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Example sentences for "failing"

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faience; fail; faile; failed; faileth; failings; faill; faille; fails; failure
  1. You had no right to come at all," said Pam, trying to speak with asperity, and failing miserably.

  2. He was endeavoring to be natural, and was failing wretchedly.

  3. By failing to procure any one of these books you lose an opportunity to "laugh and grow fat.

  4. Failing in this, he had laid a plot to get possession of the chest, even at the cost of my assassination.

  5. Matters remained in this unsatisfactory state for the next five days, the Daphne keeping the chase in sight during the whole of that time, but failing to come up with her.

  6. The wind is failing us," he remarked, and abruptly dived below to his cabin.

  7. For the latter only thirty-five cartridges remained, and, failing a proper capping machine, the correspondent realized that a further supply of ammunition was unobtainable.

  8. Walter did not reply, but remained absolutely impassive, as if failing to comprehend the question.

  9. So skillfully did he play his part, they never guessed that he was the insinuating cause of their failing courage; more, his constant encouragement made them ashamed to speak of their sinking spirit.

  10. Failing to find him in Pamlico Sound, it was debated whether to cruise farther to the southward.

  11. Failing that, Jack, he has offered 'em the chance to enlist.

  12. At failing to find it there, they argued hotly and were much distressed.

  13. Failing this, the hostages feed the fishes.

  14. The failing waves made no sound upon the shore.

  15. She slowly strangled me, and as the breath died from me, and my failing eyes gazed at her, she was no longer woman at all, but something lithe and white and soft.

  16. A faint gasp--a single flutter of the failing breath, and all is over.

  17. On a summer evening, seated in his humble doorway, he will recount for his entertainment such bits of prison gossip, or such incidents of prison life, as have retained their hold on his failing memory.

  18. Robert Henderson--who in this favouring month of June somewhat renews his failing strength--has kindly volunteered to sit up to-night with this unpopular patient.

  19. The melting snows of the mountains kept the river flowing, a veritable torrent, during the whole of the open season, and at such time he possessed in it a never-failing transport line which cost him not one cent.

  20. A babel of harsh voices debated the situation in loud tones, each man forcing home his argument with a mighty power of lung, a never-failing method of supporting doubtful argument.

  21. Failing to find what he required, he crossed over to a large cupboard at the far corner of the room.

  22. Every really skilful sawyer was of inestimable value at the moment, and, after all, this man's failing was one pretty common to all good lumbermen.

  23. Whereon, failing of the thing itself, he stole the word and strove to crush its meaning to the measure of his own limitations.

  24. Failing that, he felt sure that at least someone would call him "this eminent old gentleman," and even that was better than staying at home.

  25. Appetite for food had been failing since the first denial of that for opium.

  26. My humiliation in failing to triumph when and how I had resolved to do, was excessive.

  27. Then your palms became gradually hornier--your whole body yellower--at the same time that your muscular system grew tremulous through progressively failing nervous supply.

  28. Another common failing in veterinary practitioners is, a belief that the ergot of rye, or secale cornutum, acts upon the dog as a direct uterine excitant, and thus promotes the parturitive function.

  29. Every keeper or sportsman has, or professes to have, some never-failing nostrum or other.

  30. The line was from Baltimore to Washington, or vice versa,--authorities failing to agree on this matter.

  31. Failing to learn anything more, Sir Donald and Esther leave for Calcutta.

  32. Failing to get full replies responsive to direct questions, shrewdly phrased opinions delicately hinting at possible infatuation of one or the other were expressed.

  33. The cost of living with sole reference to a high spiritual ideal never seemed so great as when she saw this fascinating, manly suitor, evidently seeking her hand, but failing of proper encouragement, turning his attention to another.

  34. The appearance of the eruption is the characteristic feature of this disease, and it is so well distinguished that there is no danger of failing to recognize it.

  35. It is hardly possible to imagine any excuse for a gravity supply failing to deliver its predetermined quantity of water regularly day after day.

  36. Trade and the cultivation of the soil was foreign to their designs and intention on coming to the continent of the new world, and they were consequently, disappointed when failing of success.

  37. Tom Van Arden, my old friend, I grow prosy, and you tire; Fill the glasses while I bend To prod up the failing fire .

  38. Whenever one showed signs of failing we dipped him out for present use.

  39. Failing to get it up, I put on a salmon fly.

  40. And Kate Ackley was a sort of legacy--her sister's reputation started her and she was rushed so freshman year that you couldn't blame her for failing to realize what a fool she really is.

  41. Mrs. Peter, as a thought struck her; "this is rather an awkward time to have a person with his failing in the house.

  42. With that notorious failing of his he was not the sort of person one wanted in one's house.

  43. Failing this she would be immediately restored to her family.

  44. Cook had explored here "with that courage and perseverance of which all Europe knows him to have been capable," wrote Laperouse, never failing to use an opportunity of expressing admiration for his illustrious predecessor.

  45. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "failing" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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