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  1. One method, which will yield a pale and useful tint with a particular dye-stuff, would fail if a full shade were necessary.

  2. That liberty which the British, Americans and French won for themselves they will not fail to hold not only for themselves but for the world.

  3. There are few who can fail to understand.

  4. If they succeed they are safe and Germany and the world are undone; if they fail Germany is saved and the world will be at peace.

  5. We and all the rest of the world must remain armed, as they will remain, and must make ready for the next step in their aggression; if they fail the world may unite for peace and Germany may be of the union.

  6. I shall not fail to make it known to the troops in question.

  7. Where painting in oil on a copper plate seems to fail is in the detail.

  8. This, we argued, could not fail to condense into fame and even wealth.

  9. And if I remarked he had been in the Mediterranean, they would fail to see anything amazing in a sailor having been in the Mediterranean.

  10. When information of this sort is kept back, hesitation and delay frequently occur in delivery; though, perhaps, few letters eventually fail to reach their destination on this account.

  11. Thus, Palmer recommended Mr. Pitt to take some commercial men into his councils, and they would not fail to convince him of the great need there was for change.

  12. Being very hot and dry weather, we were afraid our water might fail us, and made therefore the more haste to get away.

  13. If they fail to perform with me, then I would have you shew your endeavours.

  14. I then gave him notice of what I meant to do, and that, if he and others would walk down to a certain place at the sea-side, I would not fail to take him and the rest in.

  15. To this he replied, that we were heartily welcome, and should not fail in what we wanted; and that Alexander Sharpey had sold all his goods there, and we might do the like.

  16. There were no gains longer than four yards, and such were infrequent owing to the good work of the backs, but almost every attack meant an advance, and not once did Hammond fail of her distance in three downs.

  17. He was happy because he had failed only in Mathematics where he had feared to fail all along the line.

  18. Ferry Hill used Post all through and he didn't fail her.

  19. He, almost against his intentions, spoke a few words to Jaqueline, the meaning of which she could not fail to understand.

  20. But conciliatory measures might prove successful; if they fail let us by all means endeavour to keep out the enemy as long as we can.

  21. Captain Van der Elst did not fail to admire the pigeons.

  22. Nor this, nor that, nor any such small cause-- But only, for this worthy knight durst prove To lose his crown rather than fail his love.

  23. When they borrow my money they never fail to make use of it.

  24. Our fear was lest her faith should fail before deliverance came.

  25. Who, to whom this ideal is indeed "The Gleam," that draws and ever draws the soul to passionate allegiance, can fail to find in the Indian nature at its truest and finest that kinship of spirit which knits hearts together?

  26. No one who studies Spencer's works can fail to be impressed with the logical orderliness and lucidity of his method.

  27. Do not be discouraged should your pupils fail to grasp at first all that is here taught.

  28. He even raises the aged arm that he may not fail in his aim at the heart, and places it again over the wounds of the poniard.

  29. None who participated in that attack will fail to remember the morning of the 17th of June while life shall last.

  30. In the desperate struggle acts of individual gallantry and heroism were performed which time would fail to recount.

  31. In recalling this day and the one following no man of the Thirty-sixth can fail to be overcome with the memories to which it will give rise.

  32. In the event of an attack which we should fail to repulse, the whole line would be exposed to capture, as it would be madness to attempt to escape to the railroad and over the rising ground in our rear.

  33. Horace and Coleridge, for all their exquisite facility, fail to utter the litany to which the heart of the country lover responds.

  34. Little wonder, then, that in the struggle for a sustained reputation many sound writers fail to hold their own.

  35. For instance, Trollope has many odd and irritating tricks which are apt to scare off those who lack perseverance and who fail to understand that there must be something admirable in that which was once much admired by the judicious.

  36. His courage did not fail him; he would willingly have taken Undy by the throat, could his doing so have done himself or his cause any good; but he felt that he was nearly overset by the cool deep villany of his companion.

  37. If I fail I shall be unhappy, and if I succeed I shall be equally so.

  38. He said this with something of bitterness in his tone; it was not much, for though he felt bitterly he did not intend to show it; but Mrs. Woodward's ear did not fail to catch it.

  39. As long as you remember that your own interests should always be kept in subservience to those of the public service, you will not fail to receive the praise which such conduct deserves.

  40. He could not bring himself to conceive that he could fail in being fit for a clerkship in a public office, and the result of his examination proved at any rate that he had been right to try.

  41. These men fail and cease by means of death.

  42. Some fail by falling into temptations of various kinds, and disgrace their profession; and some fail through intemperance.

  43. When this spirit gets hold of a man, and he is disposed to secularize his religion, or subordinate it to his worldly interests, he is sure to fail sooner or later.

  44. When the godly man ceaseth and the faithful fail from among the children of men, it is distressing; but such is the lot of man that we are often called upon to witness the truthfulness of the prophet's statement.

  45. Many fail by endeavoring to unite the world and their religion, maintaining a good moral character, but are destitute of energy in Christianity.

  46. Many fail through the influence of error and the enemies of Christianity.

  47. In many cases they hit off the mark so admirably that they cannot fail to make a deep impression on the popular mind.

  48. Their representations regarding a proposed union seldom fail to exercise a great influence on the minds of the Zenana females.

  49. If their minds are contracted by reason of scanty culture, their hearts are full of affection, sympathy and susceptibility, which cannot fail to exercise a beneficial influence on human nature.

  50. Far from promoting a spirit of benevolence and good fellowship between man and man, it has a natural tendency to engender hostile feelings, which cannot fail to militate against the best interests of humanity.

  51. The wish is certainly a good one, but often the agencies employed fail to produce the desired effect!

  52. What with the sonorous sound of dhak and dhole, sannai, conch and gong, the effect cannot fail to be impressive to a devout Hindoo mind.

  53. Such a pathetic, tender expression bursting from the lips of a loving sister cannot fail to melt a brother's heart, and overcome his dislike.

  54. Of their intellectual endowments and knowledge of mankind, whoever has had opportunities of conversing with them could not fail to form a favorable impression.

  55. A foreigner not used to such sights cannot fail almost unconsciously to come to a conclusion that the Bengalees are a nation of keranees.

  56. It is only right when it subserves the great end of justice; and if it fail to answer this end it is then worse than worthless.

  57. If it should fail to instruct, it will at least amuse the reader.

  58. If it failed there, much more would it fail here, where the two races, approximating to equality in numbers, are daily and hourly in the closest contact.

  59. No man can fail to see the deteriorating influence of this theory of morals on public character both in this country and in England.

  60. They smile with contempt at scurrility and vaporing beyond the seas, and they turn their backs upon it where it is "irresponsible;" but insolence that ventures to look them in the face, will never fail to be chastised.

  61. The constant recurrence of the female abolitionists to this topic, and their bitterness in regard to it, cannot fail to suggest to even the most charitable mind, that "Such rage without betrays the fires within.

  62. The dullest reader can not fail to perceive that the work contains not one word of apology for the institution of slavery, nor the slightest wish for its continuance.

  63. While there are instances of colored men accumulating property here, the great mass of them fail even in securing a living without charity or crime.

  64. It may be owing to my prejudices, or a want of intellect, that I fail to be convinced, by those portions of the Bible to which he refers, to prove that slavery is sinful.

  65. Being asked, What would be the consequence, if money should fail for that?

  66. One cannot fail to recognize a Coprinus from a photograph.

  67. One will not fail to recognize it after seeing it once.

  68. Any one determining this species will not fail to note the number of brown cystidia or setæ, in the hymenium, which project above the surface of the gills.

  69. After seeing this picture the collector will not fail to recognize it.

  70. No one can fail to recognize it, because of the deep indigo blue that pervades the whole plant.

  71. In the spring of the year there comes with the earliest flowers a mushroom so strongly characteristic in all its forms that no one will fail to recognize it.

  72. No one will fail to recognize it from these cuts.

  73. No one will fail to recognize it from its specific name.

  74. No one will fail to recognize the crested Lepiota the moment he sees it.

  75. Even though she fail in the effort, exercise of her muscles is all that will prevent sickness.

  76. And they know, though he may sometimes fail them, that the Great Mountain is their friend, their father.

  77. Who could fail with such a lieutenant as that maid.

  78. Here you sit almost under the shadow of one of the largest timepieces in the universe and fail to appreciate the wonder that towers above your head.

  79. Such a commodity, they argued, could not fail to have an extensive sale.

  80. And the only thanks they ever receive is to be scolded at when they fail to any small degree.

  81. Nevertheless they are the first ones to fuss if the poor things fail to keep good time.

  82. Not infrequently I take to pieces a fine clock or watch and fail to find anything the matter with it, and yet it will not go as it should.

  83. In that case, Richard Parsons' music cannot fail to please you.

  84. He will spread His protecting hand over us, even if all else shall fail us.

  85. At Adelgunda's age new impressions are soon received, new associations and new ideas are welcomed with avidity, and seldom fail to influence the mind.

  86. The roundness and neatness of the whole plan could not fail to recommend it to the mind which delighted in putting involved things straight, and such a mind Abner Power's seemed to be.

  87. No one passing along the meadows should fail to stop at Iffley and see some genuine Norman mouldings and massive architecture.

  88. Streatley certainly cannot fail to yield the palm to Goring for beauty.

  89. The abolition, he was sure, could not long fail of being carried.

  90. But if we were to enforce this act with all the powers of the country, how could it fail to be effectual?

  91. But here the undertaking seemed very arduous; and the time it would consume became an objection in this respect, that I thought I could not easily forgive myself, if I were to fail in it.

  92. Sure he was that it could not fail to succeed sooner or later.

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