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Example sentences for "bug"

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  1. They are born about haying time, and are different from enny bug i know ov; they are the biggest when they are fust born.

  2. Through the Gate, the guards saluting smartly as the bug raced past them.

  3. The bug sped down Maple Street, turned sharply into plainly-marked Twelfth Avenue.

  4. Actually, he drove a bug to a distant corner of the spaceport and left the Earth in a light cruiser, but to all intents and purposes, so engrossed was everyone in what Samms was saying, Kinnison simply vanished.

  5. You see, I was watching a cute little bug carrying a seed across the floor, and a bigger bug came along and took it away from him.

  6. The adult is a small sucking bug about an eighth to a quarter inch long.

  7. It was soon found that the pecan spittle bug was putting in its appearance earlier according to the calendar than in 1951 so an effort was made during the season to correlate insect life history and nut development during the season.

  8. Dead Shot finds the Lightnin' Bug talkin' with two fellow gents.

  9. The Bug don't happen to be vis'ble no whar in the scen'ry when Mike comes clatterin' in.

  10. The Bug swings lightly into the saddle after a while, an' goes clatterin' back to Red Dog.

  11. Mike, who's a heap heated, goes lookin' for the Bug in the Tub of Blood S'loon.

  12. All is grist that comes to his mill, and if he can't get an ant with pink legs, he'll take a June bug with purple wings.

  13. Jerry and his chums, with Professor Snodgrass to help them (for the scientist left off his bug collecting pursuits when he saw the storm coming up) went over the machinery, and saw that it was in good working order.

  14. If you had run over this bug you would have killed it sure, and it's worth at least seven dollars for my collection.

  15. I caught a pink striped June bug to-day, a very rare and valuable specimen," and then the little man began poring over his note books.

  16. Yes, there is a little bug that swims on its back.

  17. IF we pay a visit to that hawthorn bush we shall probably find a bug to our liking.

  18. Sure enough, Ned, how can we spread out the wings of a bug in a picture?

  19. She is the little bug that flies along in front of you on the seashore, or, indeed, on the edge of any body of water.

  20. SHORE BUG [Illustration] May says she wants to hear more about bugs.

  21. That is, they do not belong to the bug order.

  22. A BAD BUG [Illustration] Now, here is a bug we all loathe.

  23. The bug can eject this liquid when it pleases.

  24. Do you think you will know a bug when you see it now?

  25. THE GIANT WATER BUG [Illustration] A good many kinds of bugs live in the water, but perhaps the oddest of all is the giant water bug.

  26. It has antennæ and eyes and spiracles; indeed, it has everything a bug should have but wings and good manners.

  27. There's a certain sort of a little bug that lives in the water," he said, "and it drifts around aimlessly until it finds another little bug that it holds on to.

  28. And then another little bug takes hold, and another, and another.

  29. He did not seem to know the auto was on fire, but was calmly examining a small bug crawling on the cushion near him.

  30. Not at all," laughed Ned, and the others smiled at the simple earnestness of the bug collector.

  31. There was a very scarce specimen of what is commonly called the potato bug on you, and I wanted it.

  32. Then, when very close to the bug hunter he gave the wheel a twist.

  33. She smiled upon their offerings impartially, even upon Bug Higginson's small sister's donation of moistly withered dandelions.

  34. Daniel Butterworth finally took Bug Higginson by the collar and stood him up behind the stove, but still the teacher wrote on.

  35. Not that I would have worried if there had been; I just wanted to see if anyone was crude enough to try that method of smuggling a bug into the apartment.

  36. A small, concealed broadcaster can't broadcast any farther than the walls, so any bug has to have wires leading out of the room.

  37. The nice thing about an all-metal room is that it's impossible to hide a self-contained bug in it that will be of any use.

  38. The fly had no name, but the trout liked it for all that, and rose to it with as much avidity as though they had been properly introduced to some real bug of which this was an excellent counterfeit.

  39. We had been watching him lazily coming to the surface to suck in a fly or bug that had tumbled from the trees overhead.

  40. I chose the latter: my favorite bug for such fishing being the red hackle, though I am obliged to confess that the fellow who used a white grub generally beat me.

  41. But if you should see a very large, black bug with fore legs which open and shut like jack-knives--then keep away from him, for that is Belostoma.

  42. And that showed that he was a very wise bug as well as a brave one.

  43. The Giant Water-Bug (Belostoma), was the only bug who was not afraid of them when they made faces.

  44. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "bug" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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