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  1. When the ribs are let drop or the arch of the diaphragm goes up, the air is pushed out of the lungs.

  2. When the ribs are pulled up or the arch of the diaphragm down, the cavity of the chest becomes larger.

  3. There was something peculiar about it and he picked up a blank sheet of white paper, dusting off the diaphragm on it.

  4. Then he removed from his pocket the vial which the coolie had given him and placed its contents on the diaphragm itself.

  5. If a membrane of any kind is stretched across a hoop, and one talks against it, so to speak, the diaphragm or membrane will be shaken, will vibrate, with the movement of the air produced by the voice.

  6. The wires are connected with the diaphragm and its support, and the current passes through the carbon.

  7. So, therefore, does its power of attraction over its diaphragm vary.

  8. There is a piece of carbon between the diaphragm and its support.

  9. The transmitter, as above described, is in the square box, and its round black diaphragm may be seen behind the round hole into which one talks.

  10. The varying pressures of the diaphragm serve to produce this varying density and the consequent varying impulses of the current which effect the receiving diaphragm.

  11. That, in turn, affects by magnetic attraction the diaphragm that is arranged in relation to its magnet precisely as described for the first.

  12. The ear is constructed on the same principle, its diaphragm being actually moved by the vibrations of air, being what we call hearing.

  13. The result is that the movements that are caused in the first diaphragm by the voice, are caused in the second by an attraction that varies in strength in proportion to the vibrations of the voice speaking against the first diaphragm.

  14. In the telautograph the varying currents are caused not by the diaphragm influenced by the voice, but by a pencil moved by the hand.

  15. When the diaphragm vibrates, the carbon is slightly compressed by it.

  16. The end piece and diaphragm are both fastened to the spool with two or three slender wood screws, as shown.

  17. The second electrode, C, is made the same as D, and fastened to the tin diaphragm with the binding post without using any insulation.

  18. The diaphragm C, which is the essential part of the instrument, should be made as carefully as possible from ferrotype tin, commonly called tintype tin.

  19. Put a sheet of rubber over the mouth of the large bottle, draw the edge down over the neck and wrap securely with a piece of string thus forming a tightly stretched diaphragm over the top.

  20. The proper distance must be found between the diaphragm and the head of the nail.

  21. The slightest movement of the transmitter diaphragm will cause an increased movement of the receiver diaphragm.

  22. When soldering these parts together, take care to have the diaphragm lie perfectly flat and not made warping by any pressure applied while the solder is cooling.

  23. The diaphragm is placed between the flanges on the spool and the end D that was sawed off.

  24. The telephone is so placed that the vibrating diaphragm is in a horizontal plane, and upon it are laid a few shot or particles of metal, and these are boxed in.

  25. Every motion of the torpedo causes the shot to shift their position upon the face of the diaphragm and to cause a slight noise, which is distinctly heard in the receiving telephone on shore.

  26. In 1861 Reiss, of Freidrichsdorf, perfected an instrument which, by means of the vibrations of a diaphragm alternately completing and breaking the continuity of a galvanic circuit, reproduced musical sounds in an iron bar at a distance.

  27. Preece, writes that he has "constructed a diaphragm upon the principle of the membrane of the human drum of the ear, to be used as a reproducing disc.

  28. Under every possible outdoor light condition this scale shows at a glance just where to set diaphragm and speed lever to get properly timed exposures.

  29. The speed indicator is merely set at the point on the scale indicating the kind of light prevailing and the diaphragm indicator at the point indicating the character of the subject.

  30. It will also display the same characteristics as did the magnetic field when the diaphragm (A) disturbed it.

  31. This diaphragm carries the carbon pencil (C) on one side and from the blocks which support the carbon pencil the wires run to binding posts on the case.

  32. In forming and undulating the voice, not only the chest, but also the diaphragm and abdominal muscles are in constant action, and communicate to the stomach and bowels a healthy and agreeable stimulus.

  33. But when the air is thrown out from the lungs, the diaphragm rises into the chest, and the bowels follow, being pressed upward by the contractile power of the abdominal muscles.

  34. By free and deep inhalations of air into the lungs, the diaphragm is depressed and the bowels are pushed down.

  35. B1, the image of the fitting B2 and the image A of the diaphragm A' formed by the system S1.

  36. The real diaphragm A' which limits the rays in the centre of the system is the aperture diaphragm.

  37. From C through this diaphragm L this three-dimensional object-space can be seen as through a window.

  38. A' is a real diaphragm lying between them.

  39. It sometimes happens that one and the same diaphragm fulfils the functions of the entrance pupil and the aperture-diaphragm or the exit pupil and the aperture-diaphragm.

  40. The real diaphragm acting as a limit at any part of the system is called the aperture-diaphragm.

  41. The second diaphragm L therefore limits the three-dimensional object-space containing the points which can be rendered by the optical system.

  42. If several diaphragms can be seen from C, then the entrance luke is the diaphragm which seen from C appears the smallest.

  43. The diaphragm is the dome shaped breathing muscle which serves as a partition between the chest and abdominal organs.

  44. The action of her diaphragm and Solar Plexus will prevent any wavering.

  45. In order to resist temptation, girls should be taught deep breathing, that the diaphragm and educated nerves may obey emergency orders.

  46. Let the diaphragm go loose, and allow the breath to escape.

  47. For full, easy breathing in singing, should we use the diaphragm and lower ribs, or the upper ribs alone?

  48. Fortunately, the two nervous centers which supply the heart and the diaphragm are the slowest to be influenced.

  49. Instead of fixing the diaphragm and holding the breath during the time of pulling, as novices are apt to do, do exactly the opposite.

  50. At the same time, the diaphragm [Footnote: The diaphragm is the muscular partition between the chest and the abdomen.

  51. It is caused by a contraction of the diaphragm and a constriction of the glottis; the current of air just entering, as it strikes the closed glottis, gives rise to the well-known sound.

  52. A mouthpiece before the diaphragm directed the sounds upon it, and as it vibrated with them, the soft iron 'armature' induced corresponding currents in the cells of the electro-magnet.

  53. The consequence was a vibration of the mica diaphragm to which the stylus was attached.

  54. A flexible india-rubber tube, branching into two ear-pieces, conveys the sound emitted by the reproducing diaphragm to the ears.

  55. To conceive was to execute, and it was but the work of an hour to provide a vibrating diaphragm or tympanum fitted with an indenting stylus, and adapt it to the apparatus.

  56. A vibrating diaphragm to collect the sounds, and a stylus to impress them on a sheet of tinfoil, were its essential parts.

  57. He at once saw that he could vibrate a diaphragm by the sound-waves of the voice, and, by means of a stylus attached to the diaphragm, make them record themselves upon an impressible substance placed on the revolving cylinder.

  58. At the other side of this mouthpiece is placed a diaphragm made of a thin piece of metal, which is held m place by a light spring.

  59. In front of this magnet is placed loosely a diaphragm of thin sheet iron.

  60. If we could by any means make a diaphragm in another tube reproduce these same vibrations, we should hear the same words respoken, if the tube were held to the ear.

  61. Between this carbon button and the diaphragm is a small piece of platinum, which is placed so as to touch both the button and diaphragm very lightly.

  62. A sound made in the mouthpiece creates vibrations in the diaphragm; the vibrations of the diaphragm move the spring and pawl with the same impulses, and as the pawl thus moves back and forth on the ratchet-wheel it is made to revolve.

  63. This influences, by magnetism, the iron diaphragm accordingly, and makes it reproduce the same vibrations that were caused by the speech at the transmitter of the sending telephone.

  64. Fasten the diaphragm by pasting it with two strips of thin paper to the tube.

  65. These strips of paper should be fastened only on the ends, and the middle of the paper allowed to be slack, as shown in the picture, so that the diaphragm may work backward and forward easily.

  66. Now, if you speak into the open end of the tube the diaphragm will vibrate and the shot will be seen to move to and from it according to the strength of the vibrations.

  67. This diaphragm is placed so as to be within the influence of the magnet, but just so that neither one can touch the other.

  68. When the wire is again run past these coils, with a receiver such as I have here in circuit with the coils, a light vibration is set up in the receiver diaphragm which reproduces the sound of speech.

  69. The disturbance set up in the coils by the vibration of the diaphragm of the transmitter causes a deposit of magnetic impulse on the wire, the coils being connected with dry batteries.

  70. As the diaphragm is always attracted by the magnet, it is under a constant strain.

  71. When the current through the coil is always in the same direction, but varies in strength, the diaphragm will vibrate on account of the varying pull upon it.

  72. The soft iron diaphragm is fixed near, but it does not touch the magnet.

  73. This direct undulating current changes the pull upon the diaphragm of R, causing it to vibrate and reproduce the original sounds spoken into the transmitter.

  74. In front of the diaphragm there is a small working chamber which is protected above by an extension of the shield known as an apron.

  75. The shield is a cylindrical box with a diaphragm across it corresponding to the deck of the caisson.

  76. A diaphragm flexed by sound waves closes an electric circuit and starts the operation of a machine.

  77. In the diaphragm there are a number of doors at different levels, which may be closed in case of danger.

  78. At a height of about seven feet above the bottom of the box there is a transverse diaphragm known as the deck, and the space below is known as the working chamber.

  79. At one side there is a vertical diaphragm in the chamber which passes through a slot in the disk.

  80. The selenium bridge forms part of the circuit of a telephone receiver and the diaphragm is thus made to vibrate at the same frequency as the light beams do.

  81. Whenever bowlders are encountered it is necessary for the men to work outside of the diaphragm to chip away the rocks with compressed-air drills, or else bore them and blast them with small charges of dynamite.

  82. It consists of a phonograph diaphragm so arranged that its action opens and closes valves, producing synchronous air blasts sufficient to operate a larger diaphragm with greater amplitude of vibration.

  83. It has a diaphragm provided centrally with a blunt pin, or stylus.

  84. When this groove is again presented to the stylus the diaphragm is vibrated and gives forth the sounds originally imparted to it when the indentations were made.

  85. Ordinary telegraphic coils of insulated wire are applied to the poles of a powerful compound permanent magnet; and in front of these is a thin vibrating diaphragm or membrane, with a metallic contact-piece cemented to it.

  86. The object glass of the telescope, b, is now placed against and "square" with the object glass of telescope a, and on looking through telescope a an image of the diaphragm with its holes or the slit is seen.

  87. This diaphragm must now be moved until a sharp image is seen in telescope a.

  88. In place of the eyepiece of this second telescope, a diaphragm is introduced in which a number of small holes are drilled, as in Fig.

  89. A deep breath involves, then, a pushing down of the diaphragm and a pushing out of the lower ribs, and not merely an expansion of the upper part of the chest.

  90. Gallerati, and ordered more purgatives, more ointment, and the application of the diaphragm of a sheep to the stomach!

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