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  1. This memory of the most striking events of varied lifetimes I maintain, with Professor Hering, to be the differentiating cause, which, accumulated in countless generations, has led up from the amoeba to man.

  2. Hence the amoeba as an organism is not only able to react appropriately toward different stimuli, but is also able to change itself, or develop, by its appropriate reactions upon such stimulations.

  3. An amoeba developing as a result of assimilating food.

  4. Yet under favourable circumstances an Amoeba can divide into two animals in ten minutes, while no insect’s egg can develope into the young animal in a less period than twenty-four hours.

  5. There are no grounds for the assumption that the two halves of an Amoeba are differently constituted internally, so that after a time one of them will die while the other continues to live.

  6. What powers has each new cell that the original amoeba had lost?

  7. What results from the fact that the amoeba has no cell wall?

  8. In what ways are paramecia more specialized than amoeba are?

  9. What would have been the fate of the amoeba if it had not divided into new cells?

  10. I have, in the first volume, pointed out the great importance of the ordinary Amoeba in connection with several weighty questions of general biology.

  11. The unicellular form that we have in the ovum has already been described as the reproduction of a corresponding unicellular stem-form, and to this we have ascribed the organisation of an Amoeba (cf.

  12. A The whole moneron, moving like an ordinary amoeba by thrusting out changeable processes.

  13. I'd been making sketches that day of the common amoeba of standing water.

  14. Your amoeba or vorticella, as the case may be, splits in two.

  15. In that case the amoeba I look at may have crawled among the slime of the Silurian seas when the common ancestor of myself and the royal family was an unassuming mud-fish like those in the reptile house in the Zoo.

  16. I can imagine a decent amoeba saying the same thing.

  17. These shortbread things are fussing about hither and thither across the field, and now and then an amoeba comes crawling into view.

  18. Hundreds of the purple amoeba have been destroyed by the guarding ships during the past five years.

  19. It resembled the amoeba which had attacked us, except that the newcomer was red.

  20. It fell near the purple amoeba which it had battled and a long feeler shot out and grasped it.

  21. When we were almost at the surface, he threw in full power and we shot free from the amoeba and into the open.

  22. As we approached the amoeba came rapidly to meet us and a long feeler shot out.

  23. A flash came from our forward ray and a portion of the amoeba disappeared.

  24. If an amoeba is that large here, what must an elephant look like?

  25. The amoeba writhed and changed shape rapidly, while flashes of brilliant crimson played over the remaining eyes.

  26. A huge hole was torn in it, and as we approached with our ray blazing, the amoeba slowly retreated and our path was open before us.

  27. The purple amoeba was holding its assailant with a dozen of its thrown out feelers which were wrapped about the body and legs of the green horror.

  28. We dropped the ship a few feet but the amoeba did not follow.

  29. Get away from here while that dragon has the amoeba busy!

  30. We had gone about thirty miles before we saw on the side of the hole one of the huge amoeba which were so thick above.

  31. The amoeba was greatly reduced in bulk but it still fought gamely.

  32. We can work back to the amoeba to find ourselves face to face with a scarcely organised mass of protoplasm.

  33. At any rate we are in agreement as to Natural Selection being capable of explaining evolution "from amoeba to man.

  34. In Evolution I recognise the action of Natural Selection as universal and capable of explaining all the facts of the continuous development of species from species, "from amoeba to man.

  35. The particles of protoplasm in our new, larger amoeba can therefore receive only half as much oxygen as before, and rid themselves of their waste only half as fast.

  36. The amoeba having attained a certain size meets this emergency by dividing into two small individuals, the division is a physical adaptation.

  37. The distance from the single-celled amoeba to hydra is vast, probably really greater than that between any other successive terms of our series.

  38. Even the amoeba selects or chooses, if I may use the word, its food among the sand grains.

  39. The study of the amoeba cannot fail to raise a host of questions in the mind of any thoughtful man.

  40. The amoeba is an illustration of a great kingdom of similar, practically unicellular forms, which have played no unimportant part in the geological history of the globe.

  41. We found that reproduction in the amoeba could be defined as growth beyond the limit normal to the individual.

  42. Both the amoeba and we live in the closest relation to our environment, and conformity to it is evidently necessary: life has been defined as the adjustment of internal relations to external conditions.

  43. But this absence of death in other rather distant relatives of the amoeba, and probably in the amoeba itself, holds true only provided that, after a series of self-divisions, reproduction takes place after another mode.

  44. The old amoeba has divided into two young ones, and there is no parent left to die, and death, except by violence, does not occur.

  45. When such a bacterium comes in contact with an amoeba, it is taken into its body by becoming enclosed in processes which the amoeba sends out.

  46. Up to the present it has been assumed that the environment of the amoeba is that to which it has become adapted and which is favorable to its existence.

  47. The amoeba will move towards certain substances which may be placed in the fluid around it and away from others.

  48. The amoeba slowly moves along the surface of the glass by the extension of blunt processes formed from the clear outer portion which adhere to the surface and into which the interior granular mass flows.

  49. An amoeba assimilates, grows and multiplies just as long as the environment is favorable.

  50. Here the amoeba may be seen creeping slowly over the slender green threads of the confervae that surround the margin of the pool.

  51. The multiplication of the amoeba is brought about by a process of fission or division.

  52. Later on, we shall see the white blood corpuscles exhibit all the characters of the amoeba (Fig.

  53. Thus, the amoeba begins its life as a cell split off from its parent.

  54. Doubtless many of their notions on the subject needed much correction.

  55. Of course there could not be if I am still "I.

  56. I expect you'll have to wait till little brother amoeba gets grown up before you'll find a reader.

  57. He had, it seems, been working of late upon the lowest forms of life, and what excited him at the present moment was that in the microscopic slide made up the day before he found the amoeba to be still alive.

  58. Hence, we may argue that every amoeba outside this room, instead of being dead, as you have erroneously stated, has really survived the catastrophe.

  59. What can it matter whether the amoeba is alive or not?

  60. Propagation of a single-celled organism, Amoeba sphaerococcus, by self-division.

  61. At first the fructified egg of the mammal acts as a single-celled organism, which is about to propagate independently and increase itself; for example, an Amoeba (compare Fig.

  62. From the community of amoeba morula, now arose ciliated larvæ.

  63. They are the differences between the undifferentiated protoplasm of the amoeba and our own complex organisation; they are not the differences between life and no life.

  64. Those purple amoeba we encountered were quite visible to us, yet they are invisible to observers on the earth.

  65. And yet those amoeba are both solid and opaque, as you know.

  66. Has any observer been able to see any of the purple amoeba which we know are so numerous on the outer side of the heaviside layer?

  67. It is impossible to derive Metazoa from Protozoa in their present finished state of evolution; even the Amoeba is so exactly adapted in organisation and functional activity to the conditions of its existence that it is a "finished" type.

  68. The amoeba is one of the simplest of all animals, and gives us a hint of the original ancestors.

  69. Time and time again Phil felt the amoeba grasp him, searingly, only to be wrenched free by the force of the currents the combat stirred up.

  70. He wanted to tell her to go back--the amoeba was only feet away--but he could only manage a little croak.

  71. And they all saw the amoeba stop, hesitate for a moment--and come straight for the wrecked borer behind which they were hidden.

  72. In a daze she saw Phil advance cautiously towards the amoeba and pause when within five feet of it.

  73. He could see the amoeba plainly; it was still partly paralyzed, for it was very still.

  74. The neurone, however, is a little unicellular animal, like the amoeba or the paramecium.

  75. The amoeba shrinks into itself at a touch, withdraws the pseudopodium that is roughly handled, or makes its way round the small object which will serve it as food.

  76. Are we to say that man may be looked upon as a variation of a mollusc or an amoeba, or that the amoeba may be looked on as a variation of man?

  77. In the amoeba there is a dim pervasive sensitiveness to light over the whole body, but there is no eye, nothing that we should call vision.

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