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Example sentences for "assist"

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assimilation; assimilative; assis; assise; assises; assistance; assistances; assistant; assistants; assiste
  1. I am in a terrible position; all the tact in the world can never extricate me from one of those embarrassing predicaments--unless you assist me by your advice.

  2. I will assist you in your little duties, dearest, and then I will accompany you to the sacred ed--to the registry office.

  3. I supposed him to be one of the elders, going to give out the hymns, or to assist in the devotional exercises.

  4. The overseer grappled with him, and called some of the negroes to his assistance; but, perceiving that the negroes were not willing to assist him, he drew his knife, and stabbed the negro to the heart.

  5. He was frequently invited to assist at the examinations in Yale College.

  6. On the previous Friday, Professor Allen called to request me to preach in his stead at the Second Presbyterian Church on Sunday morning, the 28th of February, as he had to go some twenty miles into the country to "assist at a revival.

  7. George Stephenson himself employed it to assist locomotives up heavy gradients.

  8. Such matters as the weather and the extent of building operations have far more influence on tramway traffic than anything the tramway manager can do to assist it.

  9. East of the town are the earthworks designed to assist Tilbury Fort in obstructing the passage up river of an enemy's force.

  10. This place was no longer protected by Massey's little army, which Fairfax had called up to assist his own.

  11. If York be relieved and you beat the rebels' armies of both kingdoms, then, but otherways not, I may possibly make a shift upon the defensive to spin out time until you come to assist me.

  12. But you know Lady Desborough, and you know well that she will not only refuse to assist you now, but that she will utterly disown and cast you off if you act in defiance of her will.

  13. I rely upon your aid to assist me in bringing him to the same way of thinking as ourselves.

  14. For, if you displease our powerful Ruler, your journey will surely prove a failure; whereas, if you make a friend of Ozma, she will gladly assist you.

  15. Pipt to make the magic charm which will save them, and that we assist Ojo to find the things he is seeking.

  16. It is all I can give you, but I am sure you will find friends on your journey who will assist you in your search.

  17. After looking about at the other houses nearby, thinking of Le Diable Boiteux, of which that picture reminded him, Auguste, having no Asmodeus to assist him to see what was taking place under the roofs, was about to leave his window.

  18. Tai was dreadfully alarmed, and at the same time sobered, and entreated his cousin to assist him in some way.

  19. He then returned home and fell into a bad state of health, when his grandmother died and his mother set off to assist at her funeral.

  20. She was mortified at being too ugly to entrap people herself, and got me to assist her.

  21. Of what use are friends who will not assist in the hour of trouble?

  22. We have in this story the keynote to the notorious and much-to-be-deprecated dislike of the Chinese people to assist in saving the lives of drowning strangers.

  23. My time for re-appearing on earth[454] is long overdue, but I could not forget your great kindness to me, and accordingly I have remained under this form in order to assist in the accomplishment of your wishes.

  24. He then begged Mr. Yin to assist in doing the honours, and thus double the obligation already conferred.

  25. It concludes with a few reflections on the impropriety of a too great attachment to the present life, and incentives to such moral virtue as may assist in conducting us to a better.

  26. Seeing this Pan Serafin resolved to assist them.

  27. To servants from outside an occasion was offered for revelry; so all servants, as well those of the house as others summoned in to assist them, tipsy more or less since midday, rushed now at the wine and the viands.

  28. He summoned his servant and ordered him to attach the horse with all haste to the sleigh; then he and Yatsek went out to assist the man.

  29. And we had not a coin to keep the souls in us; since we left in such a hurry Pan Stanislav had no time to assist us.

  30. To aid his confederates, otherwise they would never assist him.

  31. To these executors, with whom was intrusted the whole regal authority, were appointed twelve counsellors, who possessed no immediate power, and could only assist with their advice when any affair was laid before them.

  32. She wrote letters to the nobility and most considerable gentry in every county in England; commanding them to assist her in the defence of her crown and person.

  33. He promised to assist this conquest by the junction of a Spanish army.

  34. The English parliament enacted, that no person who should by arms, or otherwise assist the king for the time being, should ever afterwards, either by course of law or act of parliament, be attainted for such an instance of obedience.

  35. It is more probable, therefore, as is asserted by some historians, that he had expressly engaged to assist Perkin, and had actually sent him some supply of money.

  36. Zachariah's first impulse was to rush forward, but he saw the constable running, followed by others, and he discerned in an instant that to attempt to assist would lead to his own arrest and do no good.

  37. The real purpose of these envoys, he afterwards said, was undoubtedly "to assist in selecting and arranging a candidate and a platform for the Chicago Convention.

  38. Halleck was utterly demoralized, and was actually reduced to telegraphing to McClellan: "I beg of you to assist me, in this crisis, with your ability and experience.

  39. I shall assist you as far as I can to put it down.

  40. Though the maids of honour were not nominated for the masquerade, yet they were to assist at it; and, consequently, were to neglect nothing to set themselves off to advantage.

  41. He brought me a letter from my brother and his wife, both of whom begged I would assist him with my advice.

  42. In Flanders it is the custom for the monks to assist at all fires.

  43. It is, indeed, a duty to assist the princess in this--this exceedingly painful affair.

  44. You can go through the garden and wait for me if you do not care to assist at the mass.

  45. At first, when Bianca had finally decided to yield to her uncle's suggestions and confide in him, she had more than once asked him to assist her in sending or in receiving some communication from Silvio.

  46. They are not results which any one who wishes well to Montefiano cares to contemplate, and certainly not results which I, a priest, can assist in bringing about.

  47. But it was, at any rate, a very fortunate circumstance, and one which, cautiously made use of, might considerably assist the ends he had in view.

  48. If there are explanations to be made, it is scarcely necessary that the whole population of Montefiano, a company of grenadiers and a detachment of infantry should assist at them.

  49. It will be my task to assist you in making both things impossible.

  50. He ordered two men to assist him to the rear, and then went on to look after the fighting that was raging in front.

  51. Hundreds of hands were ready to assist in the landing, and rarely has a steamboat discharged her cargo with greater celerity.

  52. Some of the natives of the country offered to assist as pilots, and one of them who claimed to know all about the river was taken aboard the "Cordelia," the boat where Harry and Jack were serving, and to which they had given the name.

  53. General Lyon had positive information that the rebels were preparing to bring troops from Arkansas and the Indian Territory to assist the Missouri state guard in keeping out the "Dutch and Yankees.

  54. You will then be able to assist Mr. Ronald Dunquerque, as much as you please.

  55. It is a house which a man who wanted to convey the idea of a solid income without ostentation or attempt at fashion would find the very thing to assist his purpose.

  56. That is to say, he was speaking in measured tones, and as if he were addressing a large room instead of four ladies: and his right hand and arm performed a pump-handle movement to assist and grace his delivery.

  57. A council was called, at which one hundred and fifty-three bishops and priests assembled to assist the Pope in conferring on Charlemagne the most extensive powers and privileges.

  58. Since you originated the notion, you must assist me to put it into execution.

  59. Roland dismounted, with one hearty kick sent him rolling some fifty paces, and then ran to assist him.

  60. Make hay of all the flowers in my gardens, and my gardeners shall assist you.

  61. In vain did the elements assist the efforts of men and demons; strong in my loyalty to my king, I overcame all obstacles!

  62. I offer with all my heart one-half of the sum promised me to any one who will assist me out of my scrape.

  63. Of a truth, my children, fear doubles the importance of most obstacles, for it deprives us of half die faculties which should assist us to overcome them.

  64. Assist me to get out of this, St. J ames, and I will offer up to you a prayer of gratitude.

  65. It is absurd to permit men to become infected and then to assist them by doles of chocolate and tobacco, and yet to refuse to provide the necessary funds which assist so materially in preventing infection.

  66. An additional advantage of the arrangements proposed would be that all those who assist would be under a measure of discipline.

  67. Australian Imperial Force, Surgeon-General Williams, arrived in Egypt in February and was placed on the staff of General Ford to assist in managing these units.

  68. Its object is to assist in re-establishing discharged soldiers in employment.

  69. Polish Relief Fund "To assist in relieving distress amongst the Russian Poles.

  70. They can provide adequate military control by military police organised under a competent officer, with one or more junior medical officers to assist him.

  71. Lady Mayoress's Patriotic League "To assist in providing comforts, extra clothing, and foods for the fighting men in the navy and army.

  72. In other words, the function of the Red Cross is to assist over and above necessity, and to be ready to act in event of emergency.

  73. Serbian Relief Fund "To assist in relieving distress amongst the Serbians.

  74. Belgian Relief Fund "To assist in relieving distress in Belgium.

  75. I believe that he discovered that my father had returned, and perhaps knowing of this intrigue between him and Mona Bantry, remained at The Laurels, unknown to my mother, in order to assist her as a friend.

  76. I shan't assist you in the last," retorted Tait, testily.

  77. Therefore," pursued Tait, with emphasis, "I propose to assist you in your search.

  78. I had no right, but that I knew he would assist me because of his love.

  79. If you assist them to learn that which had better be hidden, you will ruin me," cried Paynton, with a passionate gesture.

  80. Sometimes she was unexpectedly called to assist in the birth of a child, when knowledge and strength she was hardly aware of seemed to be suddenly developed.

  81. She started off in this long journey very hopefully, writing that she would like to begin printing at once, because "to have the first part of my book in type will greatly assist me in the last.

  82. He was to summon the freemen to assist him in making laws, which were to be similar to those of England, but did not require the king's confirmation, and need not be sent to England.

  83. That formidable barrier was not scaled by civilized men until modern times, when European settlement had already reached the Mississippi from the east, and science had stepped in to assist the explorers.

  84. I volunteered to go at once, and assist in taking care of her.

  85. After what I owe to you, I don't regard it as repaying an obligation--I consider myself as merely performing a duty when I offer to assist you by a loan of money.

  86. To assist the ends of justice she was now put into the witness-box.

  87. I told him I was a policeman, and summoned him to assist me in the discovery of a crime.

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