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  1. To such men, either individually or collectively, reason, justice, law are without effect or influence: nothing short of absolute compulsive force can avail them beneficially.

  2. Compulsive means are in theory and practice considered peaceable, although not amicable, means of settling international differences.

  3. Footnote 175: See above, [p] 3, where the rule is quoted that no State is allowed to make use of compulsive means of settling differences before negotiation has been tried.

  4. But it must be mentioned that, whereas every amicable means of settling differences might find application in every kind of difference, not every compulsive means is applicable in every difference.

  5. But although political differences cannot be the objects of juristic decision, they can be settled short of war by amicable or compulsive means.

  6. Like all other compulsive means of settling international differences, reprisals are admissible only after negotiations have been conducted in vain for the purpose of obtaining reparation from the delinquent State.

  7. Compulsive Means in contradistinction to an Ultimatum and Demonstrations 35 II.

  8. Sidenote: Conception and kinds of Compulsive Means of Settlement.

  9. War is very often enumerated among the compulsive means of settling international differences.

  10. Amicable in contradistinction to compulsive settlement of Differences 4 II.

  11. And it must be noted that blockade as a means of warfare must not be confounded with so-called pacific blockade, which is a means of compulsive settlement of State differences.

  12. Compulsive means of settlement of differences are measures containing a certain amount of compulsion taken by a State for the purpose of making another State consent to such settlement of a difference as is required by the former.

  13. Detect the wire-thread through that fluffy silk Men call their rope, their real compulsive power?

  14. Pray think of some compulsive Act, that may inforce them to marry me and you.

  15. Without parental reception the child would not be affirmed as a giver, and would, out of his mistrust, become a compulsive taker, a result that is tragic not only psychologically and sociologically, but religiously as well.

  16. The compulsive element in love is hard for us to accept.

  17. This word we have already defined as an unduly insistent and compulsive thought, habit of mind, or tendency to action.

  18. An unduly insistent and compulsive thought, habit of mind, or tendency to action.

  19. First comes the compulsive thought that one must sleep now, and the impatient count of the wakeful hours supposed to be irrecoverably lost from the coveted number.

  20. Next comes the compulsive thought that we cannot sleep until everything is "squared up" and all mental pictures completed.

  21. Among the stories told in illustration of compulsive tendency in the great, may be instanced the touching of posts, and the placing of a certain foot first, in the case of Dr.

  22. By virtue of a special disposition the third, which is the most rare and most perfect type, escapes the inhibition of thought and the compulsive reasoning.

  23. So far, then, it is clear that the complaint that Freethought ethics has nothing about it of a compulsive or authoritative character is either a begging of the question or it is absurd.

  24. The religionist, it is argued, has such a compulsive force in the belief in God and in the effect on our future life of our obedience or disobedience to his commands.

  25. Psychological processes had been going on within her for which the compulsive act found an expression.

  26. It took quite a long time and a great deal of trouble for her to grasp and admit to me that such a motive alone could have been the motive force of the compulsive activity.

  27. But all compulsive patients tend to repeat, to isolate their actions from others and to subject them to a rhythmic sequence.

  28. Recall the compulsive act of our first patient.

  29. As long as the patient kept repeating the compulsive activity she did not know that it was in any way related with the experience in question.

  30. Patients suffering from compulsive acts are remarkably devoid of fear.

  31. I hardly know how I alone could have guessed the meaning of this compulsive act, or have found any suggestion toward its interpretation.

  32. Less clear, but entirely analogous, is the situation in the case of our second patient, the girl with the compulsive ritual.

  33. To be sure, the compulsive images and impulses are not themselves unconscious--no more so than the carrying out of the compulsive-acts escapes conscious observation.

  34. Thus the analysis of a harmless compulsive act leads to the very heart of this case and at the same time reveals no inconsiderable portion of the secret of the compulsion neurosis in general.

  35. Thus he identifies himself with this insane person and bases his right so to do upon a compulsive idea which was then torturing him, namely, he must "do away with all persons who knew of his failings.

  36. An occasional weighty word is more compulsive than frequent talk.

  37. One cannot precisely explain it; but when I move freely across my subject as if it mattered little on what part of it I rest, they get a sense of assured power which is compulsive and fructifying.

  38. For good or for ill each school has its ideals of "good form" which are compulsive over its members and are handed on from class to class.

  39. Its student is still under bonds, bonds more compulsive than the old, because fitted with nicer adjustment to each one's person.

  40. I should be ashamed of a young man who in his four years had not found some compulsive interest; for it is only when an interest compels that we can say that education has begun.

  41. Let us now summarize what understanding we have gained of taboo through its comparison with the compulsive prohibition of the neurotic.

  42. The compulsive action is nominally a protection against the forbidden action; but we would say that actually it is a repetition of what is forbidden.

  43. The hostility is then cried down by an excessive increase of tenderness which is expressed as anxiety and becomes compulsive because otherwise it would not suffice for its task of keeping the unconscious opposition in a state of repression.

  44. In the chapter on taboo I mentioned a patient whose compulsive prohibitions correspond very neatly to the taboo of the Maori.

  45. We may now make the attempt to study taboo as if it were of the same nature as the compulsive prohibitions of our patients.

  46. We know such system formation not only from the dream, but also from phobias, from compulsive thinking and from the types of delusions.

  47. Through the analytical study of the symptoms, especially the compulsive actions, the defence reactions and the obsessive commands.

  48. It would thus be the correct counterpart to the compulsive action of the neurosis, in which the suppressed impulse and the impulse which suppresses it meet in mutual and simultaneous satisfaction.

  49. The mutual inhibition of these two contending forces creates a need for discharge and for lessening the existing tension, in which we may recognize the motivation for the compulsive acts.

  50. Only neurotics still blur the mourning for the loss of their dear ones with attacks of compulsive reproaches which psychoanalysis reveals as the old ambivalent emotional feeling.

  51. This tyrannical and compulsive appointment baffles them; they shrink up either through fear or spite, and fall into a trance.

  52. We are to believe that their hearts tremble with affright, that the very sound of our words offends the purity of their ears, that they hate us for talking so, and only yield to our importunity by a compulsive force.

  53. But the technique of 'as the hope-hour stroked its sum' is of such a kind that we know as we read that it proceeds from a sheer compulsive force.

  54. There have been many poets among us in the last fifty years, poets of sure talent, and it may be even of genius, but no other of them has this compulsive power.

  55. You're beginning to act like a compulsive gambler.

  56. Compulsive gambling is a sickness," she said, looking at me thoughtfully.

  57. They all had the beat look of compulsive gamblers, fogged over by their individual attempts at a poker face.

  58. Every man, sir, is obliged by compulsive methods to serve his country, if he can be prevailed upon by no other.

  59. A little "compulsive capacity" would have been good for this urchin, were it to be obtained as easily as was thought by that gentleman whose daughter lacked capacity, as her teacher said.

  60. Her life was full to overflowing of such compulsive fears.

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