locomotives have souls.

  37. Them devilish things had jest as many wrecks as cars do today.

  38. There is sho' some pretty water in Alabama and as swift as cars run here.

  39. Turning again, he beheld a car approaching, and even a file of cars with their usual accompaniments.

  40. But he was again disappointed; the cars had all passed, and Father Michael, with his staff in his hand, brought up the rear as regulator of the procession.

  41. A new ray of hope dawned upon his mind as he beheld some cars approaching, in which were the convalescents who were still too feeble to support the fatigue of walking.

  42. Down in the office he found they made nothing of producing little old cars for the right people.

  43. He looked with new interest on the street-cars full of office-bound people.

  44. People in street-cars looked enviously out at him.

  45. It was a thing to nourish an ailing ego, a scene to draw sustenance from when people overwhelmed you in street cars and took your gold watch.

  46. There are only four or five motor cars in Boeleleng and their drivers are all Hindus.

  47. If it fails to contract it there, it is sold and shipped in foul, undisinfected railway cars to dealers' stables, equally unclean, where it meets many opportunities of infection.

  48. In fact, they were eager to get forward, and though there was much to see that was new and strange, they would have been glad could the cars have traveled with double the speed.

  49. All three smiled approvingly on each other, and, glancing out of the window, wished the cars would run at the rate of two miles a minute, for the rest of the distance.

  50. Extra cars had been put on during the day, and we could see the long curve of the train behind us, with the red squares of the lighted windows.

  51. I see the open cars packed and covered and guarded by soldiers.

  52. My imagination was racing, and I could see myself already being driven into one of those baggage cars bound for Tomsk.

  53. I want to ask, Mr. Penton, if the expense of keeping up your motors that draw the dump cars in the mines is very great.

  54. I find that in most of the levels there is a considerable up grade to the chutes where the tram cars are dumped.

  55. I'll dump the cars after you have done that and I shall know if you have moved the plugs when I am not looking.

  56. The ore was tallied at the chutes and weighed again after it had been placed on railroad cars for transportation to the Great Lakes.

  57. The pick men were breaking off the loosened pieces of ore dislodged by the last blast, while others were shoveling the ore into cars as if their very existence depended upon keeping up the pace.

  58. The superintendent spoke pleasantly to Steve, after which the two men took a seat on a bench in the planked alcove close to the place where the boy was dumping cars of ore.

  59. Your duty will be to dump the cars as they come in.

  60. That would give the cars a good start and the electric motor would not have to wear itself out getting the cars started.

  61. The tram trains must unload and get back for other cars promptly, else miners working in the drifts would be held back and the work of that level delayed.

  62. He had no time to talk with the motor-man as he had before when dumping the cars, for he had to keep the number of cars and the drift or contractor in his mind while he was dumping them, and until he could jump back to the tally-board.

  63. The cars were being loaded by machinery and with such speed as to cause the watcher to gasp with amazement.

  64. What is more, relieving the cars of the strain to which they are subjected would save a few thousand dollars a year.

  65. To all intents Steve was devoting his energies to unloading the dump cars in the shortest possible time, and Bob to filling them again in record time.

  66. Steve, during the afternoon, was too busy to pay much attention to the tally-boards, for the cars were coming fast, additional motors having been sent out to take care of the rush.

  67. These they have paved with smooth concrete, and have arranged for rubber-tired cars that run without jar to the heart of some mountain.

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