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Example sentences for "apathy"

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  1. No," returned Dumphy, still eyeing Poinsett keenly for a possible clue to this singular and unheard-of apathy to the condition of the fortune of the woman his visitor was about to marry.

  2. Nothing can stop this most notable progress but a relapse into apathy and fatalism of the vast army of women now being enlisted to fight disease.

  3. She had been saddened by the closing of stations for furloughs, and the apathy of the Church at home.

  4. The apathy of the government and the imbecility of the conspiracy were worthy of each other.

  5. But with the convening of the delegates of the Independence Party the apathy of the people gives way to intense interest.

  6. After the meeting is called to order, there is an apparent apathy on the part of a number of the Eastern members.

  7. There's a heartlessness and apathy croppen in amang the sheep-farmers, that shows their warldly hopes to be nearly extinct.

  8. But we believe that this apathy was of the greatest service to the royal cause.

  9. The apathy of the public mind is partly to be ascribed to the unjust violence with which the administration of Walpole had been assailed.

  10. In December 1967 Zhivkov published his "Youth Theses" in an attempt to counter what the party considered to be dangerous apathy on the part of Bulgarian youth.

  11. Among symptoms cited by the authorities was apathy toward education, work, and party ideology.

  12. Hence the universal apathy in the face of crying evils and damning customs; hence also the helpless "cui bono?

  13. Aleck stated unsmilingly, with a trace of that apathy which had hurt Jean so in the warden's office.

  14. He had patted her shoulder with a tragic apathy in his manner, and had said that the change would do her good.

  15. Now scar'd by the griefs I have known, Wounds, apathy only can heal, My joys and my sorrows are flown, For I have forgotten to feel.

  16. Hilbrook's apathy was gone, and his gentleness; he had suddenly an air and tone of fierce challenge.

  17. In his absolute apathy he did not even ask to be let alone.

  18. This Epicurean apathy was tempered by a belief in a future life--the translation to a paradise of delight beyond the seas.

  19. Apathy towards religion or even absolute hostility is by no means uncommon, and perhaps in well-to-do houses it is generally true that the women go to church and the men stay away.

  20. This apathy is not, indeed, as great as the outside show would indicate.

  21. And such as it is, the apathy is very natural.

  22. Colder, duller, more brutal than the rest, Claudius perhaps increased the misery of his country by the apathy and stupidity of his mind.

  23. The leading English physicians appear to have looked on with singular apathy or contempt at the miracles which it was pretended were enacting in the hands of the apostles of the new practice.

  24. This approach to apathy of which you speak may be God's shield from thoughts that would be sharp arrows.

  25. Mildred felt that they had no right to impose this extra labor on Mrs. Atwood, especially on the Sabbath, and she also thought it would do her mother good to be roused from the listless apathy into which she was sinking.

  26. His wife and daughter did not remonstrate--they were too dispirited for that--but in dreary apathy did his bidding as far as their strength permitted, feeling meanwhile that any change could scarcely be for the worse.

  27. During this period he was under the influence of neither apathy nor dejection.

  28. All the circumstances may be varied, but that intellectual apathy which has become so marked a characteristic of English life, especially of English public and social life, may not improbably continue.

  29. To a woman they peeped at the gate from all the cabins of the post, save only that one who had been most eager before when the Indians came, Maren Le Moyne, sitting in idle apathy on her sister's doorstep.

  30. It fell on ears startled into apathy by the suddenness of the tragic happening, and there was a wild confusion of white people pulling out of the mass like threads, all headed for the open gate.

  31. The reason of it was that Calderon could not forgive his wife her apathy and indolence, regarding these faults as positive calamities, and himself as most unfortunate for having married so inert a woman.

  32. His wife's apathy was such that if he had not taken charge of the kitchen accounts and the store-cupboard keys, God knows how the house would have been kept.

  33. This apathy was partly due to the hopelessness, which Nature had long perceived, of trying to make him feel oppressed, but also to the habits of a man incurably accustomed to carrying his fortunes in his hand, and that hand open.

  34. Understood the tug of the towns, the call of money to money; grasped the destructive restlessness of modern life; the abysmal selfishness of people when you threaten their interests; the age-long apathy of those you want to help?

  35. Now, however, all such feelings are cowed before him: your slothful apathy has taken away their only rallying point; and it is this apathy that I bid you put off to-day.

  36. Any show of interest, anything that might evidence that he cared what I was or what I might become, was so much better than this apathy that I welcomed the change with delight.

  37. It was evident that great apathy and total disorganization prevailed among those who had got the upper hand, but that the mass of the people--well disposed towards the revolution--was beginning to take an interest in the war.

  38. In the last year of his life his thoughts turned with something like apathy from the fame which his pen had brought him[10] towards that wider and nobler fame which might be attained by the sword.

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