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exergue; exert; exerted; exerting; exertion; exerts; exfoliation; exhalation; exhalations; exhale
  1. But their exertions were further retarded by the premature and unexpected death of the Engineer.

  2. Eight months in the year military exertions are impossible; during four months only can any thing be done.

  3. We belonged to a circle of young lawyers and students at law, who had the world before them, and nothing but their exertions to depend upon.

  4. Senate, in opposition to the most strenuous exertions of the gentleman who, the senator from South Carolina said, had supplanted him, and in spite of his determined and unceasing opposition.

  5. The slave-trade is diabolical and infamous; but Great Britain is not the country to read us a lesson upon its atrocity, or to stimulate our exertions to suppress it.

  6. The Chopunnish Indians have very few ornaments; for their life is painful and laborious; and all their exertions are necessary to earn their subsistence.

  7. The overflowing population of New England, fixing its exertions on a new and fertile soil, has, within a few years, effected this change.

  8. The majority of those who are rich are children of parents who were poor, or, at least, dependent on their own exertions for a living.

  9. The management of her affairs are in the hands of Major Alberto da Rocha Serpa Pinto, whose exertions have greatly strengthened the Portuguese claims.

  10. His exertions seldom exceeded his wants, which were peculiar to his class, and rarely failed of being supplied.

  11. He slept, however, for it was the hour he had allotted to that refreshment, and because he knew how impotent any exertions to recover his effects must prove in the darkness of midnight.

  12. Indulging in a small laugh, which his exertions to repress reduced nearly to a simper, he took the indicated seat by the old man's side, and made the customary dispositions to commence his meal without further ceremony.

  13. She felt that the moment had arrived for a trial of her courage very different from the exertions which had hitherto sufficed her.

  14. It was a discouraging experience to meet with; but she never permitted it seriously to interrupt her exertions for the good of her kind.

  15. We should thus have to depend almost, if not altogether, upon our own exertions for the means of existence both in regard to food and fuel.

  16. He was honored for his exertions and sacrifices in the cause of liberty in Europe.

  17. Then he was wholly dependent upon his own exertions for the support of his family.

  18. Reform in any branch of study invariably depends on some rule, which, promulgated and adopted by the schools, gradually produces a general revolution in opinion, and opens a new field to the exertions of a succeeding age.

  19. But whatever exertions he made (if we may so express it) to discredit himself, he did not succeed.

  20. There the competition of his most distinguished countrymen stimulated his exertions for distinction.

  21. But the division, once made, would not again be interfered with; individuals would be left to their own exertions and to the ordinary chances for making an advantageous use of what was assigned to them.

  22. Now, as before stated, the total value of the commodities resulting from the exertions of each group of producers is the source from which wages and profits are drawn.

  23. The poorer class, at Athens as elsewhere, was the most numerous; and it is evident, from what has been said, that its importance would increase or diminish in proportion as the main exertions of the state were made by sea or by land.

  24. Athens was rewarded for her exertions and sufferings by half a century of increasing and almost uninterrupted splendour, under the successive guidance of Themistocles, Cimon, and Pericles.

  25. Exclusive of the exertions of those officers who indulged themselves in this recreation, many of the noncommissioned and privates of the European regiments contributed richly to the catalogue of histrionic characters.

  26. Suddenly changing his mind--perhaps because the scent was faint and he concluded that his labour would not be sufficiently repaid--he ceased his exertions and wandered off towards the hedge.

  27. The laudable exertions of the magistrates of Nuremberg could not prevent the greater part of the horses from dying for want of forage, while the increasing mortality in the camp consigned more than a hundred men daily to the grave.

  28. The very men whose wealth had been acquired by the use of this machine, and who had grown rich beyond all former example, had combined their exertions to prevent the patentee from deriving any emolument from his invention.

  29. First comes melancholy, then great exertions on the part of the injured party; next dashed hope, and finally gloomy resignation.

  30. Crazy Carl was laughed at for his exertions in behalf of the children, yet to spare his feelings the necessary punishment of the children was deferred till he was out of sight.

  31. Through his exertions and instrumentality, a small vestry, or robing room, has been attached to the church.

  32. This gave me frequent opportunities of seeing him, and witnessing his laborious exertions to produce a work as complete “as the utmost diligence, care, and patience enabled him to collect.

  33. It has always been understood also that the resuscitation of the Royal Horticultural Society of London has been in a very great measure due to his exertions as one of the most active of its vice-presidents.

  34. It has sittings for 1100, and owes its existence to the exertions of the present pastor, the Rev.

  35. With growing and well-merited esteem, Sir, I witnessed your successful exertions in behalf of the Society, at its earliest institution.

  36. Through the exertions of the members, and other friends, the interior of the chapel has recently been painted, and rendered more comfortable in many respects.

  37. In 1812 the Chelsea and Brompton Dispensary was established in Sloane Square, principally through the great exertions of the Rev.

  38. His late Royal Highness the Duke of York was the founder of this Institution, and constantly bestowed his best exertions in promoting the welfare, and increasing the comforts, of the helpless inmates nurtured within its walls.

  39. He was the founder of this Institution, and by his recommendations and exertions it was begun and completed.

  40. For these exertions the General Court adjudged the Honorary Medallion to Mrs. Widgen, and it was accordingly presented to her by His Royal Highness the Duke of Kent.

  41. Our exertions should never be influenced by any of them, but continued with ardour and unremitted attention for a length of time.

  42. Notwithstanding the flow of spirits, and the vigorous exertions of our countrymen this year, I am sorry to say I cannot see a prospect of anything decisive this campaign.

  43. The danger lies not more in the hostile designs and exertions of the English, than in the prospect of seditions and commotions among the people, which are every day dreaded and expected.

  44. Ternay, or soon after him, will render abortive all the great exertions and immense expenses of the year.

  45. And I should be wanting in my duty, if I did not warn them against any relaxation of their exertions by sea or land, from a fond expectation of peace.

  46. Great exertions were made by those who were present, not only to save the living, but as far as possible in their separate action to extinguish the flames.

  47. Several of the firemen have borne testimony to the great exertions which he made during the night of the fire.

  48. Great exertions are made to extinguish the flames in this way.

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