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  1. But the soil, fertile as it is, has been much impoverished by not having been properly looked after.

  2. For the rest, the price, you must know, is three millions of sesterces.

  3. On the side rises an enclosed portico, which not only looks out upon the vineyards, but seems almost to touch them.

  4. This last consists of three several compartments, each of different degrees of heat; the two former lie open to the full sun, the latter, though not much exposed to its heat, receives an equal share of its light.

  5. The intense heat of the ray generated a great pressure of superheated steam in a thick metal cylinder underneath the keel.

  6. My hand pressed the knob; the little cylinder seemed to thrill in my grasp.

  7. He tripped near the top of the stairs and fell in a heap onto the platform below, but he still held the cylinder clutched tightly in his hand.

  8. The man gazed steadily into my eyes another instant, then abruptly he thrust a small metal cylinder into my hand.

  9. She picked up a bit of driftwood, and, holding the end of the cylinder against it, pressed a little button.

  10. I toyed with the little light-ray cylinder in my hand quite casually through the brief interview, and I saw he was thoroughly impressed, for he seemed unable to take his eyes from it.

  11. Our forces consisted of some six hundred girls, each armed with a light-ray cylinder and a shield.

  12. Mercer, at a signal from her, climbed cautiously to his feet, still holding the little light-ray cylinder in his hand.

  13. His fingers closed over the little cylinder and the hand holding it.

  14. Without thought of what he was about, he raised the metal cylinder; his thumb found the little button and pressed it hard; he waved the cylinder back and forth before him.

  15. She had concealed the tiny metal cylinder in her belt; her open palms were flung out before her, and her wings, spread and flapping slowly, raised her on tiptoe.

  16. The cylinder I held in my hand I had thought the only one in use in all the Light Country.

  17. He took the little cylinder from the girl, inspected it curiously, then laid it on the blankets.

  18. Mercer's heart gave an exultant leap as he saw a little cylinder in the man's hand.

  19. You want to stop this cylinder from rotating.

  20. That is very easily done by removing the forward sideplate screw, which is just above the trigger, which allows the crane to slide right out, and the cylinder removed.

  21. Once you allow the cylinder to rotate, then the rebound block is pushed out of the way, as you can see.

  22. There is a cylinder release on the left-hand side of this weapon which enables one to push the cylinder to the left.

  23. The cylinder was first removed to facilitate the photograph.

  24. Yes; if it is in the cocked position, grabbing the cylinder will do you no good; due to the fact that in the very operation of cocking this weapon, the cylinder is rotated, and it is ready to be fired.

  25. Yes, sir; the chambers of this particular cylinder have been bored out, it appears from the very rough marks, to accommodate the forward portion of a .

  26. Now, in a normal way, you would hit the cylinder release, push in your hand like this, and tip it up.

  27. If you locked the cylinder and jerked it away, you would get a snapping noise.

  28. The cylinder has six chambers--in other words, it is a six-shot weapon.

  29. To make a movement like that, it would have to be the cylinder or the hammer.

  30. Each chamber in the cylinder has been proofed.

  31. First of all, the weapon has a frame into which a barrel has been screwed and a cylinder which is hinged on a crane is also fitted into the frame.

  32. At the bottom of the cylinder was a small tube of metal.

  33. When they pressed it, the cylinder began to expand and unfold, layer upon layer of thin glistening metallic material that spread out into a sheet that stretched halfway across the cabin.

  34. In the cabin of the scout-ship they broke the cylinder open into two perfect halves.

  35. There was no question what the cylinder was, even though there was nothing inside that looked even slightly familiar at first examination.

  36. This main cylinder is covered with wire teeth all bent at exactly the same angle.

  37. He carried this basic idea further by putting the teeth on a cylinder and by providing a rotating brush to clean the fiber from the teeth.

  38. But the chief and valuable characteristic is that the flattened cylinder is not straight, but twisted.

  39. The printing press is constructed with a large main cylinder (D), the size being dictated by the number of colors which it must take care of.

  40. A cylinder roller, designed by the author, is much superior to a broach.

  41. The cylinder was filled with small shavings and dust, whether from fag-ends of cigarettes or merely from street sweepings, it was impossible to tell.

  42. Inside these three layers of cabbage leaf was a hard rolled cylinder which, as it would not unroll, I cut into two pieces with a sharp knife.

  43. In it each man sat in his own little cylinder of vision, so to speak.

  44. It was evident that the paving was very greasy, but all the cabs that passed through my cylinder were going at a round trot, while the wheels, shod in rubber, whirred merely like bicycles.

  45. It was not so small as a sentry-box nor so large as a circus tent, but the walls were opaque, and what was passing beyond the dimensions of his cylinder no man knew.

  46. I had a new kind of porter, a cylinder of vision, horses that could skate, and now I added a young man in a top-hat who would tacitly admit that the beings around him were alive.

  47. It is uncertain in what the superiority of the 'verre en tables quarrees' made by the Lorrainers consisted; there is no positive proof that they had as yet adopted the German cylinder process (see pp.

  48. The President De Brosses, in one of the admirable letters that he wrote from Italy (1739), when describing the manufacture of mirrors at Murano, gives a vivid account of the cylinder process.

  49. I am unable to say whether the latter was at so early a date made by the cylinder process, but the square shape renders this very likely.

  50. The difficulty, perhaps, was to prepare flat and even sheets of glass of any size, and this difficulty the Germans may have surmounted by means of the cylinder process described by Theophilus.

  51. It is impossible to resist the suspicion that there is here a reference to the cylinder process, which, as we have seen, was already known to Theophilus (p.

  52. The cylinder is now reheated in what is apparently a separate oven--the dilating oven; it is slit lengthways and opened out with an iron forceps and a piece of wood.

  53. The preparation of these vitraux involved a knowledge of the process either of spinning the molten paraison or of opening out the cylinder of glass, both comparatively late developments of the art of glass-blowing.

  54. But perhaps the most important division of the stems of our English glasses is that based upon the nature of the spiral lines of greater or less complexity so generally found in the interior of the cylinder of glass.

  55. The steam let out of a cylinder after it has done its work there.

  56. A cylinder on a revolving shaft, generally for the purpose of driving several pulleys, by means of belts or straps passing around its periphery; also, the barrel of a hoisting machine, on which the rope or chain is wound.

  57. Taking off the trumpet and cylinder carrier he opened up the inside, revealing the clockwork motor, wound it up, stopped it and released it.

  58. Birnier closed the machine, adjusted the trumpet and put on the cylinder of Marufa’s record.

  59. Never for a moment is the huge telescope, with its revolving cylinder of mercury, left unguarded.

  60. The swathed cylinder will then be packed into the interior of the projectile, and a covering put on, especially calculated to resist the devouring heat of passage through the atmosphere of the two planets.

  61. This is a water and explosion joint; hence it has not only to prevent water entering the cylinder from the water-jacket, but also to be sufficiently strong to withstand the pressure generated in the cylinder when the charge is fired.

  62. At the back end the joint between it and the cylinder casting has to be very carefully made.

  63. The main cylinder casting and the bed need no description.

  64. A bracket bolted up to the side of cylinder forms a bearing for one end of the side shaft, and also carries a spindle at its lower end on which the levers oscillate, transmitting the motion imparted to them by the cams to the valves.

  65. The latter is left perfectly free to expand; and yet, owing to its particular shape, the pressure in the cylinder during the compression and explosion stroke only tends to make the joint between the tube and washer more secure.

  66. The gas valve and cock are mounted in a separate casting, which is carried by a couple of studs, the joint between this and cylinder being made with a piece of rubber insertion.

  67. Thus, the larger we make the inlet ports (but still retaining correct relative dimensions) the more readily will the mixture be drawn into the cylinder as the piston moves forward, tending to create a vacuum.

  68. Then, again, we can pump oil through a spraying nipple into the vapouriser (which is kept at a suitable temperature) whilst the cylinder is being filled with air on the suction stroke.

  69. At the commencement of the first out-stroke (the charging or suction stroke) gas and air are admitted to the cylinder through the respective valves (fig.

  70. On the following compression stroke the air is driven into the vapouriser, which communicates with the cylinder through a narrow neck, and mixes intimately with the oil vapour.

  71. It was a tremendous strain on my resources, but I got a steel cylinder made for my purpose after his pattern.

  72. I took my cylinder and unscrewed it while it was still so hot that it punished my hands, and I scraped out the crumbling lava-like mass with a chisel, and hammered it into a powder upon an iron plate.

  73. At time cylinder head is removed for gasket replacement, carbon must be removed from head only.

  74. Pay particular attention to shim washers placed between cylinder head bracket and frame lug, as these washers must be replaced when installing cylinder head.

  75. Turn engine in direction in which it runs until front cylinder is on compression stroke, and continue to turn it ahead slowly until narrow timer cam (the end with the timing mark), just starts to open the circuit breaker points.

  76. Disconnect spark control wire at circuit breaker lever, and free control housing clamp at cylinder base.

  77. Pass spark control wire housing along left side of frame front tube, between cylinders (under carburetor) to position housing end clamp on cylinder stud near timer.

  78. This draws additional lubrication to piston and cylinder and assists in cooling engine.

  79. Remove cylinder head bracket to frame lug bolt: this will free clamp which secures front spark plug cable.

  80. The extraction had pulled the head from a discharged cartridge, leaving the empty cylinder in the barrel.

  81. The illuminating apparatus and cylinder diaphragm are easily interchangeable.

  82. The same= with illuminating apparatus, with swing-out condenser and cylinder iris-diaphragm (p.

  83. The same= with Illuminating Apparatus, Swing-out Condenser and Cylinder Iris-diaphragm (p.

  84. A larger tube fits over the tube of the bellows and carries on a revolving arm the cylinder diaphragm and the two condensers.

  85. Before the condenser is swung back into position the cylinder iris should be opened to its fullest extent.

  86. This entire cylinder is raised within another cylinder which bears the cutting table by means of a screw with milled and graduated head.

  87. Stand= with illuminating apparatus, swing-out condenser and cylinder iris diaphragm =60.

  88. Illustration] The following are the parts of this apparatus: Cylinder diaphragm with 3 stops of different apertures.

  89. To substitute the condenser for the cylinder diaphragm the diaphragm carrier is turned to the side and the cylinder diaphragm is drawn out of the sleeve which holds it in position and into which the condenser readily fits.

  90. That shaft has cracked the base of the big pillar, and ef another of those rolls catches her, she'll carry away every cylinder in the place.

  91. The cylinder covers should be taken off and the piston-rods and cranks removed.

  92. The thickness of the wall is throughout considerable, and varies, the spaces between the points where the cylinder touches the walls of adjoining rooms[24] having been filled up with masonry.

  93. After about half a meter of dust and rubbish had been removed, we were able to ascertain that the walls formed a cylinder 4.

  94. When a clock runs fast they let a little air into its cylinder to raise the resistance to the pendulum and slow it down, and the reverse for slow.

  95. The clock room is kept at a nearly uniform temperature and each clock is in a glass cylinder exhausted to about half an atmosphere.

  96. He ruined two dozen finely-tempered saws in the job, which I cheerfully settled for, as the cylinder contained a papyrus roll of manuscript of certainly great antiquity.

  97. The pure metal inside tore off every tooth of the saw, and now convinced that it was a hollow cylinder of hardened copper, I brought it to America and gave it to a machinist to open.

  98. Nominally she brought a cylinder from which Drinkwater was to copy the letters her brother had dictated; but really her mission was one of sympathy.

  99. Preparing Forms for the Cylinder Press= By Frank S.

  100. Baker Being a study of the mechanism and operation of the principal types of cylinder printing machines.

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