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Example sentences for "emirates"

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  1. The United Arab Emirates and Kuwait have hosted meetings in support of the International Compact.

  2. East of that river Sokoto and its tributary emirates are ruled by Fula princes, subject to the control of the British Nigerian administration.

  3. It was exceeded by several of the larger Turkish Emirates in Asia Minor, such as Karamania, Sarukhan, and others.

  4. His extensions in Anatolia by the absorption of Turkish Emirates or parts of them.

  5. The same fate befell some other petty Emirates on the southern borders of the Marmora and the Hellespont, rounding off the boundary of the Ottoman State in the north-west corner of Anatolia.

  6. The phrase must be taken rather as a measure of his ambition than as a description of his existing State, for it was then inferior in size to several of the Turkish Emirates in Asia Minor and to most of the Balkan States.

  7. On Murad's accession his territory, though greatly increased by Orchan, was less in extent than some other Turkish Emirates in Anatolia.

  8. Its northern emirates were for a long time subject to Bornu, and its customs are nearly assimilated to those of Bornu.

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