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Example sentences for "horizon"

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hore; horehound; horful; horgan; horis; horizons; horizontal; horizontality; horizontally; horizontals
  1. Louvois, alighting from his carriage, would sweep the horizon with a single glance.

  2. Making this twofold error his starting-point as a principle that was incontestable, he was wont to look upon every beautiful woman who happened to appear on the horizon as his property acquired in advance.

  3. The colonists, therefore, were careful to observe the sea around the island, and every day their telescope swept the horizon enclosed by the Union and Washington Bays.

  4. During some minutes he examined the horizon without moving, without uttering a word.

  5. His glance seemed to rest fondly for the last time on these masterpieces of art and of nature, to which he had limited his horizon during a sojourn of so many years in the abysses of the seas.

  6. At length an opening in the trees allowed the sea-horizon to be seen.

  7. At night, the flames of the burning cotton lighted up the horizon for miles around.

  8. At the other end of the scale is the duplex burner, which, with the new Chance lenses, is available in the smallest apparatus for a horizon of from seven to ten miles.

  9. It is the horizon that gives dignity to the foreground.

  10. He knew that he was to go to Canaan, and beyond that point all was dark, except for the sparkle of the great hope that gleamed on the horizon in front, as a sunlit summit rises above a sea of mist between it and the traveller.

  11. With his old invincible Spanish honor he was determined to share the vengeance of the betrayed mother.

  12. Will you dare to say that Juan is not the child of your heart?

  13. Montefiore, again pressing her in his arms.

  14. The Book of Proverbs seldom looks beyond the limits of the temporal, but now and then the mists lift and a wider horizon is disclosed.

  15. Then her horizon widened, and she saw a way of increasing her store.

  16. The wider horizon of modern science and speculation includes much in the notion of wisdom which has no bearing on conduct.

  17. So all round the horizon we see this: that the godly man is involved like any other man in the ordinary contingencies and possible evils of life.

  18. VI From a meadow at the top of a hill, a girl watched the horizon of the east as the first glow of daylight heralded the arrival of Aurora's chariot.

  19. The horizon to windward, and all along the margin of the sea at the northward, was covered with clouds, which threatened, by the way, a capfull of wind.

  20. The horizon was scarcely clear, though, making my first look towards the east, objects were plainest in that quarter of the ocean.

  21. When the day dawned I was called, and was up and on the look-out as our horizon enlarged and brightened round the ship.

  22. At that hour, the wind was steady and favourable; the horizon clear of vessels of every sort, and the prospects of a pleasant night were sufficiently good.

  23. When I came on deck, in consequence of this summons, I found my mate examining the horizon with some earnestness, as if be were looking for strangers.

  24. Slowly I raised the glass, and the horizon was swept with deliberation.

  25. Once distant a mile from the frigate, there was little danger of her getting a glimpse of us, since, throughout all that morning, I was satisfied we had not got an horizon with that much of diameter.

  26. Sometimes he sat upon the mountains which bordered the lake, where the air is so pure and the horizon so luminous.

  27. Thence he proceeded to pass the night upon the Mount of Olives, which limits the horizon of the city on the east.

  28. They fought their way through murky vales and climbed moss-bearded brows, the day sunk behind the horizon and night wrapped them in darkness.

  29. In Swedish, Fredrik Landsten, a man of nomadic spirit and fine intellect, was born in Sweden, and in the spring of manhood ascended the horizon of sea-faring exploits.

  30. Chilberg has climbed the horizon of pioneer adventures.

  31. Herein consists the difficulty; which doth vanish and admit of the most easy solution, if we consider that as the visible moon is not greater in the horizon than in the meridian, so neither is it thought to be so.

  32. The magnitude of the visible moon, or that which is the proper and immediate object of vision(361), is no greater when the moon is in the horizon than when it is in the meridian.

  33. Now, between the eye and the moon when situated in the horizon there lies a far greater quantity of atmosphere than there does when the moon is in the meridian.

  34. The sun was already high on the horizon when they opened their eyes again.

  35. Already the plain was on fire and veiled the horizon with a black smoke.

  36. Towards evening the soft blue of the distance becomes gradually lit up by the lowering sun with the most gorgeous and varied shades of purple, gold, and ruby, until he sinks below the horizon in a blaze of crimson glory.

  37. She eyed the horizon narrowly, and ordered the ship to be put about, a manoeuvre which headed the Sybil straight for the oncoming sail.

  38. The noise of the wheels was making him dizzy, and he ended by no longer recognising the familiar horizon of this vast suburban expanse with which he had once been acquainted.

  39. All hands were stretched towards her, Mystical Rose in the dim light of the chapels, Tower of Ivory on the horizon of dreamland, Gate of Heaven leading into the Infinite.

  40. But, on the east, in front of you, the horizon again spread out to the very point of intersection of the seven valleys.

  41. The sea at first was lightly wrinkled; but as the hurricane advanced the placid looking-glass gave way to a livid menacing chop, and piles of cloud came racing up from the horizon and blotted out the sun.

  42. Away off to port some pink blotches, hardly distinguishable from the mist of sunrise, vaguely dimmed the horizon line.

  43. About three o'clock, a dark irregularity, something like the arched back of a whale, rose on the horizon ahead!

  44. In fact, daylight was now breaking, and along the horizon where the water darkened to a strip of black, another band, of faint livid light, was stretching.

  45. About three o'clock on the black horizon a line of sails appeared, driving before the gale like puffs of foam that vanished suddenly in the troughs of the waves to dart back into view again on the crests succeeding.

  46. But it was then that the black horizon was suddenly cleft by another speck.

  47. The rest of the fleet could be dimly seen, strung out on the horizon in a wide arc from in front of Valencia to the offings of Cullera.

  48. A faint band of reddish light still loitered above the horizon where the sun had sunk behind the housetops.

  49. Great steamers occasionally slipped past along the horizon line, their funnels smoking, their decks almost level with the water from the loads of Russian wheat they were carrying from the Black Sea to the Straits.

  50. Beyond that, and closing the horizon shoreward, was the saw-toothed Cordillera, with ripples of red granite, its unmoving crests reaching up to lap the sky like tongues.

  51. Along the green horizon line some pointed sails dotted the sky like wings of doves that might have been drinking off there.

  52. And the horizon flickered with the flash of guns as with summer lightning, while shells passed overhead with a long-drawn, ghostly wail, or fell with a sharp swish and a crash.

  53. But what do you make that out to be--that long black haze on the horizon to southward?

  54. As we left the plateau and struck the dusty trail winding down into a dark canyon we caught a glimpse of something white shimmering faintly on the horizon far off to the northwest; Coropuna!

  55. From Sh[=o]bara the route lies through a superb plain of rice fields, with mountain ranges closing the horizon to left and right.

  56. He had large reddish-brown eyes, deep set under heavy eyebrows, and with something of the blackfellow in them--the sort of eyes that will peer at something on the horizon that no one else can see.

  57. I only took one quick look at his face, but could have sworn that he was gazing at the blue fin of the range on the horizon of the bush.

  58. The next shots, fired with increasingly more propellant, eventually disappear over the horizon as they fall.

  59. The Horizon Book of the Elizabethan World, Ed.

  60. He was not yet sailor enough to know that the bank of clouds lying low in the far horizon meant a storm; but the breeze that now filled and now flapped his sail was as full of pranks as a naughty boy.

  61. But Captain Jeroboam, who was watching the horizon with a wide-awake weather eye, shook his head.

  62. While the boys scattered eagerly enough Captain Jeb, making a spyglass of his hands, was scanning the horizon with a sailor's practised eye.

  63. By this time it was nearly dark, the sky was overcast with heavy leaden clouds, and only a faint lurid glow on the horizon in the west showed where the sun had gone down.

  64. Oxen travel slowly, especially over roads where at times the wheels sink deep into the sand, and the sun was high above the horizon before they had gone two leagues on their way.

  65. On the southern horizon the snow-clad tops of the more lofty peaks of the Pyrenees rose boldly into the clear sky, with light wreaths of mist still clinging round them here and there.

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