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  1. It belonged, that is, to type 1; while the great bifurcate appendage, obvious to all eyes, corresponded to the lower rate of emission characteristic of type 2.

  2. Janssen agrees, so far as to say that if the whole surface were as bright as its brightest parts, its luminous emission would be ten to twenty times greater than it actually is.

  3. The emission lines of free, incandescent hydrogen have never been derived from any part of these bodies.

  4. It is that emission grows as the fourth power of absolute temperature.

  5. And absorption and emission are, by Kirchhoff's law, strictly correlative.

  6. Nor did he hesitate to recur to the analogy of magnetic polarity, or to declare, still more emphatically than Olbers, "the emission of the tail to be a purely electrical phenomenon.

  7. It is still harder to form a comparison with instruments of little sustaining power, for too great a diversity in production and emission of sound exists.

  8. I shall therefore only just touch on such technical questions as fingering, range, emission of sound etc.

  9. If vital fluid is present, and if the sexual intercourse is carried to the point of causing an orgasm, there would, in all normal conditions, be an emission of semen or "vital fluid.

  10. How do we know that during the nocturnal emission the products of the testes are not present?

  11. Is the emptying of the seminal vesicles thru nocturnal emission a universal phenomenon among continent men?

  12. However, when the emission occurs as frequently as once per week, it should be looked upon as abnormal if it is followed by depression, headache or lassitude.

  13. Vecki describes the normal nocturnal emission as being accompanied by an erection, erotic dreams, and an orgasm, the subject being wholly unconscious of the condition until he is awakened at the moment of orgasm.

  14. If the nocturnal emission does not occur, the sexual desires are certain to return to occupy the waking hours more or less completely.

  15. The nocturnal emission is not a universal method of emptying the seminal vesicles.

  16. At the moment of sexual orgasm occurs what is known as, the emission of semen.

  17. If the nocturnal emission does occur, it will carry away not alone the vesicular secretion, but also more or less of the nascent spermatozoa and other constituents of the vital fluid.

  18. There is no doubt that an emission of semen following sexual excitement is a draught upon the virile powers of the male animal.

  19. The spectra of this class show a singular mixture of bright lines and dark bands, as if three different spectra were combined, one continuous, one an absorption spectrum, and one an emission spectrum from glowing gas.

  20. Henderson in the Art of the Singer, says of messa di voce, 'It is by the emission of tones swelling and diminishing that we impart to song that wave-like undulation which gives it vitality and tonal vivacity.

  21. A singer's reliance depends upon the breath, as on the stability to economize the air during its emission from the lungs.

  22. This is the highest art and a lifetime of work and study are necessary to acquire an easy emission of tone.

  23. It is the result of the relaxation of the exterior muscles of the larynx which can no longer remain motionless in the position during the emission of the sound.

  24. Regarding the proper emission of consonant sounds every one knows that the same depends upon the particular spot of contact of the tongue's tip with parts of the oral cavity.

  25. In changing the tongue's position but in the least, these channels will open in a different direction, which may then be the proper medium for the emission of another sound, but not for the one under consideration.

  26. In pointing in a given direction, the tongue opens up the channels of the Å“sophagus and the trachea in a special manner for the proper emission of a given sound, beneath as well as above, and to the left as well as to the right of its radix.

  27. Menstruation is found in quadrumanes, in bats; other female mammals show an emission of blood, which is, however, limited to the rutting season.

  28. The operation is repeated several times; separated by the emission of skatelets who are born alive, it continues until the female has discharged the greater part of her eggs.

  29. Thomas Young, who had long experimented on the nature of light, asserted that the emission theory could not explain many of the best known phenomena of light.

  30. The later discoveries of science proved with considerable certainty that the undulatory theory of heat is right, but it was well towards the middle of the last century before the emission theory of heat lost its ground.

  31. In fact, men of science worked with the ores of uranium for many years before discovering the emission of ether waves.

  32. John Tyndall, in a book published in 1880, says, that the emission theory "held its ground until quite recently among the chemists of our own day.

  33. Energy Evolved by Radium The greater part of the tremendous energy evolved by radium is due to the emission of the alpha particles, and in comparison the beta and gamma rays together supply only a small fraction.

  34. These rays are the cause of the activity and their emission accompanies the changes or disintegration.

  35. The emission of these rays results in the production of great heat.

  36. A motor like the steam-turbine is evidently the forerunner of other engines designed to utilise the force of an emission jet of vapour or gas.

  37. As soon as the force of the emission jet can be applied as a factor in giving motive power, the fact that no close-fitting parts are required for the places upon which the line of force impinges will alter the conditions of the whole problem.

  38. Sometimes the seminal fluid passes back into the bladder, from an inverted action of the canal, and is evacuated along with the urine; nocturnal emission is a frequent concomitant of stricture.

  39. The crown of each cell is formed of a reverberatory firebrick arch having openings for the emission of the products of combustion.

  40. O true believers, come not to prayers when ye are drunk,b until ye understand what ye say; nor when ye are polluted by emission of seed, unless ye be travelling on the road, until ye wash yourselves.

  41. The first is required in some extraordinary cases only, as after having lain with a woman, or been polluted by emission of seed, or by approaching a dead body; women also being obliged to it after their courses or childbirth.

  42. This probably serves for the emission of a bunch of pseudopodia.

  43. The latter is always quite simple and serves for the emission of the pseudopodia, arising from the basal pole of the central capsule.

  44. The latter agree, however, with the former in the possession of a basal opening, serving for the emission of the pseudopodia, and in the monaxonian fundamental form, arising from this structure.

  45. Just so, if for any cause an electron be put in motion, it would trouble the ether around it and would give rise to luminous waves, and this would explain the emission of light by incandescent bodies.

  46. It is movements of electrons which produce the lines of the emission spectra; this is proved by the Zeeman effect; in an incandescent body what vibrates is sensitive to the magnet, therefore electrified.

  47. This was a renewal of the debate which divided physicists a century ago about light; Crookes took up the emission theory, abandoned for light; Hertz held to the undulatory theory.

  48. Well, to his mind, this emanation is manifested by the emission of certain corpuscles, of invisible sparks which form a sort of cloud.

  49. In fact it is not impossible that these rays are employed for the emission received on the Meudon screen, though the quality of the light when analyzed in the spectroscope makes the supposition highly improbable.

  50. By his examination of the glottis he had had the satisfaction of proving that all his theories with regard to the emission of the voice were absolutely correct.

  51. The method of making scientific use of the voice is due to his discovery and ocular verification of the action of the vocal cords and of the glottis in the emission of sound.

  52. And remember that we must have the knowledge to guide the emission of the voice with our brains.

  53. The 'Traite' was acknowledged on all sides to be invaluable, and it laid the foundations of all important subsequent investigations into the emission of the voice.

  54. Jenny Lind had once possessed a voice, as Garcia realised perfectly clearly, but it had been so strained by over-exertion and a faulty method of emission that for the time being scarcely a shred of it remained.

  55. His voice had gone, but he would employ its beaux restes to impart an idea for the proper emission of a note or phrasing of a passage.

  56. After this preliminary explanation the first step invariably consisted in the emission of a steady tone, deep breathing being insisted on for the purpose.

  57. Those changes include the emission of 8 alpha particles and 6 beta particles.

  58. Its energy content drained away through the emission of particles that allowed the nucleus to change over into a stable one, silicon-30 (atomic number 14).

  59. This is satisfactorily conclusive as to the emission of the stamp in question; but if even only a few hundreds were used, we are surprised that no used copies turn up.

  60. The emission of the gemmules takes place, or may take place in all states of the cell.

  61. The emission theory of light, again, has been pregnant with valuable results, as still is the Atomic theory, and others which will readily suggest themselves.

  62. In this reply he admits the justice of Professor Delpino's attack, but objects to the alleged necessity of the first subordinate hypothesis, namely, that the emission of gemmules takes place in all states of the cell.

  63. In the case of the radiation from our fire, about 98 per cent of the whole emission consists of invisible rays; the body, therefore, which was most opaque to these triumphed as an absorber, though that body was a white one.

  64. To reach incandescence the planet would have to pass through all the stages of non-luminous radiation, and the final emission would embrace the rays of all these stages.

  65. Ritter discovered the extension of the spectrum into the invisible region beyond the violet; and, in recent times, this ultra-violet emission has had peculiar interest conferred upon it by the admirable researches of Professor Stokes.

  66. You can by no means have the light of the carbons without this invisible emission as an accompaniment.

  67. A substance, as many of you know, has been discovered, by which these dark rays may be detached from the total emission of the electric lamp.

  68. It is not, then, by the diminution or transformation of the non-luminous emission that we obtain the luminous; the heat rays maintain their ground as the necessary antecedents and companions of the light rays.

  69. The emission from the carbon points is capable of accurate analysis.

  70. All the experiments hitherto made go to prove that from heated lampblack an emission takes place which synchronises in an especial manner with chloroform.

  71. Of this character was the determination of the velocity of light in liquids, as a crucial test of the Emission Theory.

  72. Immediately before emission the male organ is quickly withdrawn, to avoid emission of seminal fluid in the vagina.

  73. Yet so it is; and the popular author finds it convenient to fill up the declared deficit by the emission of Christmas books--a kind of assignats that bear the stamp of their origin in the vacuity of the writer's exchequer.

  74. English oil of peppermint treated in the same manner as the others with sulphuric acid becomes very slightly heated without any emission of vapor.

  75. Rosemary oil does not detonate with iodine, but simply dissolves with heating and perhaps the emission of vapors.

  76. The oil gives no explosion with iodine, but shows an increase in temperature with or without emission of red vapors.

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