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Example sentences for "exhausted"

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exhaled; exhalent; exhales; exhaling; exhaust; exhausting; exhaustion; exhaustive; exhaustively; exhaustless
  1. The poor little wife had had attacks of hysteric terror all night long at the thought of his coming; and now she lay exhausted and half sleeping upon the lounge in the dining room.

  2. He took the hint and waited till, having found her some food, they were sitting in the deserted supper room, in an atmosphere of exhausted hilarity, among the ruins of the waiters.

  3. She urged the exhausted horse cruelly because the face seemed to stare at her out of the dark street ends.

  4. The roar of traffic had died down; it was always quieter there in the fall, and a piano-organ in the Palace Road seemed to play in an exhausted air.

  5. They keep up among us an idea of extra-legal justice by which we all profit and which would soon become exhausted without their aid.

  6. He walked his legs off, nearly, hunting up extraordinary things, and exhausted all his ingenuity on us, but it was a failure; we never showed any interest in anything.

  7. The effort seemed to have greatly exhausted him, for he lay like one dead for the next five minutes, and a watcher felt for his pulse to see if life had not gone out.

  8. She was the rage that season, and exhausted her rich talent in efforts to win excitement.

  9. The old man was so exhausted that he could not arise from the chair to which he had fallen.

  10. Resignation is known to every good Christian, but the wild desire which makes men plunge madly toward eternity, comes of exhausted affections and an insane use of life.

  11. She lay upon the bed weeping and faint with exhausted emotion, when the sound of a closing door rang through the building.

  12. Thus she lay till the candle burned out, and there was no light in the room save that which came from a bed of embers and the rays of a waning moon, half exhausted in the maple boughs.

  13. All his massive strength was exhausted now.

  14. Although we had made only fourteen miles, the labours of the men had fatigued and exhausted them very much: we therefore collected some small willow brush for a fire, and lay down to sleep.

  15. Captain Clarke arrives with the main body exhausted by the difficulties they underwent.

  16. He however pursued his route eight miles to the middle branch, where not finding any fresh Indian track he came down it and joined us about three o'clock, very much exhausted with fatigue and the violence of his fever.

  17. They were perfectly exhausted with the fatigue of walking and the want of food; but as we had two spare horses they were mounted and brought on to the village.

  18. On discovering his error, he bent his course towards that river, which he reached about two in the afternoon, very much exhausted with heat and thirst.

  19. During the first four days he exhausted his bullets, and was then nearly starved, being obliged to subsist, for twelve days, on a few grapes, and a rabbit which he killed by making use of a hard piece of stick for a ball.

  20. Perhaps the nearest approach Nature has given us to a complete analysis, in which wit is as thoroughly exhausted of humor as possible, and humor as bare as possible of wit, is in the typical Frenchman and the typical German.

  21. There seems to be a notion abroad among women, rather akin to the superstition that the speech and actions of idiots are inspired, and that the human being most entirely exhausted of common-sense is the fittest vehicle of revelation.

  22. Besides, I am really rather exhausted by being questioned and pulled about by those good doctors.

  23. She tried to wait patiently till Mrs. Gibson had exhausted the first gush of her infinite nothings; and then Molly came in with her modest questions.

  24. Then exhausted he sate down again, and put out his hand to Molly.

  25. She had exhausted herself so much with crying, that she felt as if she could neither stand nor walk just yet.

  26. This opinion of hers was spoken simply out before the old man, who now lay gasping and exhausted upon his pillow.

  27. The English pursued, but the exhausted state of their powder-magazines prevented another engagement.

  28. In either case, before they begin, the coast is inspected by a Government official, in order to see that the banks are not exhausted by too frequent fishing.

  29. When the ice broke up, they prepared to return,--the last ration of bread being exhausted on the day of their departure.

  30. Sickness now detained him at Seville till the spring of 1505, when he arrived, exhausted and paralytic, before the king.

  31. The reinforcement of eighteen men was sent at the very moment when, in sight of the long wished-for haven, the exhausted sailors were on the point of abandoning themselves to despair.

  32. He arrived there bearing upon his person the impress of poverty, fatigue, and exhausted patience.

  33. Some of the oyster beds of France which were nearly exhausted twenty years ago have been made again very productive by attention and care.

  34. He fails with greater dignity, who expresses the principal feature of his subject and misses or neglects all the secondary, than he who consumes his powers on what is subordinate and comes exhausted to the chief.

  35. His French and Scotch wars undoubtedly exhausted large supplies; his mistresses made large demands for their pleasures and their needy friends; yet there should have been enough, and to spare, for all these claims.

  36. They both fell exhausted on their homeward journey.

  37. On his return, England would prove to be too exhausted to withstand the French army at home and would fall a prey to the ambitions of the First Consul.

  38. The brigade being much exhausted and decreased in numbers from its recent hard services, it was placed in quarters of refreshment in Bavaria, while the King marched with part of the army into Saxony.

  39. Soon afterwards the King of Poland, having nearly exhausted his resources, became disposed to enter into pacific relations with Sweden, and a treaty was concluded in the summer of this year.

  40. I don't want to have you falling down exhausted here, as you did in the Boundaries.

  41. For some minutes it completely exhausted him; and Roland, for want of a hearer, was fain to bring the legs of his stool down again, and apply himself lazily to his work.

  42. On the eastern and western sides of the city there run two small streams, which are nearly exhausted before they reach the sea, by the heats of summer and by the channels for artificial irrigation.

  43. War, it was surmised, must have exhausted her resources, and would thus prevent her from appearing with becoming splendour.

  44. The Persians, fearful of being surprised, had stood under arms the whole night, so that the morning found them exhausted and dispirited.

  45. Some had their feet frost-bitten; some were blinded by the snow; whilst others, exhausted with cold and hunger, sunk down and died.

  46. Before the SeƱor Montefalderon exhausted all he had to communicate, he was interrupted by Jack Tier with a singular proposition.

  47. In a word, everybody but this idler was exhausted with pumping and bailing, and even gold had lost its power to charm, until nature was recruited by rest.

  48. It would not have done to abandon them, inasmuch as the men were so much exhausted by the pull to windward, that when they reached the vessel all were relieved from duty for the rest of the day.

  49. As constant dropping will wear a stone, so might the power that kept the wreck afloat be exhausted by the ceaseless rising of these minute air-bubbles.

  50. The widow had exhausted every resource; promises and pleadings were useless, and it was only at the last hour that she had given up.

  51. The old man dropped into his chair exhausted by his passionate outburst.

  52. Then she set her soul for the last effort, staggered in, and fell exhausted on the floor.

  53. Having exhausted all the possible combinations of his vocabulary, the sailor quieted down to hard thinking, his eyes constantly gauging the progress of the sun, which tore up the eastern slope of the heavens with unseemly haste.

  54. She sank exhausted upon the pillow, but yet clasped the gory fingers of the dying man.

  55. Do you believe, then," asked Haralson, "that there can be no peace between us until one side or the other shall be exhausted and subdued?

  56. France was too exhausted to indulge in great expenditures of money or men.

  57. She would increase her population, enlarge her limits, and grow into a rich, flourishing and free state, contrasting with our exhausted provinces.

  58. Prayers alternated with flagellations, until some individuals were exhausted with pain and the loss of blood.

  59. Then their working capacity was completely exhausted and they were given their liberty.

  60. She had just exhausted the subject with her mother, and it was too bad to be thrust into the midst of it again by this comparative stranger.

  61. Marjolaine had sat down exhausted on the seat under the elm, and Madame Lachesnais was coming towards her.

  62. He bent over, but Mullet, exhausted with his efforts, had closed his eyes again, and half turned his head.

  63. The innkeeper strove to raise himself in the bed, and then fell back again exhausted as Joan's step was heard on the stairs.

  64. Not a thirst for water, nor a thirst which eaten snow could quench, but a savage yearning of his whole exhausted system for some stimulant, for some coursing fiery fluid that would burn and strangle.

  65. We have exhausted every legal resource and now we're going to stamp out this gang of robbers in our own way.

  66. Yet the crazy woman did not seem to become exhausted by the hard pace in the least.

  67. Then, having exhausted the momentum, the auto came to a stop, at the summit of the little slope, and Jerry jammed on the brakes to hold it there, the band this time gripping the axle firmly.

  68. Exhausted by his flight and the exciting narrative of his exploit, my Prince lay down upon the couch and slumbered; but I fear that slumber was not repose.

  69. I raised thy exhausted form in the cavern of Genthesma, and the star of David beamed brightly in the glowing heavens upon thy high fulfilment, who could have dreamed of a night like this?

  70. Caleb found his late master lying exhausted on the floor of his dungeon.

  71. The exhausted Hebrews, whose energies had been tasked to the utmost, were surrounded.

  72. At length, exhausted nature was unable any longer to sustain him.

  73. And there he stood, fixed and immovable, gazing upon his sister's deathly face, and himself exhausted by passion and his exploit, supporting her cherished but senseless body.

  74. Sleep crept over the senses of the exhausted and desperate Caliph.

  75. On they rushed again, each hour losing some exhausted co-mate.

  76. He awoke, and from a swoon; but the dreamless trance had refreshed the exhausted energies of the desolate wanderer; in an instant he collected his senses, remembered all that had passed, and comprehended his present situation.

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