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contadino; contado; contador; contagion; contagions; contagiousness; contagium; contain; containe; contained
  1. The report of the Commissioner asks attention particularly to the continued prevalence of an infectious and contagious cattle disease known and dreaded in Europe and Asia as cattle plague, or pleuro-pneumonia.

  2. To the Senate of the United States: The accompanying documents, received from the Commissioner of Agriculture, are transmitted to the Senate in reply to the resolution of the 7th instant, relating to contagious diseases of cattle.

  3. York's corps entered Berlin, and from this time on contagious typhus disappeared almost completely in this army division.

  4. We found confirmed, says Krantz, what had been asserted a long time before by experienced physicians, that cold air had the most beneficial effect during the inflammatory stage of contagious typhus.

  5. The communication between Florence and Rome was at this time interrupted by a contagious disease which had broken out in Tuscany.

  6. As Florence still suffered under the contagious disease which we have already mentioned, it was proposed that Sienna should be the place of Galileo's confinement, and that his residence should be in one of the convents of that city.

  7. The first part gives clear descriptions of the venereal diseases, now known to be caused by specific germs; and to be both infectious and contagious in the highest degree; giving statistics as to their prevalence.

  8. The doctors and the boards of health together can soon change this silly convention, and the physician be required to register every case of this sort as he does in other contagious diseases.

  9. Nevertheless, if a patient afflicted with one of these highly contagious diseases tells his doctor that he has poisoned his wife, or is to poison his child--the doctor feels professionally bound to keep silence.

  10. She gave them the number of these clubs, and described with contagious enthusiasm the inspiration of their great meetings.

  11. After a heroic crusade of twenty-two years, led by Mrs. Josephine Butler, the aroused conscience of Great Britain compelled Parliament in 1886 to repeal the loathsome Contagious Diseases Acts.

  12. Still greater is our modern surprise at the apparently simple means by which terror has been excited to so general an extent, that even the wisest and most prudent have not escaped its contagious influence.

  13. I; an', afther that, whin he wanted to help a Paythan I stud wid the muzzle contagious to the ear.

  14. More by token I had come out on the river-line close to the burnin' ghat and contagious to a cracklin' corpse.

  15. Sir Walter Raleigh had embarked on the same expedition, but a contagious disease broke out on board his ship which compelled his return.

  16. The strength of this theory consists in the perfect parallelism of the phenomena of contagious disease with those of life.

  17. So much the more honour, I infer, is due to those who, three centuries in advance, so put together the facts and analogies of contagious disease as to divine its root and character.

  18. If you wish to learn the impotence of medical practice in dealing with contagious diseases, you have only to refer to the Harveian oration for 1871, by Sir William Gull.

  19. After a contagious repast the number of worms containing the parasite gradually augmented until finally it became cent.

  20. Prior to Pasteur, the most diverse and contradictory opinions were entertained as to the contagious character of p├ębrine; some stoutly affirmed it, others as stoutly denied it.

  21. The term 'particulate 'has been used in the Reports of the Medical Department of the Privy Council to describe this supposed constitution of contagious matter; and Dr.

  22. For if the seeds of contagious disease be themselves living things, it may be difficult to destroy either them or their progeny, without involving their living habitat in the same destruction.

  23. The matter of each contagious disease reproduces itself as rigidly as if it were (as Miss Nightingale puts it) dog or cat.

  24. We have now reached a phase of this question when it is of the very last importance that light should once for all be thrown upon the manner in which contagious and infectious diseases take root and spread.

  25. From the day when I first began to think of these subjects I have never had a doubt that the specific cause of contagious fevers must be living organisms.

  26. Just as sure does it seem that the contagious matter of epidemic disease has been transplanted to the place where it newly appears.

  27. The situation was rendered graver by the outbreak of contagious diseases.

  28. If the contagious discharges are allowed to remain, violent inflammation is set up which usually ends in the loss of sight.

  29. The conduct of the Mohammedan and Western nations on the subject of contagious plague illustrates the two extremes of error on the nature of God's moral government of the world.

  30. There are two grand divisions under which all contagious diseases may be classed:--1.

  31. Where was thy care to rid contagious filth, When some men wet-shod (with his waters) droop'd?

  32. One other point to be noted is that no practice is of more value in reducing the ravages of contagious diseases than a frequent and conscientious washing of one's hands.

  33. It may not be out of place to emphasize the value of soap, not particularly in times of epidemic or contagious disease, but as a continual safeguard against infection.

  34. The disease is very contagious and is usually transmitted directly from the sick person to the well person.

  35. Disinfection of rooms in which contagious diseases have occurred is one such provision.

  36. If not too thin, it is a good whitewash and is a most important agent when used as a whitewash in disinfecting walls and ceilings of such rooms as hospitals and cellars and other places where have been contagious diseases.

  37. Probably the disease does not become contagious until the cough starts, and there is no reason why the disease should not be arrested in the first victim, provided proper isolation is practiced.

  38. All contagious diseases cannot at present be definitely associated with bacteria, probably for the reason that the methods employed to find the bacteria have not been adequate.

  39. For like reason, other restrictions governing the control of contagious diseases is a function of the police power of the state in which the rights of the individual must yield to the greater good of the community.

  40. A large proportion of the contagious diseases are probably the result of infected fingers or hands coming in contact with the mouth and leaving there the germs of infection.

  41. There is something contagious in beneficence.

  42. Here was a patient dangerously ill with a contagious disorder, at the top of a house swarming with human beings.

  43. Many contagious diseases are contracted by the disgusting habit of mouth-breathing, and many cases of cold and catarrhal affections are also attributable to the same cause.

  44. Carefully conducted scientific experiments have shown that soldiers and sailors who sleep with their mouths open are much more liable to contract contagious diseases than those who breathe properly through the nostrils.

  45. Sing, philosophic Muse, the dire effects Of this contagious bite on hapless man.

  46. The Greeley campaign, disastrous though it was, had started a contagious spirit of independence.

  47. In ancient exorcisms, it sometimes happened that the exorcist himself became the involuntary recipient of the contagious frenzy of the patient.

  48. No patient in the magnetic coma ever exhibited such prodigies of endurance as thousands of the involuntary victims of these contagious manias.

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