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  1. Open the pet cocks on the other cylinders to prevent the engine from firing and turn over the engine until the piston is approaching the end of the compression stroke in the cylinder from which the cable has been removed.

  2. If a type "VN-1" coil is used, a shower of sparks should jump between the high-tension cable terminal and the cylinder frame when the piston is in the correct position for firing.

  3. Construction of Rope, Parts of Rope Cable and Bolt Rope.

  4. Set the magneto in the advance position and rapidly rock the engine over the top-center position, observing closely if a spark occurs between the end of the high-tension cable and the frame.

  5. It is often desirable to have a water-tight joint between the high-tension cable and the terminal screw on top of the insulating bushing of the spark-plug, especially in marine applications.

  6. The capstan clanked slowly round as the main cable tautened and came in foot by foot; the negroes, the sweat glistening on their ebony arms and backs, bent to their task, encouraged or goaded by the shouts of their overseers.

  7. Then it was an easy matter to spread the great tanned sail, and having slipped the cable we stood westwards towards England and freedom.

  8. Our best bower anchor, with its great twenty-inch hempen cable, was carried out towards the centre of the harbour, the tail of the cable remaining on board.

  9. With a rush and a roar the stout hempen cable ran through the hawsepipe, the vessel snubbed, swung round, and the next moment the cable parted as if made of pack thread.

  10. The first order I gave in connection with the Expedition for the relief of Emin Bey was by cable to Zanzibar to my agent, Mr. Edmund Mackenzie, of Messrs.

  11. A long rattan cable hung suspended with the fatal noose attached to a loop; it trailed along the ground like an immense serpent.

  12. In an instant the stoppers were cut, and the cable ran at a rapid rate, setting the hawse hole on fire.

  13. Should this cable part her destruction was inevitable.

  14. Still the stout cable held, although the lieutenant cast many an anxious look astern, where little more than a quarter of a mile away the breakers burst with a continual roar on the rock-bound coast.

  15. The cable was cut and the prize stood off from the dangerous coast.

  16. Although a long scope of cable had been run out, the "Venus" rode uneasily over the heavy seas which came rolling in.

  17. Suddenly the cry arose-- "The cable has parted!

  18. So great was the strain on the cable that it appeared every instant ready to part.

  19. The launch had parted her cable and was now rolling helplessly in the trough of the seas which were now running high.

  20. With one short cable it would help to pull our bows under.

  21. I made her fast with the cable ends and went back after the other float.

  22. After remaining here for three-quarters of an hour, and receiving the fire of various smaller vessels, her cable was cut by a shot, and she drifted between a large corvette and a brig, which she engaged till the brig blew up.

  23. Upon this, he disguised his ship to look like a merchant-vessel, and stood in, when one of the pirates slipped her cable and gave chase.

  24. This grappling-iron, it was intended, should hook itself to the cable of the vessel it was to destroy, and thus swing the catamaran alongside.

  25. The boom was fastened to the chain-cable of a vessel of three or four hundred tons.

  26. We are going to cable your mother that you are starting for home by the first steamer," Peter cried, swinging her into the cleanest and most comfortable rickshaw of the lot.

  27. When Peter replied that such a message would be costly, involving an expensive retransmission by cable from Manila to Hong Kong, she only laughed.

  28. Then the remaining anchor-cable snapped like a rotten thread.

  29. That scene was quite clear in his mind when he turned from the Batavia cable office to negotiate his plan with the wireless man of the Persian Gulf.

  30. It was the Doctor's son who sent the cable message to the United States, telling that the Spanish fleet was in the offing.

  31. CABLE Bliss Perry mentions this story as one that presents "people and events and circumstances, blended into an artistic whole that defies analysis.

  32. Should same not be satisfactory, please cable at my charge.

  33. A cable from Mrs. Harrison to her bank, which is Tuttle's bank, came to-day.

  34. He talks to me about the Caesars and the Atlantic cable and Garfield.

  35. The curt cable read, without the aid of code,--"Come Home.

  36. It seemed that no business disaster had caused him to send his cable recalling them.

  37. It was all I could do not to cable to you: 'Will you marry me?

  38. Then bring in the cable you received just as Mr. Grodman entered the house.

  39. I just sent this cable to your mother: 'Is Eileen free?

  40. The cables were brought to the doctor's apparatus and the main lines were rigged to the ends of the cable wound around the bar.

  41. A steeloid cable had broken under a terrific strain; the end of it had lashed out with a speed the eye could not follow, to wind itself around the superstructure of a submarine--and the men who were gathered there.

  42. When this was halfway up to the mine the cable stopped to let another couple enter a bucket.

  43. The cable did not stop again until the second pair of passengers had reached the mine.

  44. United States Postoffice department takes control of all ocean cable lines, consent of other governments having been obtained.

  45. On the plummet touching bottom, the tension in the cable between it and the anchor-chamber is lessened, and the windlass mentioned stops.

  46. A windlass in the anchor-chamber now pays out the cable between it and the mine as the anchor-chamber sinks.

  47. A buried store of the enemy's munitions of war also was found not far from the Aisne, ten wagonloads of live shells and two wagons of cable being dug up.

  48. After some search they discovered a telephone which was connected by an underground cable with the German lines, and the owner of the farm paid the penalty in the usual way in war for his treachery.

  49. The telegraph cable at Delagoa Bay might with advantage have its shore end lifted into a British man-of-war.

  50. Run out an extra cable then, daughter," laughed Commander Stewart.

  51. She'd part her cable and go adrift in half a minute after you got under way.

  52. While we were speaking, Mr Saunders came in to say the boat was ready, and the cable hove short; but that, as it was still a stark calm, there was no chance at present of the brig getting under weigh.

  53. Heave the cable short, and be ready to sail the moment we get a breeze.

  54. The topsails were loosed, the cable hove short, and we were ready to start at the first puff of the land breeze that might come off the mountains.

  55. Often the grapnel catches in rocks, or mud, and gives rise to false hope of the cable having been found.

  56. It is necessary, therefore, that time be allowed for each wave to clear itself of the cable before another wave is sent in, otherwise we would have the cable as it were choked with the message.

  57. But in a cable the currents are prudently kept as low as possible, in case of damage to the insulator, and the receiving instrument must therefore be delicate.

  58. Hence it is that by applying the one pole or other to the cable and the other to earth through the earth-plate, the direction of the current in the cable is reversed and opposite signals produced.

  59. It is effected by constructing an artificial line, in this case representing an artificial cable, which shall have the same influences on the current that the actual cable has.

  60. The regulated making and breaking of this connection is the basis of telegraphing, whether by submarine cable or by the ordinary land lines.

  61. The signalling current from the battery is then split up at each station between the actual cable and the artificial cable, so that half flows into one and half into the other.

  62. The receiving instruments for working a submarine cable are different from those used in working land-lines.

  63. The electrician then cuts off the piece which contains the fault, and then he has only to join on a sound piece of cable in its place, and lay it back to the end that was buoyed, so filling up the gap.

  64. The operator, instead of carrying a pile to feed the lamp, drags after him a very elastic cable containing the two conductors.

  65. Each windlass is provided with a small winch that allows the cable to be wound up quickly.

  66. Another man, having opened the latter, takes out one of the lanterns and enters the dangerous place, dragging after him the elastic cable that unwinds from the windlass.

  67. In one side of this box there is a tubulure that gives passage to the electric cable whose conductors are fastened to the terminals.

  68. One extremity of the cable is attached to these two pieces, and the other to the lantern.

  69. Upon each of these is wound a cable formed of two conductors, insulated with caoutchouc and confined in the same sheath.

  70. And if the correspondent's sympathies were foreign, he was a thousand times worse than the ordinary spy, because he could make use of the cable and press to spread his information.

  71. I am correspondent for a New York and a Boston paper, but I won't cable anything from here.

  72. That, however, did not prevent the Dutch Cable Company from pocketing my two hundred guilders.

  73. At the first telegraph office across the Dutch border, I filed a cable story to the "Boston Journal"; and later started an account for the "New York Evening Post.

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