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Example sentences for "despaired"

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desolating; desolation; desolations; despair; despaire; despairful; despairing; despairingly; despairs; despatch
  1. His life was despaired of, and those about him began to suspect some evil spell.

  2. When they were at sea, there arose at sundry times such a violent tempest that the pilot despaired of saving the vessel.

  3. It seemed to extend north and south indefinitely, and we almost despaired of scaling it.

  4. The enemy had no infantry nearer than the Tallahatchee bridge, but their cavalry was saucy and active, superior to ours, and I despaired of ever protecting a railroad, preventing a broad front of one hundred miles, from their dashes.

  5. As it was, many loyal people despaired in the fall of 1862 of ever saving the Union.

  6. There a sick man was lying, who had already been ill three months, whose recovery had been despaired of, and whom the Savages brought to the Father's notice.

  7. They obeyed, and the third day after brought to us the sufferer, whose life they had despaired of, in a half-dying condition.

  8. My confusion was increased by the speed and tumult of our flight, while we were followed by the Turks, who, as it seemed, soon despaired to overtake us, or were afraid of those whom they made a show of menacing.

  9. The iron gate he despaired to open for it was not only secured with all the power of art, but was always watched by successive sentinels, and was, by its position, exposed to the perpetual observation of all the inhabitants.

  10. Successive batches of the conspirators were despatched, as their confessions were exhausted or despaired of.

  11. To his many other offices and benefices it was being proposed to add that of Chamberlain of the Holy See, Cardinal Riario, who held the office, being grievously ill and his recovery despaired of.

  12. I often despaired of achieving results worth all the exertion I was making and the money I was spending.

  13. Just before I reached Japan prices were so low that many people despaired of being able to continue the business, and shortly after I left there was a crisis in the silk trade in which numbers of silk factories failed.

  14. She was afraid to move from among the others lest her absence should be at once detected, but so long as the noise was going on she despaired of being able to hear the signal agreed upon.

  15. They had lost us by sight now, but there was so many of 'em that we pretty nigh despaired of getting through.

  16. So we despaired of life and looked for nothing but death; but presently we heard a voice exclaiming, "God is most great!

  17. Then he made the slaves strip off my clothes and hold me down, and taking a rod of quince-wood beat me with it on the back and sides till I lost my senses for excess of pain and despaired of life.

  18. The ox began to fall short in his work, and the ploughman beat him till he broke the yoke and fled, following out the ass's precepts; but the man overtook him and beat him till he despaired of life.

  19. So Shemseddin despaired of finding his brother and said, "Indeed, I went beyond all bounds in what I said to him, with reference to the marriage of our children.

  20. From Allahabad we proceeded to Cawnpore, where I had a busy time arranging for the multifarious requirements of such an enormous camp; and sometimes I despaired of its being completed by the appointed date.

  21. I have been at the forest, where I found a tree newly pulled up, and a bow and arrows on the ground, and after having sought for you in vain, I despaired of ever, seeing you more.

  22. My strength at last began to fail, and I despaired of being able to save myself, but the wind began to blow hard, and a wave vast as a mountain threw me on a flat, where it left me, and retreated.

  23. For when Sylla approached, and they despaired not only of victory, but of life itself, they made a promiscuous massacre of friends and foes.

  24. I suppose she despaired of the smaller number, under whose protection she had spent comparatively happy days, being able to defend her greatness.

  25. At first, seeing the gates open and no guards on the walls, he feared some ambuscade, as he could not believe that the Romans had so utterly despaired of themselves.

  26. To make the will of God the first consideration in any enterprise, so that it is not to be thought of if He do not approve, and is never to be despaired of if He be favourable, is a bondage and a trouble beyond his ability.

  27. The workmen had despaired of peaceable remedies; and on June 8 they broke into the Assembly, attacked the Ministers, and were with difficulty restored to order.

  28. The Serbs now despaired of getting any justice from the Magyars, and determined to appeal from them to the Emperor.

  29. But if Manin found little help from foreign Governments, he received much encouragement from those Italians who had not yet despaired of their country.

  30. Mademoiselle Honorine herself would not have despaired of her pupil arriving at something approaching to this result, could she have got the better of a certain indistinctness of utterance caused by the loss of several teeth.

  31. At length the black horizon that seemed to encompass us so hopelessly, lightened, and afforded the lover-husband a glimpse and hope of his vanished and well-nigh despaired of Eden.

  32. The general desire was, and is, for sovereign independence; and although a pro-American party now exists, it is only in the hope of gaining peacefully that which they despaired of securing by armed resistance to superior force.

  33. Monet had been so long in the northern provinces unsuccessfully trying to hold them against the rebels that his fate was, for a time, despaired of in the capital.

  34. Those who knew him loved but despaired of him.

  35. She despaired of her ability, and began to agonize, as she said, over her work; but her material was not yet exhausted, and in The Mill on the Floss and Silas Marner she repeated her triumph.

  36. Still I despaired not, but rowed cheerfully on.

  37. When I in some measure recovered my tranquillity of mind, and was able to bear the sight of friends, I heard that she was suffering from an incurable disease, and that her life was despaired of by the physician.

  38. I discovered the enormous chasm that separated their hearts, and despaired of ever being able to fill it up.

  39. Elizabeth saw directly that her father had not the smallest intention of yielding; but his answers were at the same time so vague and equivocal, that her mother, though often disheartened, had never yet despaired of succeeding at last.

  40. This event had at last been despaired of, but it was then too late to be saving.

  41. A moment before he had despaired of ever gaining her confidence; now he felt almost sure of success.

  42. How often both of them had despaired of the future!

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