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Example sentences for "fanatical"

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famulus; fan; fanam; fanams; fanatic; fanatically; fanaticism; fanatick; fanatics; fancie
  1. He wore hair-cloth next his skin; and exercised himself with fasts, vigils, and stripes, to a degree scarcely surpassed by the fanatical founder of his order.

  2. His views were naturally grand and lofty; and, if he sometimes yielded to the fanatical impulse of the age, he never failed to support her heartily in every generous enterprise for the advancement of her people.

  3. The bigotry of the biographer makes him claim the credit of every fanatical act for his illustrious hero.

  4. Such was the state of the fanatical and exasperated multitude, when its former leaders were brought to trial.

  5. These fanatical addresses produced the effect which the bishops expected.

  6. It must also be observed that Robespierre had the support of an immense and fanatical sect, whose government he had solicited, and whose principles he had defended since the close of the constituent assembly.

  7. On that occasion Bonaparte owed his life only to the irresolution of the young 'illuminato' who wished to sacrifice him to his fanatical fury.

  8. On the very day when Desaix fell on the field of Marengo Kleber was assassinated by a fanatical Mussulman, named Soleiman Haleby, who stabbed him with a dagger, and by that blow decided the fate of Egypt.

  9. When he was in the heart of Germany the Venetians massacred more than four hundred French troops, drove their quarters out of Verona, assassinated the unfortunate Laugier, and presented the spectacle of a fanatical party in arms.

  10. His best patrons and warmest friends now, with earnestness warned him not to listen to the voice of his feelings, and take that course which would identify him with the fanatical abolitionists.

  11. It has always been a prudential question whether it would not be wiser to proceed with its work in a quiet unobtrusive way, so as not to awake fanatical opposition.

  12. A fanatical wretch from Hamath, one of the infamous Moslem saints, set up the claim that he had received the power to cast out devils by divine inspiration.

  13. But fanatical adulation, following in the streets, constant cranings of the neck from the populace every time he appeared in public, presently began to make him miserable.

  14. In point of fact these expressed distinct suspiciousness, partly dashed with a restrained combination of fanatical and racial hatred.

  15. The fierce eyes of the fanatical predatory Asiatic, and the hard, determined blue gleam in those of the European met, and there was no yielding in the glance of either.

  16. His father, a village schoolmaster, was a man of nervous, fanatical temperament, with whom religion was a mania.

  17. He was too light-hearted to be in full sympathy with fanatical Puritans like Crossan and McNeice.

  18. If there be an intolerable plague in the world, it is the having a fanatical fellow like that in the family.

  19. Fanatical monks on the one side and fanatical Albigenses on the other, decried or over-cried the greatest mysteries of the faith, and brawled over the hidden manna.

  20. A conflict between these two great world forces, each one imbued with a fanatical desire to spread its teaching, was inevitable.

  21. The fanatical hate and bigotry of the early Crusades were modified by coming to know the Mohammedan religion and the eastern ideas.

  22. There had come about a gradual decline of fanatical crusading zeal--"The flame of fanaticism had slowly burned out.

  23. The development of new ideas in reference to the merit of external works resulted in asceticism and a celibate priesthood, fanatical martyrdom, indiscriminate almsgiving, and various patent methods for spiritual benefits.

  24. The rebels drowned his speech in curses, and above the curses rose the thundering voice of Kara Makan hounding on the fanatical mob against the destroyers of the faith of Osman.

  25. He is a gaunt workman, with high cheek bones and a rather fanatical light in his blue eyes.

  26. Subliminal desires, subliminal fears, when they break down the censor of law, are apt to inspire fanatical creeds, to wind about their victims the flaming flag of a false martyrdom.

  27. The victims of the flogging and dancing manias in the middle ages, and subjects of the fanatical fervors of camp-meetings and revivals, alike experienced a windy intestinal distension, consequent on the departure of their mental frenzy.

  28. It is probable that some of the choicest works of art, too large to be easily destroyed, were put out of sight in the construction of these edifices by the fanatical conquerors of the 16th century.

  29. Jehoram, the third of the Omris, was not as fanatical in his desire to spread idolatry as his mother Jezebel, but nevertheless Elisha felt so profound an aversion for him that he could not bear to meet him face to face.

  30. They could not bear to think of their return; they wished to be Babylonians, and looked with contempt upon the fanatical lovers of their own land.

  31. The special rights enjoyed by the citizens of some Bohemian towns, the privileged position of the clergy, even the intellectual superiority of the masters of the university, all were equally odious to the fanatical leveller Chelcicky.

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