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Example sentences for "exhaling"

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exhalations; exhale; exhaled; exhalent; exhales; exhaust; exhausted; exhausting; exhaustion; exhaustive
  1. The student must cultivate the power of quickly inhaling a full breath, and exhaling it so gradually that she can sing a phrase lasting from ten to twenty seconds.

  2. The student must cultivate the power of quickly inhaling a full breath and of exhaling it so gradually that she can sing a phrase lasting from ten to twenty seconds.

  3. To proceed apace, What sort of nature thunderbolts possess Is by their strokes made manifest and by The brand-marks of their searing heat on things, And by the scorched scars exhaling round The heavy fumes of sulphur.

  4. In the middle of the apartment stood a large brasier, full of glowing embers, exhaling so strong a perfume of rosemary and lavender, that my head swam, and I reeled like a drunkard.

  5. The weather was hot enough to broil an inhabitant of Bengal; and the odours, exhaling from every quarter, sufficiently powerful to regale the nose of a Hottentot.

  6. In the act of exhaling as he was, lungs almost entirely empty, yet he held his breath until he had seized the microphone from his belt and had snapped the lever to "emergency.

  7. His features were regular and pleasing, his teeth were beautiful, his hair was long and fine, always well taken care of, and exhaling the perfume of the pomatum with which it was dressed.

  8. Then she immediately rubs my temples and the nape of my neck with an ointment exhaling a delightful perfume, and puts my clothes on me again.

  9. Then she began to groan gently with each exhaling breath, and a great fear started to gnaw at his heart.

  10. Only its head emerged, flat with the water, the great horns wreathed incongruously with the floating lilies, the thick nostrils exhaling ecstasy in shuddering riplets.

  11. Repeat, exhaling through a small glass or other tube, with an aperture about the size of an ordinary knitting needle.

  12. The supposed curative virtues of the tobacco plant had much to do with its use in Europe while the singular mode of exhaling through the nostrils added to its charms, and doubtless led to far greater indulgence.

  13. Many tribes of Indians use herbs of various kinds to mix with tobacco to reduce its strength, as they are in the habit of exhaling the smoke from the nostrils, and not from the mouth.

  14. The Spaniards concluded that this was a method common with them of perfuming themselves; but its frequent use soon taught them that it was the dried leaves of a plant which they burned inhaling and exhaling the smoke.

  15. This crust is a kind of cover, which hinders the spirituous parts from exhaling as fast as they are formed.

  16. The great brown earth turned a huge flank to it, exhaling the moisture of the early dew.

  17. The heat exhaling from brick and plaster and metal met the heat that steadily descended blanketwise and smothering, from the pale, scorched sky.

  18. I always wished to be where I was not, and the toys exhaling the wholesome odor of fir trees were lying in heaps around me, without inducing me even to think of touching them.

  19. Reclining on their cushions, indolent and disdainful, with stupid countenances and flabby flesh, exhaling a putrid odor, they were all there, so nearly alike that I recognized Juliette in each one of them.

  20. And, in spite of himself, James felt the influence of her deference, of the faint seductive perfume exhaling from her.

  21. Some cattle had approached him in his sleep, and a beautiful bay cow, with her head turned sideways, was snuffing at him gently, exhaling her peculiar sweetness.

  22. The weather very warm, and great numbers of dead, all stripped naked, were spread in every direction and swollen in a disgusting manner from putrefaction, and exhaling most offensive smells.

  23. The dim opening of the gate loomed as a sickly quadrangular hole exhaling nightmare and ruin.

  24. She wore a tall fur cap and her cheeks gleamed, exhaling the freshness of girlish health and of the cold weather of the street, but she looked grave.

  25. A plant bearing a little flower like a diamond in transparency and brilliancy, and exhaling from every green leaf a beautiful perfume.

  26. The plants treated by us in these ways are fitly called flowers, presenting as they do a mass of blossoms and exhaling delicious perfumes.

  27. At night that glowing landscape weltered there strangely, passionately, slumbering with uncovered bosom, and outspread twisted limbs, whilst heaving mighty sighs, and exhaling the strong aroma of a sweating sleeper.

  28. The place was all one big mass heaped up in stench, still exhaling in its sleep a pestiferous odour.

  29. He was perturbed by the heat that emanated from the litters, the life that crawled under the hair plucked from the does' bellies, exhaling powerful emanations.

  30. She seemed like a huge nosegay, exhaling a powerful perfume.

  31. But why did this flower-field growing from the earth up even to heaven intoxicate with the exhaling spirit of a thousand cups all souls that flew over it and sunk down in bewildering ecstasy?

  32. In the act of exhaling as he was, lungs almost entirely empty, yet he held his breath until he had seized the microscope from his belt and had snapped the lever to "emergency.

  33. A large tree; the bark exhaling an unpleasant odor, as in the rest of the genus.

  34. Plant exhaling an unpleasant scent (Sullivant), stouter than the last, the spikelets thrice larger.

  35. Flowers appearing in early spring, exhaling a rich spicy fragrance, dimorphous as to style and stamens and subdioecious.

  36. Heads exhaling the odor of anise when bruised; disk turning brownish.

  37. Bark and foliage aromatic; the crushed flowers exhaling more or less the fragrance of strawberries.

  38. Leaves exhaling the odor of Vanilla when bruised.

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