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  1. The phenomena upon which this opinion has been principally founded, have been observed in the delirium of certain febrile diseases, and in dreaming.

  2. This feeling is common, in a greater or less degree, to that depressed state of the system preceding attacks of febrile and many other diseases, and is often marked in hypocondriacism.

  3. This is witnessed in certain forms of hysteria, febrile diseases, &c.

  4. Basing their conception of the case upon its post-febrile origin and the knowledge of hysterical antecedents, the authors were disposed to regard it as a neuropathic manifestation.

  5. This curious condition dated from the year 1874, when the patient had a febrile attack, in the course of which pain and tingling appeared in the toes of the right foot, followed by involuntary movements of the same member.

  6. According to these authors, under the influence of febrile diseases the total number of leucocytes may be enormously decreased.

  7. The patient contracted a croupous pneumonia, and in the high febrile period of the disease the number of eosinophils sank to 6-7%, and rose again after the termination of the pneumonia to 54%.

  8. This advance is not quite hopeless, since in man at least an absolute increase of the large mononuclear cells is observed in the post-febrile stage of measles.

  9. Post-febrile form of eosinophilia= (after the termination of various infectious diseases).

  10. The eosinophilia observed as the result of tuberculin injections, we include, in agreement with Zappert, in the group of post-febrile leucocytosis.

  11. Furthermore, the pustular syphilide is frequently accompanied by a decided febrile movement.

  12. Acne pustulosa presents only a superficial resemblance to variola, but in cases where it is accidentally associated with an acute febrile disease, like grippe, for instance, it may give rise to some diagnostic difficulty.

  13. Upon the appearance of the rash in a typical case of smallpox the febrile diseases with which it is most frequently confounded are measles and varicella.

  14. A febrile movement in lumbago is absent or but slight, while in smallpox the pyrexia is usually pronounced.

  15. And a somewhat febrile attention to 'The Last of the Laborers' had not brought it up to his expectations.

  16. When first he found himself isolated in the crowd, he had counted over with febrile eagerness the money which lay in a substantial heap before him.

  17. A second or two later the febrile hand of the smith had gripped Sir Marmaduke's shoulder.

  18. He would--even at this moment of complete ruin--have given the last shreds of his worldly possessions to be able to steady the febrile movements of his hand.

  19. The evening found him half-exhausted with nerve-strain, febrile and almost sick with the agony of waiting.

  20. And he pointed, with that same febrile movement of his, to the heap of gold standing on the table beside Lambert.

  21. He spoke quickly, jerking out his words through closed teeth, his eyes burning with inward fever, his fists closing and unclosing with rapid febrile movements of the fingers.

  22. The patients who recover frequently show at the onset of their disease acute symptoms, such as mild excitement, slightly febrile temperature and quick pulse-rate.

  23. Recently our views have broadened and we find that the delirium of collapse is an acute, confusional insanity which may arise without any previous febrile symptoms, and is in fact one of the common forms of acute insanity.

  24. A specific infectious febrile disorder characterized by a nonsuppurative inflammation of the parotid glands; epidemic or infectious parotitis.

  25. A contagious, constitutional, febrile disease characterized by a peculiar eruption; variola.

  26. The reserve and dignity of former male portraits is exchanged for a more febrile vivacity, akin to that which Lotto had in so many of his finest works displayed.

  27. The injection did not cause any pain or febrile reaction.

  28. The febrile condition was due to congestion of the base of the right lung.

  29. The therapeutic effect of Calmette’s serum was rapid and efficacious; the injections did not cause any pain or febrile reaction.

  30. The onset of the disease is marked by a febrile attack with shivering, which is soon accompanied by cephalalgia, thirst, and pains in the back and limbs.

  31. The reaction is often temporarily present in {91} mild cases during febrile complications, and has then no significance.

  32. They have been observed in the urine in febrile and malignant diseases and chronic suppurations, but their clinical significance is indefinite.

  33. It is really only an indication of the necessity for rest, and is brought about by nature's refusal to supply all the demands of the muscles for nutrition, at a time when the febrile condition is burning up a lot of extra material.

  34. No physician now employs it (except in small doses as a general tonic) for febrile conditions, unless in malaria.

  35. How Cold Packs Promote Elimination By far the largest number of deaths in febrile diseases result from the accumulation in the system of poisonous substances, which paralyze or destroy vital centers and organs.

  36. The natural remedies can be applied from the first, at the slightest manifestation of inflammatory and febrile symptoms.

  37. In serious acute febrile conditions and during healing crises no food whatever.

  38. One of the many advantages of natural treatment is that it may be applied right from the beginning, as soon as the first symptoms of acute febrile conditions manifest themselves.

  39. It is positively dangerous to apply ice bags to an inflamed organ or to use icy water for packs and ablutions in febrile conditions.

  40. Fasting Total abstinence from food during acute febrile conditions is of primary importance.

  41. How Cold Packs Relieve Inner Congestion In all inflammatory febrile diseases the blood is congested in the inflamed parts and organs.

  42. Such an organism is practically immune to all forms of inflammatory febrile reactions.

  43. In this way originates chronic disease, which means that the cells have become incapable of arousing themselves to acute eliminative effort in the form of inflammatory febrile reactions.

  44. Unless the inflammation was very acute, with a good deal of febrile disturbance, he did not prescribe much reduction in the diet, which was generally of a light wholesome character.

  45. The fever is irregular or marked by intervals of "no fever" for two or more days with febrile relapses lasting one to three weeks.

  46. A decided rigor or a feeling of chilliness followed by febrile action usually ushers in the cutaneous disturbance.

  47. The character of the onset, the shining redness and swelling, the sharply-defined border, and the accompanying febrile disturbance.

  48. In those exceptional instances in which there may be associated febrile action and rheumatic swelling of the joints, the patient should be kept in bed till these symptoms subside.

  49. Erythematous and scarlatinoid; usually no febrile disturbance, and desquamation seldom follows.

  50. In rare instances, in acute universal eczema, slight febrile action, or other systemic disturbance, may be noted at the time of the outbreak.

  51. After several days or a week, during which time there is usually continued mild or severe febrile action, the process begins to subside, and is followed by epidermic desquamation.

  52. Is eczema accompanied by febrile or systemic symptoms?

  53. Scarlatina and erysipelas may, to a slight extent, but the presence or absence of febrile and other constitutional symptoms will usually serve to differentiate.

  54. Herpes facialis is often observed in association with colds and febrile and lung diseases.

  55. As a rule there are no constitutional symptoms, but in the more severe cases the eruption may be preceded by febrile disturbance and malaise.

  56. The eruption makes its appearance suddenly, and is usually ushered in with febrile disturbance, gastric uneasiness, malaise, and rheumatic pains and swelling about the joints.

  57. In many cases of disease, particularly those of acutely inflammatory or febrile character, they judge it to be not at all indicated.

  58. After the stricture and soreness of the lungs are removed, and the general febrile action is suppressed, it is desirable to give a general tonic treatment.

  59. She had not drunk a drop and he knew it, but she clutched her bottle with a febrile obstinacy.

  60. She played, neither with her hands nor with her brain, but with her temperament, febrile and frustrate, seeking its outlet in exultant and violent sound.

  61. The duration of these symptoms, aggravated by febrile exacerbations, varied from one to three days, more usually the latter, after which the eruption begins to appear.

  62. If febrile symptoms are sufficient to make us regard a disease as general, then there is no local disease, except when apyretic.

  63. It is one, however, on which I should be willing to place considerable reliance, in establishing my diagnosis of this disease; as I do not recollect to have noticed it in any other form of febrile affection.

  64. The febrile symptoms, which abate during the process of maturation, are apt to return during desiccation; and when the skin begins to desquamate, they then constitute what is called secondary fever.

  65. We have in this instance to be regulated by the usual precautions, as in all febrile disease where the gastric system is the greatest sufferer.

  66. A doctrine as sound as that of the 47th proposition; a doctrine too, without admitting which, we think no man can understand the theory either of simple inflammation, or of the febrile affections.

  67. Occasionally the disease is preceded by mild or even severe febrile symptoms, accidents sufficiently common in this class of patients.

  68. They appeared usually toward the close of the febrile stage, and their development was found to have value in determining the approach of the crisis.

  69. Thus, a little girl in my practice had the symptoms of scarlet fever, such as febrile movement and inflammation of the buccal and faucial surfaces, nearly a week before the scarlatinous eruption appeared.

  70. Hence the augmentation of urea in the urine and the progressive emaciation and loss of weight which characterize the febrile state.

  71. She had considerable febrile movement, with severe pharyngitis, and, though her surface was repeatedly examined, no efflorescence was seen.

  72. Only in a rudimentary and sub-febrile form are they absent.

  73. They have been found present in the blood only during the febrile paroxysm, disappearing in the intermission and through convalescence.

  74. During reaction, if that occurs, they regain more or less of their proper color, but if typhoid febrile symptoms prevail they are usually bloody.

  75. Vertigo is present more frequently and in a more persistent form than in any other febrile disease.

  76. He returned slowly to the house: the brilliantly-lit, dancing figures seemed the mere figments of a febrile dream; but the music apparently throbbed within his brain.

  77. With all the intermittent fever patients whose blood I have collected and diluted during the febrile stage, properly speaking, I have constantly succeeded in finding the Limnophysalis hyalina in the blood by microscopic examination.

  78. Max, with upraised arms, swept the perspiration from his brows and eyes; he leant dizzily up against the door which defied him; his mind was working with febrile rapidity.

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