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incrassated; increase; increased; increases; increaseth; increasingly; increate; incredibile; incredibility; incredible
  1. De Gasparin on the "Family Life, its Organization and Duties.

  2. He grew into a sincere admirer, we might say worshiper, of the heathen faith.

  3. Some of its champions were men of great political influence; and in no case was there a parallel to the abandoned Bahrdt.

  4. It is still in vigorous prosecution, the parish increasing every year both in its gifts and in its capacity to give.

  5. But previous controversies and the ever-increasing points of divergence had so estranged the different churches that the labors of Calixtus to unite them proved unavailing.

  6. Literature, philosophy, history, education, and sacred music were so influenced by increasing indifference and doubt that when the people awoke to their condition they found themselves in a strange latitude and on a dangerous coast.

  7. The apostles of the gospel continually appeal to the reason of their hearers, and Christ himself argues the increasing exercise of the eye of the soul, as he calls conscience, in judging of the truth which he announces--Matt.

  8. It has betrayed an increasing High Church tendency, especially since 1840.

  9. Many causes contributed to its growth in Italy, whose prestige in war, extensive and still increasing commerce, and ambitious and gifted rulers, were a powerful stimulus to vigorous thought.

  10. A strong evidence that the German people were learning well the lessons now impressed upon them, was the increasing fondness for the institutions of purer times and a growing taste for history.

  11. The theological tendency toward the study of the languages of the Bible had the single unfortunate result of increasing that puerile literalism which had appeared in only sporadic forms during several preceding centuries.

  12. Our task is simply to lift the finger of warning against the increasing influx of Rationalistic tendencies from France and England; which lands had first received them from Germany.

  13. He returned to Oxford and gave himself up to his increasing doubts.

  14. Happily, age brings with it the clearing up of much of the obscurity of youth, and on the additional light of increasing years we depend for the illumination of many a mind obscured by his sentiments.

  15. Days of fasting and prayer were appointed by the civil and ecclesiastical authorities, while an increasing love for the church, as bequeathed by the fathers, was overspreading the land.

  16. After Frederic the Great ascended the throne, and began to countenance the increasing skeptical tendencies of the day, he recalled him, in 1740, to his former position.

  17. In it the crowding goes on at a constantly increasing rate.

  18. The increasing crowds, the tenement, and his grinding poverty made the soil, wherein the evil thing grew rank.

  19. This is the neighborhood toward which the population has been setting with ever increasing congestion.

  20. Meanwhile the city was in a state of constantly increasing excitement from another cause, not unconnected, however, with the war.

  21. There was a constant flow of deserters from the city, increasing as time went on and the prospects of Carthage became less and less hopeful.

  22. A modification or suppression of this monopoly as the only means of increasing and firmly "establishing the colony" was demanded.

  23. Recognizing that the city is a living organism with a personality of its own, he will watch with ever increasing interest the life emerging from the seed and at work in all the varying stages of its growth and development.

  24. George Fox and his "quaking men in their leather coats" were becoming formidable from their increasing numbers, and attracted much attention.

  25. A knight sans peur et sans reproche, he was a rare instance of a courtier who could carry himself through four successive reigns with ever increasing prosperity--and without once sustaining a reverse.

  26. Throughout his career, in spite of his increasing and at last astounding opulence, his more intimate habits remained as simple as they had been at Wimblehurst.

  27. The little man plumped up very considerably during the creation of the Tono-Bungay property, but with the increasing excitements that followed that first flotation came dyspepsia and a certain flabbiness and falling away.

  28. I believe that a haunting sense of the intensifying unsoundness of his position accounts largely for his increasing irritability and his increasing secretiveness with my aunt and myself during these crowning years.

  29. He threw an apple of discord amongst their ranks which has served, in a constantly increasing manner, to divide and distract their attention.

  30. The writings of no Freethinker, except Voltaire, have maintained their ground with continually increasing reputation.

  31. We no longer find the drink bill heavily increasing in years of commercial prosperity as of old.

  32. It is a question not of increasing or diminishing, but of reorganizing, restraints.

  33. In this work voluntary association plays a large and increasing part.

  34. He can also hold up his property and refuse to allow others to make use of it until the time when its full value has accrued, thereby increasing the rent which he will ultimately receive at the cost of much loss in the interim to society.

  35. We are not likely to discourage any service of genuine social value by a rapidly increasing surtax on incomes above that amount.

  36. She was of the increasing type of women who, long after they have the natural right to expect adulation on account of their looks, still hate to surrender.

  37. Louise, her sense of the mystery of it all increasing rather than abating.

  38. Every day the first and second fought it out for gradually increasing periods and every day the season grew nearer its close and the Claflin game, the final goal, loomed more distinct.

  39. Make not increasing gold your trust, Nor set your heart on glittering dust; Why will you grasp the fleeting smoke; And not believe what God hath spoke?

  40. With every increasing noise I went against the floor, and at last I began to feel a singular but agreeable giddiness in my head.

  41. About this time Franz Liszt, who had heard of Joachim's rapidly increasing reputation, invited him to go to Weimar and lead the orchestra which he conducted.

  42. Footnote 3: Present-day man possesses four bodies of increasing fineness, the elements of which interpenetrate.

  43. Here Moissan ingeniously made use of a property which molten iron possesses in common with some few other liquids--water, for instance--of increasing in volume in the act of passing from the liquid to the solid state.

  44. The increasing prominence of the old Calebite locality is not the least interesting phase in the comparative study of the patriarchal traditions.

  45. This development of the hieroglyphic system was accompanied by an increasing power of working in hard material, and cornelian and chalcedony superseded soft steatite (Journ.

  46. Five or six times did he hammer upon the door with his iron bar, gently at first, but with steadily increasing vehemence, before any notice was taken of his summons.

  47. But as they pressed on, climbing ever higher and higher, they began to suffer very severely, first from cold, and next from mountain sickness, due to the steadily increasing rarefaction of the atmosphere.

  48. As an indication that the churches of Greene Township have been losing their hold on the people, it may be noted that an increasing number of families do not ask clergymen to officiate at funerals.

  49. While they were being made some of the churches were being redistributed in different circuits, and membership rolls were increasing or decreasing.

  50. The people can and should be brought to understand that the value of a successful minister rises in increasing proportion with his knowledge of the community and the length of his service.

  51. In regions where it has been active for a century it has failed and is now failing to dispel ignorance and superstition, to prevent the spread of vice and disease, and to check the increasing production of undeveloped and abnormal individuals.

  52. Syphilitic and other venereal diseases are common and increasing over whole counties, while in some communities nearly every family is afflicted with inherited or infectious disease.

  53. The population in Prussia is increasing annually at the rate of one and one third per hundred among non-Jews, but at the rate of nearly one and three fourths among the Jews.

  54. As the result of the disturbance of the single cell, an ever-increasing number of cells are affected as the nervous impulse travels toward the nerve-center.

  55. The real reason for this decrease in the number of executions and the growth of the opposition on principle to capital punishment in this country is the increasing obscuration of the belief in immortality.

  56. So far from religion increasing nervous disease, then, it has exactly the opposite effect.

  57. Enough for us to look at what is lying around us; it is a part we see and not the whole, but we can say with the poet, 'We doubt not, through the ages one increasing purpose runs.

  58. Raising up the heart and mind in the midst of work, instead of increasing distractions, rather helps to control them.

  59. We are, in various ways, adding to this subjective element of pain and therefore increasing it.

  60. Then, in the midst of the apathy of his constantly increasing idleness he would have sudden fits of aimless activity.

  61. It was in the midst of this ever-increasing prostration that Clotilde, a few minutes later, heard a sudden sound of sobbing.

  62. Until eight o'clock Clotilde was agitated by an ever-increasing impatience.

  63. He went on increasing the dose up to five grams, and then his respiration became deeper, and above all he worked with a clearness of mind, an ease, which he had not known for years.

  64. They were unconscious of the increasing destitution around them, of the hunger of the servant who lived upon the crumbs from their table; and they walked through the empty house as through a palace hung with silk and filled with riches.

  65. But the population was increasing so rapidly that, in spite of these efforts, there was still a great lack of schools.

  66. Hence Shoghi Effendi’s great pleasure to hear from you and learn of your increasing interest in and enthusiasm for the Cause.

  67. Special attention must be given during this crucial year to consolidating the precious goals already won, to creating new Spiritual Assemblies, to increasing the groups and the isolated centers.

  68. These and other wonderful signs must have filled the Jews with alarm; whilst real troubles were daily increasing upon them.

  69. Jesus told them plainly, that it was because their faith was weak; for that no miracle would be too hard for them if they had a lively and increasing faith, or "faith as a grain of mustard seed.

  70. But when sown in the ground, the plant grows from it quickly, and spreads in every direction, so as to become quite a large plant: and thus it was very properly compared to faith, which should always be increasing and growing stronger.

  71. This class, called Christians, already contained a very large number of persons of all ages and sexes; and their number was increasing daily, by fresh converts from amongst the Gentiles.

  72. She is an earnest and serious artist of abundant talent whose work is treated with ever-increasing respect and admiration.

  73. The sculptor has modestly sought to merge the figure's loveliness into that of the Court and has succeeded in increasing both.

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