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Example sentences for "compulsions"

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compters; comptoir; comptrollers; compulsatory; compulsion; compulsive; compulsorily; compulsory; compunction; compunctions
  1. There was the voice of France, mindful of the eternal compulsions of beauty, even under the guns.

  2. In our equal failure to safeguard our own helpless non-combatants, we reveal that the old compulsions no longer move us.

  3. And their sense of honour in love has developed mainly as a direct consequence of those legal compulsions and responsibilities of love which have been exacted and fostered by the legality of marriage.

  4. The whole technique of scientific method as opposed to the shrewd but unreliable guesses of common sense is one of freeing us from the compulsions of random habitual impulses.

  5. As a rule, it is only on the most stringent compulsions that we any of us undertake this high Quest.

  6. The unfortunates suffer from compulsions and obsessions and lack inhibitions.

  7. It left me able to release the compulsions Shannon could impose, and it gave me a strong sensitivity to mental contact.

  8. Cortin had dissolved the compulsions he'd imposed on Chang without even knowing it; what if the same happened to Blackfeather?

  9. They would accept you because you know me and are almost sinless--and you will want it once the compulsions that have held you for over fifteen years have been dissolved.

  10. Sara has acted under my compulsions most of her life, so most of what you'd call her sins are chargeable to me instead.

  11. Nor do the compulsions he imposed, to prevent Brothers from seeking the Sacraments.

  12. Maybe that would change when Blackfeather arrived and he broke the compulsions Shayan had put her under.

  13. And will you remove those compulsions before sending her here?

  14. Blackfeather wasn't feeling particularly adaptable when she woke from Chang's drug; she was still too shaken by what she'd found out when Odeon had released the compulsions that had held her for so long.

  15. Compulsions: People with neurotic compulsions engage in repetitive rituals that give them temporary relief from anxiety.

  16. You are become an honorary member of the republic, you are emancipated, compulsions are not for you, nor any bugle-call but "lights out.

  17. Where the former tells one of the unspeakable compulsions of Louis XIV.

  18. The modern Utopia will give a universal security indeed, and exercise the minimum of compulsions to toil, but it will offer some acutely desirable prizes.

  19. Their individualism has been, I must say again, under practical compulsions and has had fruits that deceive the eye.

  20. Freud has made an analytical study of the Taboo as found in primitive society and has shown that it has a compensatory value similar to that of the taboos and compulsions of certain neurotics.

  21. The way out of this complex of crowd compulsions is the solitary part of self-analysis and intellectual courage.

  22. The things that show the moral compulsions of the human conscience, those are the things by which we have been building up civilization, not by force.

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