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hys; hyse; hyssop; hyste; hysteresis; hysteric; hysterical; hysterically; hysterics; hysteron
  1. It is one of the manifestations of hysteria and of the hysteria of pregnancy.

  2. When the symptoms quickly reach a maximum, they indicate a paralysis due to apoplexy, and so they do when the symptoms are sudden, hysteria being eliminated.

  3. Paroxysms of hysteria may be excited in the hysterical; convulsions occur in those having the predisposition to them from any cause, and in the epileptic.

  4. Thus, the association between gastralgia, chlorosis, and hysteria is a matter of common observation.

  5. Beginning with the observation of hysteria and the other neuroses[3] Professor Freud gradually extended his investigations to normal psychology and evolved new concepts and new methods of study.

  6. We may say that hysteria is a caricature of an artistic creation, a compulsion neurosis, a caricature of a religion, and a paranoic delusion, a caricature of a philosophic system.

  7. Selected Papers on Hysteria and other Psychoneuroses, translated by A.

  8. The hysteria of the studio upset him, of course.

  9. The prevalent hysteria is not an ordinary hysteria, nor are the new powers--perhaps--quite ordinary either.

  10. If their excesses were pathogenic often, he believed with Lombroso that genius and hysteria draw upon a common origin sometimes, also that, from among this unstable material, there emerged on occasions hints of undeniable value.

  11. There is no evidence of hysteria on her part, whatever.

  12. Ursula said that to have seen Martha Williams in undisguised hysteria and B.

  13. His mood of reaction, of hysteria had passed.

  14. This unnatural desire is also frequently seen in hysteria and chlorosis, and in several uterine diseases.

  15. In hysteria however the female moves about and struggles more; she also cries out, and retains both sensibility and consciousness, so perfectly even sometimes that she requests those around to hold her, which is never the case in convulsions.

  16. These convulsions might be mistaken for ordinary hysteria by those not acquainted with the difference.

  17. There was a lot of hysteria in the papers nowadays; but any one who, like himself, could remember London sixty years ago, and see it now, realised the fecundity and elasticity of wealth.

  18. Such speculations remind one strongly of the psychology of conversion hysteria and of hypnotism.

  19. It seems safe to say that elements at least of hysteria appear in this history, such as the profound retroactive amnesia and appearance of simulation in the conduct of the patient.

  20. Another protracted case suggestive of hysteria is that reported by Gadelius.

  21. See Selected Papers on Hysteria and other Psychoneuroses, p.

  22. Identification is most often used in hysteria to express sexual community.

  23. But the psychological analysis will always reveal it and solves the very contradictory enigma of hysteria by proving the existence of the contrasting pair, an immense sexual desire and a very exaggerated sexual rejection.

  24. Ellis spoils, however, the sense of his invented term by comprising under the phenomena of autoerotism the whole of hysteria and masturbation in its full extent.

  25. Selected Papers on Hysteria and other Psychoneuroses.

  26. Freud, Selected Papers on Hysteria and Other Psychoneuroses, 3d edition, translated by A.

  27. Freud had learned that the amnesias of hypnosis and of hysteria were not absolute but relative and that in covering the lost memories, much more, of unexpected sort, was often found.

  28. Psychoanalysis of the so-called transference neuroses (hysteria and compulsion neurosis) offers us here a reliable insight.

  29. So common is this, that the various phases of hysteria are often assumed to be simple examples of voluntary simulation and the title of disease refused to the condition.

  30. Perhaps more constant than any other phenomenon in hysteria is a pronounced desire for the sympathy and interest of others.

  31. There are others, of course, again, who would extend the term hysteria so as to include every form of neurasthenic disturbance.

  32. That the pathological mental symptoms referred to as prevalent in the female, whether we attribute them to hysteria or not, are rarely if ever found in the male sex is an undoubted fact.

  33. It is not uncommon to find hysteria in females accompanied by an utter indifference and insensibility to sexual relations.

  34. Towards the latter part of the nineteenth century the prevalent view tended more and more to dissociate hysteria from uterine trouble.

  35. Dr Bernard Holländer—would deny that the symptoms occasionally diagnosed as hysteria in men are identical with or due to the same causes as the somewhat similar conditions known in women under the name.

  36. In England,” says Dr Buzzard, “hysteria is comparatively rarely met with in males, the female sex being much more prone to the affection.

  37. It is a form of hysteria brought on by fright.

  38. If we can still his mind, then cause him to think back, back, back to that time of great fright, we may be able to reassure his inner self, and the hysteria vanishes.

  39. She threw herself in a passion of hysteria face downward on the bed and a tornado of weeping swept over her.

  40. She slid into the coat, cramming the sleeves of her negligée in at the shoulders, wrapping the scarf about her head and knotting it at the throat in a hysteria of sudden decision.

  41. There was a layer of hysteria in her voice.

  42. A woman whose shame was gone acquired a sudden hysteria at her lone table over her milky-green drink, and a waiter hustled her out none too gently.

  43. Laughter crept with a tinge of hysteria into Miriam's voice.

  44. As is well known, one of the distinctive symptoms of hysteria is a tendency to indulge in all manner of lies and deceptions, coupled often with almost diabolical cleverness in giving these lies and deceptions a color of reality.

  45. I am inclined, for example, to believe that there is a large element of hysteria in the mediumship of the discredited Eusapia Paladino, once the marvel of two continents.

  46. Published accounts of her illness at that time present a picture of hysteria pure and simple.

  47. The stoic calm of the trail was swept away in a sort of hysteria which seemed to upset all their world and all its old values.

  48. Now, on the last days of the rendezvous, a sort of hysteria seized the multitude.

  49. When he could not understand, she presently became provoked and in a sudden hysteria of madness she rushed forward as though to strike the Englishman.

  50. Bertha Kircher laughed as evenly and with as little hysteria as though she were moved by the small talk of an afternoon tea.

  51. Her hysteria was not proof against the look which leaped into his eyes--the pallor that left him facing her with the visage of a sick man.

  52. She has spiritual hysteria which manifests itself in her manner, in her looks, and in her voice.

  53. In its presence harshness becomes gentleness, hysteria becomes equanimity, and sound becomes silence.

  54. Hysteria is distinguished from hypochondriasis, as in the latter there are no retrograde motions of the alimentary canal, but simply a debility or inirritability of it, with distention and flatulency.

  55. In the same manner as hysteria differs from hypochondriasis; the one consisting in the weakness and indigestion of the same portions of the alimentary canal, and the other in the inverted motions of some parts of it.

  56. Olva was conscious as he passed with Lawrence through the now crowded streets that Bunning's hysteria had had an effect upon his nerves.

  57. Neither the love of Margaret, nor the suspicions of Rupert, nor the hysteria of Bunning had as yet defeated him .

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