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Example sentences for "accompanied"

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accommodation; accommodations; accomodate; accomodation; accompanie; accompanies; accompanieth; accompaniment; accompaniments; accompanist
  1. But, at any rate, many of our French neighbors would say that they found our seriousness accompanied by so many false ideas, so much prejudice, so much that was disagreeable, that it could not have the value which we attributed to it.

  2. People were apt to remark the defects which accompanied certain qualities, and to think that the qualities could not be desirable because of the defects which they saw accompanying them.

  3. The ambassadors accompanied him to Pherae, where the oath was taken by the representatives of Philip's allies; the Phocians, Halus, and Cersobleptes were excluded from the Peace.

  4. But the promise of assistance to the Arcadians should be accompanied by a request for the termination of their alliance with Thebes.

  5. Think of Hegesippus, and the manner in which he and the ambassadors who accompanied him were received by Philip.

  6. Early next morning news was received that the German infantry was marching from Westende, and the flotilla moved up the coast to draw the fire from, and if possible to silence, the batteries that accompanied them.

  7. This was at a spot thirty-five miles east of Harwich, all the British crews being at Action Stations, and the German submarines accompanied by two transports that were to take their crews back to Germany.

  8. Radio-activity is accompanied by the appearance of new chemical substances.

  9. One can hardly suppose that the female is unconscious of the male's presence; the final yielding must surely be accompanied by heightened emotional tone.

  10. The only case known to me in which budding by the adult is accompanied by morphological features similar to those displayed by embryos is furnished by the budding of the medusiform spore-sacs of hydrozoon polyps.

  11. Wallace and now, by kind permission, published for the first time, accompanied a photograph of the chrysalis of Papilio sarpedon choredon, Feld.

  12. Great dances, accompanied with the offering of prayers, are performed in their honour.

  13. These cells grow vigorously and their cytoplasm increases, their growth being accompanied by a correspondingly direct multiplication of the nuclei.

  14. On the other hand a non-mimetic female accompanied by a mimetic male is excessively rare.

  15. At present we wish to emphasise the fact that, as in other cases, the radio-activity of the emanation is accompanied by the appearance of a new kind of substance with distinct chemical properties.

  16. It is extremely common for a non-mimetic male to be accompanied by a beautifully mimetic female and often by two or three different forms of female, each mimicking a different model.

  17. The recent revival of learning had developed a scepticism which was however habitually accompanied by a decent profession of orthodoxy.

  18. This was accompanied by an Act in confirmation of the Annates Act, coupled with the congé d'élire, assuring to the King the right of nomination to ecclesiastical appointments under the form of permitting the Chapters to elect his nominee.

  19. A military fiasco had accompanied an innocence of diplomatic guile which looked promising to the Continental rulers.

  20. The moderate men wanted the marriage, accompanied by her recognition as heir presumptive.

  21. The pardons were accompanied by a new oath of allegiance which showed very clearly that the grievances were not going to be remedied.

  22. The general ferment resulted in violent anti-"idolatry" riots, accompanied by great destruction of Church property.

  23. Sidenote: Virginia] Raleigh had not accompanied the expedition though he was one of the promoters.

  24. On July 7 he was carried on board the James Watt steamer, accompanied by Lockhart, Cadell, a medical man--Dr.

  25. The last words were said with an honest warmth, accompanied with a thump on the ground with his staff, by way of emphasis, that showed his heart was in his speech.

  26. By July he had begun 'Castle Dangerous,' and in the middle of the month, accompanied by Lockhart, he started for Lanarkshire to refresh his memory for the setting of his new story.

  27. The Spanish general appeared to be touched by the complimentary words with which General Shafter accompanied this action, and he thanked the American commander feelingly.

  28. The expedition was accompanied by Lieutenant-Colonel Acosta.

  29. Cambon, accompanied by his first secretary, called at the White House, the interview having been previously arranged and an intimation of its purpose having been given.

  30. She had started for Siboney, where I had intended to land, accompanied by several of my staff, and go to the front to consult with General Shafter.

  31. General Toral replied with an air of abstraction to the words addressed to him, and when he accompanied General Shafter at the head of the escort into the city, to take formal possession of Santiago, he spoke but few words.

  32. The Bancroft, accompanied by the converted yacht Eagle, which had been covering the blockading station around the Isle of Pines, sighted a small Spanish schooner in Sigunea Bay.

  33. I despised myself for bowing to Taillefer when, by chance, he accompanied his daughter, but I bowed to him all the same.

  34. These words were accompanied by a sardonic smile.

  35. I accompanied her downstairs and assisted her in getting into the carriage, and there I saw her father bent almost double.

  36. But she could have laughed at herself for minding this change, if it had not been accompanied by what was a more serious annoyance.

  37. Where lilac occurs, it is balanced by its complementary color, yellow, or by yellow and orange, and further accompanied by white.

  38. He is accompanied by an attendant (or sometimes by two attendants) similarly attired, and fights behind a large wicker shield or gerrhon.

  39. Beaters, probably accompanied by dogs, roused the game in the coverts, which was then driven by shouts and barkings towards the place where the net was set.

  40. This is particularly the case in the hunting scenes, which are seldom accompanied by any landscape whatsoever.

  41. It is balanced by intense blue, and accompanied in each case by a full brown and a clear white, while in one case it is further accompanied by a pale green, which has a very good effect.

  42. These syllables are either mere vowel sounds, such as we represent by our vowels and diphthongs, or such sounds accompanied by one or two consonants.

  43. Lord Aberdeen's black stone, is certainly a temple, since it is accompanied by a priest, a sacred tree, and an ox for sacrifice.

  44. The spring-time in this region is absolutely delicious; the autumn is pleasant; and the winter, though cold and accompanied by a good deal of rain and snow, is rarely prolonged and never intensely rigorous.

  45. I remember one occasion when I accompanied him to the roof of the building, where some new construction was going on which he wished to inspect.

  46. Tricksy, as the three young people, accompanied by Laddie, were crossing the moor.

  47. At the sound of the pitying voice the little dog gathered up his ears, then sat up and uttered a doleful howl, accompanied by agitated movements of his fore-paws.

  48. Mr. Stewart, accompanied by the stranger and the island constable, was approaching the door, so the young people trooped out into the street, feeling greatly excited.

  49. The Minister of War has retired into a parliamentary cave accompanied by the militia.

  50. Almost every steamboat is accompanied by a couple of instrumentalists--a harpist and a violinist.

  51. According to the Orders we receiv'd, Volatilio took his Flight in an oblique Ascent, without a Palanquin, but wrapt up as warm as possible, accompanied by two Servants.

  52. The doctor pauses a moment till the donkey-chair is a few paces ahead, accompanied by Mrs. Fenwick.

  53. For thereupon it became necessary to ignore conflict in the hinterland of some folding-doors, accompanied by sounds of forbearance and a high moral attitude.

  54. She was a celebrated German pianiste that had accompanied him in Paris.

  55. Every proscription of the Puritans within the church was accompanied by a crusade against the Brownists without, who were counted sinners above all other men.

  56. His devoutness, accompanied by a habit of self-criticism in the presence of Infinite Justice, doubtless gave additional vigor to his virtues.

  57. They separated by degrees, dropping off, one after the other, as each approached his lodgings, but before going home they all accompanied Rex to the street door of his dwelling.

  58. Hollenstein and his adversary walked forward, accompanied by their seconds.

  59. There was a loud clash of steel, accompanied by a harsh, grating noise.

  60. He was for thirty years a member of the Academy of Sciences, and was among the savants who accompanied Bonaparte to Egypt.

  61. At a quarter past nine that evening I, accompanied by two Farnham constables, knocked at the door of Jackson's house.

  62. He had lately accompanied his accomplished and distinguished daughter to Paris, for the benefit of her health, which has suffered for three or four years.

  63. They accepted the proposal with a condition that they should gain the consent of their families, and with the hope that they would be accompanied by others.

  64. At first it was so heavy that each musketeer was accompanied by a boy to assist him in carrying it.

  65. In 1786, he accompanied his brothers, the Dukes of Sussex and Cambridge, to the University of Gottingen.

  66. It is in ten volumes, though the whole of them do not contain more matter than one of our common school text books, and is accompanied by a map of the world and several other maps.

  67. Immediately afterwards, accompanied by his wife, Charles Hearn proceeded with his regiment to India.

  68. When Hearn left Tokyo to take up his appointment at Matsue, he was accompanied by his friend Akira, a young student and priest, who spoke English and could, therefore, act as interpreter.

  69. We trust to see him again in the course of a day or two, accompanied by Charles' wife and son.

  70. It was arranged, therefore, that, accompanied by Charles D.

  71. Then on August 1st: "Richard returned at 7 this morning accompanied by our beloved Charles' wife and child, and a nice young person as attendant.

  72. A daughter of his, who accompanied her father on his tramps and collected the money contributed by the audience, was, a few years ago, still living in the village of Cong.

  73. Whatever else be mythical, there is nothing mythical about the bright figure whose portrait has accompanied me through so many perils.

  74. She was also very much surprised at the little band of strangers who accompanied the old man.

  75. Or--" A heavy blow accompanied this threat.

  76. The deep sigh which accompanied these words betrayed that he himself placed no confidence in his improvement.

  77. Bolt to his brother-in-law, Doctor Heller, who at this moment came down the street, accompanied by two other citizens of the town.

  78. When he was about seven years old, he could play the fiddle and fife almost as well as the tailor, and accompanied him everywhere where his business called him.

  79. Sophy to her in little jerks that accompanied each cry of "Morphia!

  80. When they left, Signorina Rosalia accompanied them down to the little landing.

  81. Down to the sparkling hem of the lake the sombre voice accompanied him.

  82. A week before she had fallen into a heavy fog accompanied by calm.

  83. They had sent Batouch and Ali, who generally accompanied them, on with the rest of the camp.

  84. The tomtoms accompanied it with an irregular but rhythmical roar which Domini thought was like the deep-voiced shouting of squadrons of fighting men.

  85. She was completely under the fascination of this dance and of the music that accompanied it.

  86. Mustapha took charge of them, and they set out down the narrow street, accompanied by a little crowd.

  87. While she wondered a voice began to sing, always accompanied by the four instruments.

  88. In their walk to the camp they were accompanied by a little procession.

  89. Then he took off his hat and walked towards his house, accompanied by Bous-Bous, who had suddenly assumed an air of conscious majesty, as of one born to preside over the fate of an important personage.

  90. It was accompanied by a desire for action.

  91. Steps sounded on the path behind them, going faster than they were, and presently Domini saw her fellow-traveller striding along, accompanied by a young Arab who was carrying the green bag.

  92. The little procession disappeared in the moonlight accompanied by the crowd.

  93. Among them were the servants who had accompanied them upon their desert journey, and Hadj.

  94. From behind came the groaning of one of the camels, borne on the gusts of the wind, and faint sounds of the calling voices of the Arabs who accompanied them.

  95. Several of the recruits came in hastily, accompanied by two Zouaves.

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