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  1. The shepherds, however, who tend their flocks among the mountains, are the favorite emissaries of the robbers, when they would send messages down to the valleys either for ransom or supplies.

  2. They had their spies and emissaries in every town, village, and osteria, to give them notice of the quality and movements of travellers.

  3. As we have seen, they had been spirited away by the emissaries of paganism.

  4. Out of the depths of her vengeance she sent emissaries to all the kingdoms of the earth, asking that the knighthood of every realm should assist her to destroy Lisuarte.

  5. He would then return to the coach in waiting, and would be attended to the hotel by one of his emissaries as valet.

  6. The police emissaries of all ranks, forming that enormous mass who conducted the grand machine of espionage, directed the public spirit, and supplied information to the late Emperor.

  7. But this sort of theological reasoning developed an idea far more disastrous, and this was that Satan, in causing pestilences, used as his emissaries especially Jews and witches.

  8. Emissaries from Alva spread a report at Paris that the Duke was going to do something in Scotland or Ireland about March 1571.

  9. The Guises sent emissaries to keep Ireland disturbed, and the appearance of a fleet under the Duke of Medina Celi was the appointed signal for a general rising.

  10. He inculcated the duty of prayer; his will should be done by emissaries in the shape of animals.

  11. Trusting more to treachery than to open hostility, our enemies have already spread their emissaries through the country, to seduce our fellow-subjects from their allegiance, by promises as false as the principles on which they are founded.

  12. The emissaries who went to Maracaibo were even sent to Porto Rico to be tried there as rebels and were sentenced to prison in that colony.

  13. One of the first works of the Junta was to send emissaries to the several provinces of the old captaincy general to invite them to unite with Caracas in the movement.

  14. Armenia, Persia, and the East, warning them against these emissaries of Satan, who were seeking to scatter among them the seeds of error and schism.

  15. But it had been decided to send emissaries to the king's induna, and meanwhile he was taken to the summit of The Tooth.

  16. The quivering bodies of the foolhardy emissaries lay pierced with a dozen great gashes.

  17. Lithe, quick as they were, the two emissaries were overpowered; the blows which would have let the life out of one or more were beaten down by the solid fence of the Udhloko shields.

  18. But when Ancel and other emissaries sought to obtain succour against the danger from the south-west, he was answered by the clash of arms and the shrieks of horror which came daily from the south-east.

  19. Spanish emissaries had been busily circulating calumnious reports that her Majesty was on the eve of concluding a secret peace with Philip, and that it was her intention to deliver the cautionary towns to the king.

  20. A thousand emissaries are abroad to lead them into the purlieus of vice and hurry on their sure destruction.

  21. Emissaries from the British were already within its precincts to prepare the way for the triumphant entry of the cruel foe.

  22. One of his emissaries has obtained entrance here this night.

  23. Hand of that Contest between the King and Parliament; but that Politick Cardinal instead of this Method, had Emissaries in the English Cabinet to exaggerate Matters between them.

  24. Already emissaries from the camp of Narvaez had reached the capital, and had communicated to Montezuma, through the nobles, intelligence that Narvaez was marching to his relief.

  25. Yet he excommunicated the impious emissaries of Philip, and devoted the city and people of Anagni by a tremendous curse, whose effects are still visible to the eyes of superstition.

  26. The artful pencil of his emissaries had painted him in a prosperous state; at the head of the princes and prelates of Europe, obedient at his voice, to believe and to arm.

  27. It was impossible to prevent hostile emissaries from mingling among them, or some of the young braves from slipping away to help their brethren against the hated whites.

  28. The emissaries of the Yakimas had left the mission only five days before the arrival of the party, having despaired of its crossing the mountains.

  29. This outbreak was charged to emissaries from the Confederates of the South, but there was no foundation for these allegations.

  30. There seemed to be indications that an unfriendly white element was stirring up strife among all our Indian neighbors, and hence the impression that it was emissaries from the South who were doing it.

  31. This gave rise to the unfounded rumor referred to in another chapter, that emissaries from the South were among them to incite them to war.

  32. Mars flourishes his broken spear, his wolves and kites cower to him for protection from the emissaries of the new faith, whose triumph is further symbolised in the two figures above of ancient deities conquered by Angels.

  33. It happened in this wise: Eros had ventured forth, unwisely as it proved, from his hiding-place, when he was captured by some emissaries of your uncle Gaius.

  34. The best policy, therefore, was to defer his trial, and to send down some active emissaries to Ribblesdale to examine minutely into his past conversation, and discover whether any ground of accusation existed against him.

  35. He had engaged some respectable characters in his service; and the description his emissaries gave him of Neville and Beaumont, showed him the impolicy of publickly sacrificing such victims for state-offences.

  36. Had there not been this deep-seated feeling of wrong on the part of a portion of the people, the instigations of the emissaries would have met no response.

  37. Was it, indeed, a part of the great Southern rebellion, instigated by the emissaries of Jefferson Davis?

  38. If the multitude had been rightly informed and judiciously cared for, neither the politicians nor the rebel emissaries could have stirred them to insurrection, nor thieves have gained their assistance and support.

  39. Cicero captured the emissaries of the Allobrogi, who were engaged in the conspiracy of Catiline.

  40. Still worse fared the adherents or emissaries of Rome.

  41. The devoted courage of the Jesuit emissaries in those days of extreme peril for all priests who dared to cross the channel claims for them a full measure of respect.

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