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Example sentences for "cajole"

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  1. This latter sent a priest, Pandita Kalibaudang, and Datto Andig to sue for peace and cajole the General with the fairest promises.

  2. Nozaleda then made advances towards Father Sevilla, and endeavoured to cajole him by the offer of an appointment, which he repeatedly refused.

  3. In vain did Sebastiani bluster and cajole by turns.

  4. But for some time the two parties stood face to face, seeking to cajole or intimidate one another.

  5. As he was striving to cajole our Government into supporting his expedition, it is clear that in the last enigmatic phrase he was bidding for that support by the hint of a prospective restoration of slavery at St. Domingo.

  6. After that they all tried to cajole me, except Victorine, who left the room and slammed the door.

  7. He will now probably omit no occasion to cajole Austria as he has done to Russia, and turn her spirit of revenge upon Prussia and Germany--the Emperor's probable next victims.

  8. How a Certain Wicked Witch sought to cajole the Great and Good Glooskap, and of her Punishment.

  9. Singly, I might cajole or defy them; but united, united--and with the discontent and treachery of that villain Saint Paul!

  10. And no matter how earnestly she pressed him afterwards, she never could cajole Herr Dehnicke into unveiling the mystery of that forbidden room in his warehouse.

  11. Failing to bend the Admiral, they then sought to cajole the retiring Governor, Wilks, who, having borne little of the responsibility of their custody, was proportionately better liked.

  12. You girls shouldn't also pretend to be artful flatterers to cajole me!

  13. Stay, you unmannerly specimen of honesty, who don't think it worth your while to cajole an old fool for the sake of his money!

  14. XI The sun had gone down, and the last of its lingering glory had died before the yawl managed to cajole her way back to her mooring.

  15. It was necessary to cajole the French Court.

  16. It is a little sneaking art, which knaves Use to cajole and soften fools withal.

  17. Canst thou Pretend to secresy, cajole and flatter Thy master's follies, and assist his pleasures?

  18. Chavigni was one of those men who were sent by France to such powers as she wished to cajole and to win over to her interests.

  19. When I was in love I did not encourage my friends to cajole my sweetheart, but I became full of complaisance when time had cooled the heat of my passion.

  20. By-the-by, she refused to bar the dower when I bought the place; we must cajole her out of that.

  21. He wrote letters to cajole Parliament, while he was in treaty with the king; but the former being very short of cash soon decided, whatever doubts he might have entertained as to which was the best investment for his allegiance.

  22. They were consequently summoned on a charge of high misdemeanor before the King's Bench, when Jeffreys tried to cajole them with such amiable observations as "Now then, what's this little affair?

  23. A man may reserve all his thoughts for his mistress, but the moment he leaves, his mistress must begin to cajole the new-comer, however indifferent he may be to her.

  24. The acerbity of this remark was softened by May's manner, and, throwing her arms on her mother's shoulders, she commenced to coax and cajole her.

  25. It soothed me to see how easily I could cajole them, and to what a variety of purposes I could apply even the wearisome disgust of their acquaintance.

  26. It was no repentant sinner with whom he dealt, but the all-powerful mistress who had but stooped for a moment to cajole him in the hope of gaining her aim, and who, finding him uncompromising, had resumed her imperious habit.

  27. How well the evil woman knew how to cajole men to her will!

  28. As for this fiddler fellow, what power had he to cajole rough soldiery?

  29. He was not the strong man she supposed him to be--merely one a woman could cajole at her ease.

  30. That evening she managed to cajole Father for a short stroll on the moor.

  31. Then when I try to cajole them into the henhouse they fly all ways.

  32. She would flatter me; she would cajole me; she would transfix my too susceptible heart with glances of fire and bewitching languor from those glorious eyes.

  33. I could cajole any man in the world--if I chose.

  34. In plain words, he represents the President as parenthetically sticking in a few hollow and false words to cajole the 'ultraisms of the country?

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