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leaps; leapt; learn; learnd; learne; learnedest; learnedly; learnedst; learner; learners
  1. As, by constant study, he became more profoundly learned in the literature of ancient America, the Abbe discovered that he had entirely misinterpreted the Codex Chimalpopoca.

  2. Thus they detected the artificial men of wood, and also learned the names of all the princes by their exclamations and mutual inquiries when pricked.

  3. With him was a large company of artists and men learned in every branch of science, whom some of the authors seem to consider a colony from a foreign land.

  4. The learned Abbe believes, moreover, that some of the ancient traditions of the Central American nations point to a north-east origin.

  5. When it first became known to Europe that a new continent had been discovered, the wise men, philosophers, and especially the learned ecclesiastics, were sorely perplexed to account for such a discovery.

  6. XIII-4] All that can be learned from these traditions is the existence among the Mayas of a vague idea that their ancestors came originally from opposite directions.

  7. Learned men are too prone to give substance to mere shadows, when they assist some preconceived theory.

  8. But Nezahualpilli learned the intention of his opponent, clad a captain with his armor, placed him at the head of one division of his army, while he himself in disguise took command of the other division.

  9. The learned Abbe relates that the men with whom Votan conversed concerning the tower of Babel, assured him 'que cet edifice etait le lieu ou Dieu avait donne a chaque famille un langage particulier.

  10. Maybe it does, but I feel quite safe with Caroline and the canned goods, as she has never yet learned how to use a can-opener.

  11. I learned to jig long before I did to waltz," she said, "and I find myself returning to the wild when I hear good patting.

  12. We had learned that afternoon to pronounce Legare properly.

  13. Then she began calling on me every time she wanted to light it, but after a week or so of such humoring she has learned to do it herself, and now everything is going along swimmingly.

  14. On inquiry, they doubtless learned that this was Lord Chancellor Campbell.

  15. The active young intellect was pliant and strong, but had not yet learned its power.

  16. Less vehement, less ornate, possibly less learned than Macaulay, with frequent though trifling inequalities of style, Motley goes far beyond him in real practical insight into the heart of affairs.

  17. Here we learned that the rebels had left Grafton and gone to Phillippi, some twenty miles back in the country.

  18. By my soldiering experience I learned some things which it would have been impossible to learn had I never 'gone for a soger.

  19. We have had severe struggles, and we have surmounted them; we have had hard lessons, and we have learned them; we have had trials of pride, and we have profited by them.

  20. Of the outer world he has ever remained in blissful ignorance, and even of his own parish he only knows what he has learned of his wife.

  21. It will do good, this war of ours; and many a brave fellow will, in after years, look back upon it as the school in which he first learned to be a thoroughly practical and sensible MAN.

  22. The hieroglyphs, you know, are outward forms Of things or creatures which unfold strange myths, Read by the common eye in vulgar way, But to the learned are types of truths gigantic.

  23. He was sorry that he did not know as much as his learned friend the Bookworm, but he had a sort of impression that Arthur was not happy.

  24. He has mastered a method and learned how to paint.

  25. The actors learned their parts, and the prompter, book in hand, followed the actors and told them what to say when they were at a loss.

  26. He would take his own course, and a crooked one it was, but capable of being straightened out, which is more than can truly be said of the discourses of some very learned people.

  27. There were no counsel learned in the law practising in those days before the King, so the parties said their say and argued as they pleased; and when Tristan sidled up to Yseult and patted her on the back, saying, "Cheer up!

  28. And she was warm and tender and flirtatious and shy according to the policies that she had learned from custom.

  29. There in the forest, beyond the eye of man, he learned that he was superhuman.

  30. Immediately afterwards he learned about money and how it is earned.

  31. Aside from the fact that he is an able biology teacher and that he had a number of queer theories years ago, I learned nothing.

  32. I've learned to see in her what you first saw in her.

  33. A few days later Hugo learned that two radicals had been thrown into jail on a charge of murder.

  34. Cane had said something once about raising cattle in England, and Roseanne had cooked peas as she had learned to cook them in France.

  35. He learned part of what he had already guessed from a clerk in the general store.

  36. Hugo wished that he could have met these two people on a different basis, so that he could have learned the truth about them.

  37. He attended his classes and lectures, played on the basketball team, tried tentatively to write for the campus newspaper, learned to perform indifferently on the mandolin, and made himself into the semblance of an ideal college man.

  38. That night he nearly possessed her, and after that night he learned through her unspoken, voluptuous suggestion all the technique of love-making this side of consummation.

  39. Any employment was better than hunger--and he had learned that hunger could come swiftly and formidably to him.

  40. On that day, too, he learned the class customs.

  41. And Iris learned something, too, so that she never came back to Hugo, and kept the longing for him as a sort of memory which she made hallowed in a shorn soul.

  42. When most of his companions were finding their way into the mysteries of sex both unhandily and with much turmoil, he learned well and abnormally.

  43. Abednego Danner's fear that his process might have created muscular strength at the expense of reason diminished and vanished as Hugo learned to walk and to talk, and as he grasped the rudiments of human behaviour.

  44. During that first season she learned to manage her affairs and to take care of herself and her small belongings, without admonition from any one.

  45. All this her new friend learned by a series of friendly questions, and Anna, having begun her story, continued with a degree of frankness which was little less than surprising, after so short an acquaintance.

  46. With shining eyes and bated breath, she learned to cross the little winding French river on teetering logs at its most dangerous depths.

  47. What I learned later was learned by observation, study, and direct inquiry--but never by instruction, either free or paid for.

  48. Even as a young child Anna had an iron will, and discipline, of which she later learned the value, so chafed her independent nature that she was generally in a state of rebellion.

  49. For a whole long hour she wrote, frequently stopping to look off into the distance and bite the end of her pencil with a very learned look, then she would bend over her paper again and write hard and fast.

  50. The house was being redecorated, and Clara went from room to room, watching the workmen, and even learned to grind and mix paints.

  51. Two precious years passed all too swiftly on the farm, and the young person was fast shooting up into a tall, slender girl, who had learned a love of nature in all its forms, which never left her.

  52. From her I learned that because one is an actress it is not necessary to be a slattern.

  53. She went through her part with keen relish and learned the drill so quickly that on the second day she sat watching the others, while they struggled to learn the movements.

  54. I learned Kondalian quickly, and got so friendly with the guards, that pretty soon they quit trying to keep me in sight, but waited at the edge of the palace grounds until I came back and joined them.

  55. Seaton isn't the only one who learned anything--I learned a lot myself.

  56. It can't be anywhere but Osnome, since that is the only place we stopped at for any length of time--the only place where he could have learned anything.

  57. From the power systems you employ, and from what I have learned of the composition of your suns and planets, I assume you have none of the metal of power, and it is a quantity of that element that is your greatest need?

  58. He's learned something, or found something useful to him there, just as we did.

  59. It was learned long ago that the most perfect children were born of parents in the full prime of mental life, that is, at one hundred years of age.

  60. They learned that these things were automatically impressed upon the torpedo next to issue, as was every detail of everything that happened in and around the vessel.

  61. With Mardonale gone, the evolution of Osnome shall progress rapidly, and while we may not reach the Ultimate Goal, I have learned enough from you already to speed up our progress considerably.

  62. It was soon learned that a few of the ships were exploring quite close to their home system; so close that the torpedoes, with their unthinkable acceleration, would reach them within a few hours.

  63. In this he was disappointed, as he learned that the stranger was one of the navigating engineers, and as such, had no detailed knowledge of the matters of prime importance to the inquisitor.

  64. The Fenachrone learned to direct fifth-order rays so quickly, then, by an analysis of our fifth-order projector there?

  65. They tried to keep me from finding out anything, but I learned all about the compasses, built a few of them in their own shop, and set one on Osnome.

  66. On that trip he learned so much new stuff that it is now impossible to kill him by any ordinary means.

  67. May Day was the great day for miracle plays, so beloved by the old Cornishmen before they learned to consider them sinful under the teaching of Wesley.

  68. In my distress, and that of the child; I had learned to curse the day on which we were born.

  69. It was that of the Saviour, who advanced with majestic dignity towards the apostle and spoke: 'Let us first hear if the alms-giving of which we have just learned was really too small to plead for leniency towards this sinning soul.

  70. I had lain for a long time on my back; but after I got them, I learned to walk with them and they enabled me to stand before the loom, and to earn bread once more for my family.

  71. It is only here that it is possible for a blacksmith's wife to marry a learned man, who is a blessing both for God and people.

  72. He knows the learned maps of the astrologers.

  73. For two years Théophile Gautier, more enamored of freedom than of work, or preferring the task of making two harmonious rhymes to all the beauties of his learned and rhythmic prose, incessantly abandoned and resumed the promised work.

  74. Thus the English spoken by these women was not murdered, for each word was thoroughly learned before passing on to the next.

  75. I inquired the meaning of all this preparation, and learned that this was a funeral feast.

  76. As soon as he learned this much, he had started for the ship to inform Mr. Grafton of the danger, but was too late, the ship being under way before he arrived.

  77. As I learned from others in his watch, he never was known, after this affair, to sit down during his hours of duty at night.

  78. When he had learned all, he stealthily retraced his steps to the foot-path and, making a wide detour around the house, went on his way.

  79. Besides, in his school days he had learned several wrestling tricks, and now he used one to throw Turner to the ground.

  80. He had learned that Elmira Turner, the monster dwarf's sister, was guarding Viola, and he rightly supposed that Sam Wiles or the dwarf would picket the hut most of the time.

  81. I am glad he learned such a needed and salutary lesson," said Viola.

  82. George rode his horse so much that he learned all the traits and peculiarities of his steed; for horses, like men, have their own individual make-up and notions.

  83. I went to school thar and learned how to read and write a little.

  84. My minnie learned me to dance, Bab at the bowster, bab at the bowster; My minnie learned me to dance, Bab at the bowster brawly.

  85. Never was any person heard of that could worst him; nay, the learned he baffled by his cunning and ready inventions.

  86. By degrees the children learned to act it for themselves, and it took the form of a familiar sport.

  87. He declined, but would not tell why, until Tom, pressing him for an answer, learned that his father was planning a submarine boat, which he hoped to enter in some trials for Government prizes.

  88. That's very likely how he learned about it.

  89. He probably learned that a doctor had been summoned for me, though, as it happened, I didn't need one.

  90. The time was to come when Mr. Swift and his son were to get at the bottom of Mr. Berg's reasons, and they learned to their sorrow that he had penetrated some of their secrets.

  91. But Captain Weston was not that kind of a sailor, though his usually quiet demeanor could be quickly dropped on necessity, as Tom learned later.

  92. As for Berg and his employers, they were, it was learned later, greatly chagrined at finding the wreck valueless.

  93. She could not forgive herself for not having answered his signal, and as for Mr. Jackson, he had started for a doctor as soon as he learned that Tom was shut up in the tank.

  94. Chester learned from the elder in charge at the office, that Elder Curtis was released to return home in a few days.

  95. They learned from the missionaries that the Dutch were for the most part, an honest, God-fearing people, quite susceptible to the gospel.

  96. I there learned that an acquaintance of mine belonged to the 'Mormon' Church, and depend upon it, I had her tell me what she knew.

  97. I have learned to face the world and all the truth it has for me.

  98. Everywhere, Chester noticed, this Spirit was the same, giving to rich and poor, learned and unlearned alike, the joy of its presence.

  99. I learned that the young fellow was studying for the ministry, and because of that, he considered himself just the person to give it good and hard to a 'Mormon' missionary.

  100. Chester Lawrence had formed an acquaintance which seemed to him to fill all requirements, so that he cared not whether he learned to know any more of his fellow travelers.

  101. I intended to tell you about Lucy as soon as you learned the truth about yourself, but I was hindered.

  102. She chatted freely with the young elder near her, learned that he was from Idaho, that he had been away six months, that he had not been home-sick, and that he was not married.

  103. Thus far, although she so palpably had tricked me, I had found myself unable to speak of her to Bristol; for the idea had entered my mind that she might have learned of the plan to murder Deeping without directly being implicated.

  104. We learned that before Earl made his attempt.

  105. He is thoroughly familiar with the East, and he learned of the robbery of Professor Deeping almost as soon as it became known to Hassan.

  106. I saw the bank manager the moment he arrived, and learned a piece of news that positively took my breath away!

  107. I thought I should have the compartment to myself, and so deep in reverie was I that the train was actually clear of the platforms ere I learned that I had a companion.

  108. In conversation with Mr. Bell, the chief officer, I learned that the supposed leader of the party was one, Mr. Azraeel.

  109. His chauffeur, who learned his business in Cairo, is probably the only one of his servants who remains in England.

  110. You will find in it all that I learned respecting the Hashishin.

  111. Wherefore I am often led to wonder, why such unhappiness should attach to the learned of our time, that in so great a number of scholars and students, pale with watching, scarcely one can obtain unqualified commendation for knowledge.

  112. Nor was it long ere he learned that his sister had quitted Arundel; for her mother-in-law, through female inconstancy, had broken the faith she had repeatedly pledged by messages sent into Normandy.

  113. At that time there were in England very great and learned men, the principal of whom was Ethelnoth, archbishop after Living.

  114. This I have thought fit to transmit to posterity, as I have learned it from those who were present, preserving its sense unimpaired.

  115. The learned Mabillon appears much displeased with Malmesbury, for the motives here assigned for abbat Robert’s quitting Citeaux.

  116. Thus far relating to the king I have written from authentic testimony: that which follows I have learned more from old ballads, popular through succeeding times, than from books written expressly for the information of posterity.

  117. With what fervent faith his breast was inspired, may easily be learned from this circumstance.

  118. Not slenderly tinctured by philosophy, then, by degrees, in process of time, he learned how to restrain the people with lenity; nor did he ever suffer his soldiers to engage but where he saw a pressing emergency.

  119. In many a sweet assumed character I have learned to love you, but simply as F.

  120. My dear Sir: Before this you have learned of the affecting death of your son.

  121. From them she for the first time learned that her husband had often worked far into the night, and while listening to their comments, she reproached herself that she had left him alone.

  122. If Leonard had not learned of nobler joys than the lesser gratification that engaged his thoughts, was it not because such joys had not been offered?

  123. Theology is not learned in a day, Mrs. Joe, and, you will excuse me for saying it, you have not given as much thought to the matter as some others.

  124. He intercepted Natalie as she descended from the carriage, and, in a brief interview in the hotel parlor, learned of her intention to return at once to Miss Claghorn.

  125. We have not learned your Christian name," said Jared, after acquaintance had been established and the youth had been duly informed of much family history.

  126. She learned the fact in the afternoon, but concealed it from Tabitha.

  127. Just how the insect learned that this behavior on her part would secure food for her young is hard to imagine.

  128. It must not be supposed that all flowers have learned to use insects with equal skill, for many of them may be said to be clumsy in their arrangements.

  129. He had learned all he cared for, and left, saying he might call again.

  130. Frank did, in fact, select the lawyer, having learned that he was a man of high reputation for integrity.

  131. It was a word I learned from Dick Rafferty," said Frank, feeling rather embarrassed.

  132. These are those who believe themselves learned above the rest of the world.

  133. This he did so dexterously and cunningly, that the learned who were standing by admired and applauded him.

  134. Here is what was said of them by the Archbishop of Bourges, of the house of Beaune, as great a learned man and worthy prelate as there is in Christendom (though some say a trifle unsteady in belief, and little good in the scales of M.

  135. She founded and endowed convents, all the while paying learned men to instruct her in philosophy, and musicians to amuse her during divine service and at hours more profane.

  136. Her Spanish language was beautiful, as dainty and attractive as possible; she learned it in three or four months after coming to Spain.

  137. Also she liked learned men, and was pleased to read, and she made others read, the books they presented to her, or those that she knew they had written.

  138. It was thus that she allowed herself to be caught and won insensibly to the doctrines of the Reformers, which appealed to her, in the first instance, under a learned and literary form.

  139. She held herself finely on horseback with very good grace, and always rode with stirrup and pommel, as she had learned from her aunt, Queen Mary of Hungary.

  140. The most learned persons vied with each other in making her epitaph in Greek, Latin, French, Italian; so much so that there is still a book of them extant, quite complete and very beautiful.

  141. He sought out a caffe, and sat there for an hour, drinking a liquor that called itself lacryma-Christi, but would at once have been detected for a pretender by a learned palate.

  142. She learned incidentally that Reuben had been a great deal from home; but this did not surprise her.

  143. Vide Restituta by the learned Sir Egerton Brydges, Knight of St. Joachim, A.

  144. Lest this learned dissertation on so curious a topic should be lost, or even delayed to the world, I have furnished it to my worthy and most erudite friend Mr. Macvey Napier, as an article for his forthcoming Encyclopædia Edinburgensis.

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