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Example sentences for "fog"

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  1. Her captain, imagining himself well out at sea, was booming along in the fog at full speed and with sails up, when the vessel struck with a mighty jar and became a total loss.

  2. The wind may take a sudden turn and so shift the ice as to leave an ample channel through which the ship, fog permitting, may safely pass on to its destination.

  3. It would not have seemed at all natural, or homelike, had we not proceeded, about midnight, to run into fog and upon the mud-flats.

  4. Sometimes, intensified by the fog and mist which hung about, the sun shone down hot, as the vessel crept slowly through the haze and maze of her uncanny surroundings.

  5. The fog had blown away and the sun had set behind a lowering bank of clouds.

  6. The wind was blowing sharply from the northeast, and the choppy seas sent their gray crests pettishly or angrily upward, where they split into foam and were carried down to mingle with the blur of the fog to leeward.

  7. The greatness of the fog might occasion it.

  8. Though the weather was not foul, yet it was thick with fog which arose at the foot of the horizon, and the mariners said this weather was ordinary in these seas, but very dangerous.

  9. About five o'clock in the evening rose a very great fog and thick mist, so that it was exceeding dark, and they could not see their way a ship's length before them.

  10. The fog rose about five o'clock, and was so thick that we could not see two ships' length before us.

  11. Paris Again-and Bordeaux: Journal of a Flight from a London Fog VI.

  12. It was a fog in the streets, on which darkness was already settling--streets without a lamp or a sound except that from the onflowing trains.

  13. It was almost a London fog that lay over the abandoned town.

  14. Chapter V Paris Again--And Bordeaux: Journal of a Flight from a London Fogs These notes began in a London fog and ended in the south of France.

  15. The dust hung like fog in the autumn sunshine.

  16. The fog had by this time saturated the trees, and this was the first dropping of water from the overbrimming leaves.

  17. However, you did not; and in your condition the last three days of continuous fog brought on two attacks that nearly proved fatal.

  18. The fog still dense outside was whitening with daybreak.

  19. The strangely persistent fog had not lifted, but the lamps already looked wan and faded in the new light.

  20. As day approached I saw that a fog enfolded the house in vapor, stealing into the room in coils and swirls like thin smoke.

  21. Were those a woman's draperies or part of the night fog that showed mere swirl upon swirl of pale gray twisting in the path of light?

  22. But when I glanced toward the windows I saw only the smoke-like fog banked in drifts against the panes.

  23. Let us light all the lamps and draw the curtains to shut out the fog which has got on everyone's nerves by its long continuance.

  24. Looking out, I saw the night was heavy with a low-hanging fog that scarcely rose to the tree tops; a ground-mist that eddied in smoke-like waves of gray where our light fell upon it.

  25. The fog was a sounding-board for furtive noises that grew up like fungi in the moist atmosphere.

  26. Why was the fog against the windows this morning so like the fog that shrouded the unearthly sea opposite the Barrier?

  27. Would it be fog or light that would envelop the history of man if we said that the existence of man was explained by the hypothesis of his gradual evolution from a primitive anthropomorphous form?

  28. With the sun there came up a very thick and heavy fog which continued for about two hours; it then cleared off and the day became exceedingly hot.

  29. At seven miles south of the Blue-grass Swamp saw a heavy fog to the east, in the same place that I saw the black fog in coming up; it must be caused by a large body of water in that direction.

  30. A few hours before sundown the sky had a very peculiar appearance to the eastward, as if a black fog were rising, or smoke from an immense fire at a long distance off, but it was too extensive for that.

  31. A heavy fog drifted and drove before the wind, and though he could not see this fog, the wet of it blew upon his face, and the wall on which he sat was wet.

  32. The fog was gone; the stars and moon were out; even the wind had died down.

  33. And on hands and knees, slowly and cautiously, he crawled on, till his knees were wet on the soggy mold, When he listened he heard naught but the moaning wind and the drip-drip of the fog from the branches.

  34. He saw, an opening between huge-trunked trees, and advanced through it, putting out the light and treading on dry footing as yet protected from the drip of the fog by the dense foliage overhead.

  35. The fog was as thick as ever when I got on deck, and getting into my boat, we cautiously crept our way through the mist, and five minutes later I was aboard.

  36. We were standing together on the quarter-deck discussing the probability of the fog lifting, when I was surprised by a signal from Admiral Beaufoy, ordering me to repair aboard the flag-ship.

  37. We were not observed as yet, but the fog was rapidly lifting now, and soon we should be well within sight of the French, and the greatest caution was necessary.

  38. A heavy white fog came stealing across the face of the waters, and in a very few moments had swallowed up sea and sky and ships in its devouring obscurity.

  39. Friday, indeed, was a day of fog and rain.

  40. The bright skies were gone; and instead perpetual fog hung over the water, while often the clouds poured down their floods.

  41. The fog came on very thick about eight P.

  42. The fog was very thick this morning, but occasionally lifts; as long as the wind is from south-west we cannot expect clear weather.

  43. He did not recognize his own country, he had been away from it for such a long time, and besides that, Athena had spread a dense fog over it.

  44. Hardly had we escaped from the Sirens when we beheld a black fog and towering waves and heard a frightful noise.

  45. A dark gray fog forever broods over the head of the cliff, and on its western side there yawns a fearful cave, where Skylla lives.

  46. Keep your seats and ply your oars with all your might; but thou, O helmsman, steer thy ship clear of that fog and the whirling waves.

  47. But the remains of the fog at that moment covered the top of the rock, and all three rushed simultaneously towards the isolated mass where they believed their enemy to be hidden.

  48. It was about four o'clock, and the fog was beginning to rise slowly from the water.

  49. The sides, although steep, were covered with brushwood, which rendered them easier to climb; but it was a dangerous attempt, for the fog prevented them from seeing what enemies were above.

  50. So saying the messenger rose and was soon hidden by the fog from the eyes of the Blackbird.

  51. Don Estevan pointed to the fog which hid the tops of the mountains in the horizon.

  52. But as the fog grew thicker, first the opposite bank and then the island itself, became totally invisible.

  53. Presently the white fog of the night began to rise upward and disappear under the strength of the sunbeams.

  54. Both uttered a stifled exclamation of joy, as their island also, after a moment's stoppage, began to float away from the shore, and the increasing thickness of the fog assured them that they were taking the right course.

  55. A dense fog had come up from the river, and the moisture floating into his open windows had dampened his whole room.

  56. The last glimpse Peter had of him was his meager old figure silhouetted against the cold gray fog that filled the compound.

  57. The trees and shrubs were dripping, but the fog had almost cleared away, leaving only a haze in the air.

  58. Next moment it appeared around the turn, moving slowly through the dust and spreading a veritable fog behind it.

  59. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "fog" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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