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Example sentences for "compulsorily"

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  1. Apart from normal replacement, or death, the duties of a member of the Court of Auditors shall end when he resigns, or is compulsorily retired by a ruling of the Court of Justice pursuant to paragraph 7.

  2. If the President no longer fulfils the conditions required for the performance of his duties or if he has been guilty of serious misconduct, the Court of Justice may, on application by the Council of the EMI, compulsorily retire him.

  3. Land may be compulsorily purchased for the purpose and the money required may be raised by loans under certain conditions.

  4. Under the Public Health Act of 1902 towns can purchase land compulsorily in connexion with unhealthy areas.

  5. Municipalities have the power to purchase land compulsorily for housing purposes and also to build workmen's dwellings.

  6. Land is purchased by agreement, or compulsorily and the money for land and building raised by loan.

  7. In all cases the teachers are appointed with reference to religious faith; religious instruction is given compulsorily in school hours and is inspected by the clergy.

  8. There is a further power given to the Commissioners to acquire compulsorily untenanted lands.

  9. Lands acquired by Rural District Councils under the Labourers Acts are also compulsorily registered in the Land Register.

  10. The Rural District Councils are given power to acquire, compulsorily or by agreement, the necessary lands from the owner either by purchase of the fee simple or on a lease for a term not exceeding ninety-nine years.

  11. The proposal fell through, but that it was made by so cautious a Premier is a proof that there is much to be said in favour of compulsorily shortening speeches.

  12. How could this experience be possible if all multiplicity did not fall within a comprehensive whole of life--if our nature were not superior to the oppositions and did not drive us compulsorily to seek a unity?

  13. This society also offers, in its Dividend Section, to those not compulsorily insured the opportunity for voluntary insurance against sickness.

  14. Again, in 1888, he moved a modified resolution, proposing to empower local authorities to purchase compulsorily waste lands at the "capital agricultural value.

  15. Things were very different when I embarked without mistrust on a career which has landed me comfortably into my eighties, although under Government every appointment has to be compulsorily vacated at the age of sixty-five.

  16. British colonists, with their traditions of liberty and independence, will never submit to being compulsorily placed on military service and subjected to the orders of officers whom they have not chosen.

  17. The Land for Settlements Act, 1894, enables the Government of that Colony, if no private agreement can be arrived at, to take land compulsorily for settlement, subject to a price fixed by valuation and a certain compensation.

  18. We cannot, he remarks, follow the procedure of a military conseil de revision and compulsorily reject the candidate for a definite defect.

  19. I did so, and found the estate could never pay sixpence if it was compulsorily realised, but that there was a probability of twenty shillings if the man could be allowed to work on without the fear of writs.

  20. Yet the supposed benefits of education are not only now free to all, but have been compulsorily conferred upon most nations.

  21. No doubt the exercises in which so little proficiency was shown were compulsorily executed against the grain, being of such a pedantic character that no sane schoolboy could possibly be found to evince the smallest interest in them.

  22. The Story of My Heart (1883) has told how "the last traces and relics of superstitions acquired compulsorily in childhood" finally passed away from his mind, leaving him a Naturalist in every sense of the word.

  23. Harried, persecuted, compulsorily baptized, deprived of their Arabic books, they repeatedly revolted, only to be beaten down.

  24. I do not propose to chop up the coalfields into mathematical sections and compulsorily unify the collieries in those sections.

  25. As has been said before, nobody likes to play the compulsorily generous role of scab.

  26. Just as his act makes his rivals compulsorily generous, so do they, by fortune of birth and training, make compulsory his act of generousness.

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