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Example sentences for "compulsion"

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  1. For I don't call the drudgery done under compulsion work.

  2. It followed an old system, devised in days of small circulation and grudgingly improved, not by thought on the part of those who circulated the paper, but by compulsion on the part of the public.

  3. On the other hand, there was no legal compulsion whatever to carry out the contract.

  4. I can choose whether I will or will not put my hand to them; hard as it will be to refuse if my father and mother propose, if I made compulsion necessary, to go to my uncle's themselves in order to be out of the way of my appeals?

  5. You can wish you had stood all this; inevitable as the compulsion must have been!

  6. The only compulsion we can apply in eugenics is the compulsion that comes from within.

  7. There was no compulsion about these unions; they were often little more than a game, though at times they involved a degree of immorality which caused the authorities to oppose them.

  8. Of this compulsion Babur's bald phrase Mughul u Auzbeg jihatdin provides an illustration.

  9. A suit was instituted for this purpose before the ecclesiastical court, and the clearest evidence adduced of the indirect compulsion which had been used in the case.

  10. But they argued that, even so, it would be a greater evil if the fear of publicity and the fear of compulsion should have the effect of deterring sufferers from seeking treatment and so drive the disease underground.

  11. This fear arises partly from the remembrance, particularly among elderly women, of the old Contagious Diseases Acts, both here and in England, and partly from the reports of the working of compulsion in Western Australia and elsewhere.

  12. When confronted with typical cases of difficulty already quoted some of the witnesses admitted that it was not easy to see how such cases could be dealt with satisfactorily without compulsion of some kind.

  13. Every exclusive sway of one of his two fundamental impulses is for man a state of compulsion and violence, and freedom only exists in the co-operation of his two natures.

  14. That distinguished personage had indeed entered with an air of compulsion not calculated to promote the easy exercise of hospitality.

  15. Yet not without severe self-compulsion she flung up again the sash; but when she looked out, the crowd alone remained; the bier was gone.

  16. The compulsion of uninteresting discourse soon became intolerable; and no longer chained to the party by the awe of her father, she presently left Indiana to Miss Margland, and perceiving that Edgar was conversing with Dr.

  17. Compulsion could only detain her person; and might heighten the disgust of her mind.

  18. Confessedly, the facts adduced in course of experimentation serve as guides in choosing among all of the many possible logical conventions; but our choice remains untrammeled except by the compulsion arising out of a fear of inconsistency.

  19. Hence logic is often an effective mask which the intellect commonly imposes upon its material; but it does so instinctively and can no more escape the rigorous compulsion of this instinctive functioning than water can escape its liquidity.

  20. If the compulsion was a big one, and went back far into childhood, Gloria couldn't do anything directly about it.

  21. Instead, she simply projected a new compulsion into the mind of her subject.

  22. The original compulsion had been added to, and turned into a compulsion toward suicide; that was what it amounted to.

  23. Where it wasn't possible-- Well, here's a man who has a compulsion to get drunk.

  24. Sometimes you ran into a compulsion that was really deeply buried.

  25. Thought must be liberated not only from legal restrictions but from indirect and even unintentional compulsion as well.

  26. Compulsion has been tried; but compulsion is a negative force, it makes for inhibition rather than inspiration.

  27. Bodily exercise, when compulsory, does no harm; but knowledge which is acquired under compulsion has no hold on the mind.

  28. Compulsion is warranted when there is question of preventing the interference of one individual or group with another; but it is a poor instrument for the establishment or maintenance of ideals.

  29. Altruism has a place in any social system of economics, and so have the sense of justice and the positive compulsion of the law.

  30. Arbitration by a court that has full compulsion behind it does not theoretically need to satisfy the contending parties.

  31. The rate of pay gained where compulsion is freely and successfully practiced is above the normal rate.

  32. The one thing that is important is that no compulsion is applied to either party to force him to accept the award.

  33. Officials would have to decide when more workers are needed in the A series and less in the B series and would have to use either inducements or some kind of compulsion in order to move them from the one group to the other.

  34. In truth both of these alliances rest, not on whole-hearted regard or affection, but on fear and on the compulsion which it exerts.

  35. That compulsion would have been irresistible had the British fleet joined the Powers in preventing the landing of troops from Asia Minor in the Balkan Peninsula.

  36. Constantine had no choice, and under compulsion nominated his second son Alexander as his successor.

  37. Misled, however, into identifying it with magnetism, he imagined circulation in the solar system to be maintained through the material compulsion of fibrous emanations from the sun, carried round by his axial rotation.

  38. Patton looked at her fixedly a moment undecided, then her strong nervous youth seemed to exercise a kind of compulsion on him; perhaps, too, the pretty courtesy of her manner.

  39. She felt herself wholly set free from that sort of moral compulsion which his holiness of mind and character had once exerted upon her.

  40. She was checked a moment--checked by the moral compulsion of his tone and manner, as well as by his words.

  41. Step by step the Catholic reaction gained ground, not without compulsion, but also not without that moral force which makes compulsion possible.

  42. Does any one say that it is wrong to exercise control and compulsion over these servants; such control and compulsion is not only the master's right, but they are included in his bounden duties.

  43. No witness is under compulsion to keep his testimony secret.

  44. I was a little worried when you said certain people had to be assigned to the White House, that you were under compulsion to assign certain people to the White House in order to retain them.

  45. Every witness knows that he is under no compulsion to keep his testimony secret.

  46. Graham he is not sure of, but inclines to think he would retire with Aberdeen, especially if Aberdeen has any compulsion or ill-usage to complain of.

  47. Apparently nothing but a lease extorted under compulsion from China by Germany.

  48. It cannot be destroyed, though it may be absorbed by another sovereignty either by compulsion or cession.

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