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Example sentences for "emitted"

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emission; emissions; emissive; emit; emits; emitting; emmets; emollient; emolument; emoluments
  1. A spark or flash emitted in scintillating.

  2. A small particle of fire or ignited substance which is emitted by a body in combustion.

  3. Nevertheless an inherent value exists in all emitted sounds, although barbaric practice and theory are slow to recognise it.

  4. In the vibrations which we call words the hidden complexities of cerebral action fly out, so to speak, into the air; they become recognisable sounds emitted by lips and tongue and received by the ear.

  5. A zealot might allow his neighbours to be damned in peace, did not a certain heretical odour emitted by them infect the sanctuary and disturb his own dogmatic calm.

  6. They emitted no sound, and she turned with a terrified fascination and looked back.

  7. Another great volcano, with a saddle-shaped summit, also emitted from its immense crater little jets of steam.

  8. I found that this insect emitted the most brilliant flashes when irritated: in the intervals, the abdominal rings were obscured.

  9. Having watched the four from almost within arm's length (and they me) for several minutes, they rushed into the water at full gallop with the greatest impetuosity, and emitted at the same time their bark.

  10. A moment later he emitted a loud call, and almost as if they had sprung from the ground itself the Shawnees came running to the place where the settlers were awaiting them.

  11. His face was daubed with paint, and his discoloured cheeks seemed to be doubly disgusting as he emitted sounds which even the keenest of the wild turkeys would scarcely have detected as different from its own.

  12. It was all so quick that he merely emitted a frightened bawl or two and lay still, cowering in the corner of his cage.

  13. There were hens, ducks and turkeys in the yard and back of the house was a row of beehives that always emitted this ravishing odor.

  14. The driver and the New Englander started with suppressed exclamations, while Wagstaff emitted a cry of alarm, as he and his companion attempted to leap out.

  15. Failing of reply, he was quiet a moment longer, when he emitted a low whistle, like the cry of a night bird.

  16. The pines emitted a splendid smell, you could breathe the air so freely, so easily, and that pale blue sky with the fleecy white clouds had something wonderfully clear about it, something that filled the eyes with light.

  17. Horace paid the money, Greatorex emitted a final 'hum', and then the stepbrothers were whisked out by an expeditious footman.

  18. Sir Jee, seated in the arm-chair which dominates the other chairs round the elm table in the magistrates' room, emitted a preliminary cough.

  19. From this are emitted all the mundane forces; and, since God cannot do evil, the existence of evil in the world must be imputed to these emanating forces.

  20. Brownea coccinea, which is upwards of a hundred feet high; and above all; the pejoa, celebrated in the country on account of the delightful and aromatic perfume emitted by its leaves when rubbed between the fingers.

  21. I passed a part of the night in comparing the intensity of the light emitted by the beautiful stars which shine in the southern sky.

  22. This smell is very different from that emitted by the leaves of the Trixis terebinthinacea of the mountains of Jamaica, opposite to those of Caracas.

  23. The matter has not been emitted from one crater, but from several; so that a single island of small extent contains a whole system of volcanoes, regions purely basaltic, and others covered with recent lavas.

  24. There was not an ounce of bark on board; for we had emitted to take any with us, under the impression that this salutary production of Peru could not fail to be found on board a Spanish vessel.

  25. The basalt on which we walked was darkish brown, compact, half-decomposed, and when breathed on, emitted a clayey smell.

  26. At other times, these same stars, considerably elevated above the horizon, emitted a steady and planetary light, the hygrometer being at 90 or 93 degrees.

  27. The hill called Montanita de la Villa seems indeed to have emitted lavas; and according to the tradition of the Guanches, an eruption took place in 1430.

  28. The centigrade thermometer, at a distance from the ground, and from the apertures that emitted the hot vapours, fell in the shade to 2.

  29. The genius of the air appeared to be shaking the blue canopy, embalmed with the odor of the pines; and we breathed a slight perfume of amber emitted by the crocodiles asleep beneath the tamarind-trees by the river-side.

  30. She selected a maple with red flowers, festooned with garlands of apios, that emitted the sweetest perfumes.

  31. The night advanced; the songs and dances gradually ceased; the fires emitted but a ruddy light, in front of which I could see the shadows of some of the savages pass.

  32. Then there were sparks emitted from somewhere below, where the stone struck with a crash and bounded off into space.

  33. Judging by the snorts and puffs emitted by the individual who was in a position to know, the shaft must have held a fair amount of liquid contents.

  34. Mac groaned dismally, and Dave emitted a plaintive howl as he struggled in his harness.

  35. Their sleighs were pulled along to the accompaniment of the harsh grinding sound emitted from the iron runners on the frozen snow.

  36. She emitted a small shriek, and gave him her hand to kiss, which he did with ecstasy.

  37. Mr. Whedell raised his eyebrows, and emitted a doleful whistle.

  38. Congress had emitted bills of credit to a very considerable amount, and were apprised of the necessity of emitting more.

  39. The Congress, pressed by their necessities, have emitted bills of credit, till the depreciation of them forbids further emissions.

  40. The professor looked round as the man emitted a bellow of rage.

  41. Josh Crabtree, his face ablaze, and his small, malignant eyes sparkling angrily, emitted a roar like that of his Holstein that had caused the professor so much tribulation.

  42. As it sped along outside the city limits, and immune from hampering speed laws, the car emitted no sound.

  43. It was marked by paroxysms or fits, attended by intolerable suffering; while the fit lasted, the victims emitted a noise like the barking of dogs.

  44. This experiment shows that the last light emitted by the eclipsed Sun belongs to the least refrangible rays, to the greatest wave-lengths, to the slowest vibrations, to the yellow and red rays.

  45. The heat emitted by the Sun, at each second, is equal to that which would result from the combustion of eleven quadrillions six hundred thousand milliards of tons of coal, all burning together.

  46. On every floor the doors of the kitchens of the several apartments stood open to the staircase, and emitted a suffocating, sickening odor.

  47. She bore a lantern in her hand, which emitted a dim, uncertain light.

  48. The scarecrow gasped, struggled, and at length emitted a murmur, which was so incorporated with its smoky breath that you could scarcely tell whether it were indeed a voice, or only a whiff of tobacco.

  49. But he had never heard of any natural phenomenon in space that emitted pulsed signals in random fashion.

  50. Briefly, the noise emitted by hydrogen gas in space is very important to us in our analysis of the nature and distribution of matter.

  51. The rain now came down heavily, but they pursued their path with alacrity, the produce of the several fields between which the lane wound its way being indicated by the peculiar character of the sound emitted by the falling drops.

  52. Pat emitted a kind of roar, but, before he could ventilate his feelings further, the door communicating with the house was quickly opened and Mr. Brian Brennan walked in.

  53. Moreover, on being informed that he must not expect to set foot to the ground for several days more, he had emitted a kind of incredulous roar, and had announced his opinion that his medical adviser was a gradely fool.

  54. They tried to groan and beg for mercy, but forthwith emitted the most awful grunting and squealing that ever came out of swinish throats.

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