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Example sentences for "exhalations"

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exertion; exertions; exerts; exfoliation; exhalation; exhale; exhaled; exhalent; exhales; exhaling
  1. Noxious, pestilential, or foul exhalations from decomposing substances, filth, or other source.

  2. Grows in the West Indies, and spreads such deleterious exhalations around it, that an oppression of the breast is felt on approaching it at many feet distance when placed in the corner of a room or hot-house.

  3. Soon from within the oven, partly hid By embers piled upon the cumbrous lid, The baking powder biscuits nestling there With wholesome exhalations charged the air.

  4. I have now shewed, that thence such exhalations may proceede as doe produce the Comets: now from hence it may probably follow, that there may be wind also and raine, with such other Meteors as are common amongst us.

  5. Some there are, who thinke that these Comets are nothing else, but exhalations from our earth, carried up into the higher parts of the Heaven.

  6. In fact, the generally beneficial effects of a forest wall or other vegetable screen, as a protection against noxious exhalations from marshes or other sources of disease, situated to the windward of them, are very commonly admitted.

  7. The plain extends on all sides of the city and of the Lakes Tezcuco and Chalco; but on the eastern-side of the latter it is not so prolific, owing to the saline exhalations from the waters.

  8. The insects are as numerous as singular, and the serpents and reptiles thrive under the vertical sun, and amid the humid exhalations of the low-lands.

  9. The humid exhalations from the forests cause frequent rains, which, though of short duration, pour down with astonishing violence.

  10. Exhalations or vapors coming from the body, and from decaying animal or vegetable substances.

  11. The close and disagreeable odor of a filthy or overcrowded room is due to these organic exhalations from the lungs, the skin, and the unclean clothing of the occupants.

  12. The fetid air is foul with the noisome exhalations of many generations of pestiferous people.

  13. The exhalations arising from the swamps and morasses around them have a powerful effect on these new settlers, but all are intent on preparing for the winter.

  14. Nothing that is shall perish utterly, But perish only to revive again In other forms, as clouds restore in rain The exhalations of the land and sea.

  15. And in the same room, heavy and sickening with the exhalations of their packed bodies throughout the night, that breakfast is eaten.

  16. There it is exposed to the sickness and disease, the effluvia and vile exhalations of overcrowded and rotten life, and next day it is carted about again to be sold.

  17. But additions and subtractions are being constantly made, and the atmosphere, as distinguished from the pure air, is mixed with exhalations from countless sources on the land and the sea.

  18. By setting in open air, which should of course always be pure and sweet, the air, being cooled down and used as a medium for cooling the milk, takes up the exhalations of moisture and odor from the milk, and thus purifies it.

  19. Through the steamy exhalations from the ground, and dancing on the dewdrops which hang heavy upon every blade or ear, the early sun is shining.

  20. The music of the orchestra turned into the piping of Pan, while Webster and Forster, the heavy fumes, the air vitiated by the exhalations of five thousand people no longer existed.

  21. This supposition is based upon rational and just grounds; since many contagious distempers may be clearly traced to the exhalations of the earth, acted on by the intense heat of the sun.

  22. Stygio’ means ‘pestilential as the exhalations of the marshes of Styx.

  23. In the mean time the Corpse stunk so abominably that they were obliged to burn frankincense; but the smoke mixing with the exhalations from the carcass increased the stink, and began to muddle the poor people's pericranies.

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