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accompaniment; accompaniments; accompanist; accompany; accompanyed; accompli; accomplice; accomplices; accomplir; accomplish
  1. The accompanying photograph shows a peach tree in Maryland which was protected from the evil spirits in this way.

  2. The accompanying is a faithful copy of an address of welcome presented to the passengers of the s.

  3. This case is given in the accompanying photographs.

  4. A lady carrying a child on her arm was returning home towards evening; she had almost reached her house when a bulldog accompanying her began to bark furiously.

  5. It is not difficult to understand that chamber music originated in the early medieval custom of accompanying banquets with music.

  6. More complex emotions seemed to him to call for a "melody with greater intervals and a lively tempo, the accompanying instrumental harmonies changing more frequently.

  7. Twice he visited Germany, in 1556 accompanying Calvin to the Diet at Frankfort.

  8. The Abbot, while waiting for Benedetto, was strumming with his knuckles a piece of his own composition, accompanying the sound with horrible contortions of lips, nostrils and eyebrows.

  9. While accompanying the ladies down the dark stairs to their carriage, the Professor remarked: "What is greatly feared is that Benedetto will not live.

  10. Jeanne was in her salon next to Carlino's room, where he was accompanying Chieco's violoncello on the piano.

  11. I have noticed thirty-six stars, besides the Aselli, arranged in the order of the accompanying diagram.

  12. The motion of the planets towards the east was plainly seen by reference to the aforesaid fixed star, for Jupiter and his attendant satellites were nearer to it, as may be seen in the accompanying figure (Fig.

  13. Two satellites only appeared, with Jupiter between them, as is seen in the accompanying figure (Fig.

  14. They were all in the same straight line exactly, and of the same magnitude, as may be seen in the accompanying diagram (Fig.

  15. Part consisting of two coloured Plates, with accompanying Letter-press.

  16. It appears the confessor is quite weary of accompanying people to see her; they were some time before they got on with him, only after saying that they had come from Paris on purpose.

  17. Quite as commonly occur crystals which are combinations of these two forms, and then exhibit thirty-six faces, as in the crystal from Alaska shown in the accompanying illustration.

  18. Those from Italy, shown in the accompanying plate, are too small to cut into gems, but surrounded as they are by light green chlorite and pyroxene, they make very pretty mineral specimens.

  19. The almandite of Alaska shown in the accompanying plate occurs in great quantities near the mouth of the Stickeen river, but has not been extensively cut on account of its being too opaque.

  20. It is usually yellow to brown in color, but may be rose red or pink, as in the specimen from Mexico shown in the accompanying plate.

  21. These they beat against the ground, and each performer, assisted by the note given by this instrument, repeated the same note, accompanying it with words, by which means it was rendered sometimes short and sometimes long.

  22. They rode up to the accompanying thump, thump, thump of three wildly beating hearts.

  23. A little later, with Professor Snodgrass accompanying them, they made a flight.

  24. All enthusiasm, the two boys leaped from the hammocks, and were soon accompanying Jerry back to his house.

  25. Message of the President of the United States and accompanying documents, 1847.

  26. But now comes a fresh marching mass of many thousands, with the usual accompanying drums and banners: there are women and children among the throng--if children still there be in France, when every urchin fancies himself a man.

  27. In what am I benefited by accompanying my son so far, since I now abandon him, and allow him to depart alone to the baneful climate of Africa?

  28. The two young ladies were seen seated on the same chair, at the piano, accompanying themselves, each with one hand, a fancy to which they had accustomed themselves, and performed admirably.

  29. Count Andrea Cavalcanti," repeated the young man, accompanying his words with a bow.

  30. On the accompanying map are given the outlines of the districts as constituted and altered down to 1916.

  31. Our question now is: What is the effect of changes in the quantity of money (considered apart from chance accompanying changes) upon the general level of prices?

  32. As a result of these measures, accompanying and stimulating an enlightenment of the employers' self-interest, there has been a very remarkable improvement in such matters in recent years.

  33. But such adjustments proceed uncertainly and unevenly in different industries, with much speculation in shifting from one type of business to another, and with much accompanying miscalculation.

  34. Throughout the Middle Ages these conditions were gradually changing, and the changes were hastened by the discovery of America, by the social unrest accompanying the Reformation, and by other forces.

  35. It does not keep constantly before the worker the thought of his own interest in rapid work, often with an accompanying nervous and mental strain.

  36. Voelcker for kind assistance; and to the Royal Agricultural College Students' Club, Cirencester, for permission to reproduce the accompanying photograph.

  37. As soon as I had learned of this, I went to the count, the prior accompanying me, and besought him to intercede in my behalf with the abbot.

  38. On this point St. Augustine, in his book on the duty of monks, proves that women followed our Lord Jesus Christ and the apostles as inseparable companions, even accompanying them when they preached (Chap.

  39. Mrs. Mittin proposed accompanying them, and asked Camilla to introduce her to Mrs. Arlbery.

  40. Miss Margland was accompanying them, but Lady Pervil, advancing to enquire what went wrong, gave her an opportunity irresistible to inveigh against Dr.

  41. She said you would wish to, if you once saw the person accompanying him.

  42. The gesture accompanying this oath was a grand one, convincing in its fervour, its majesty and power.

  43. But, before accompanying him in his flight from the house of Peter Thornton, we shall go back a few years, and take up another part of his history.

  44. As indicated in the accompanying illustration, the long-snouted phalanger is arboreal in habits, extracting honey and probably small insects from long-tubed flowers by means of its extensile tongue.

  45. The accompanying diagram will convey a notion of the varied aspects presented by the planet, of the cycles of change through which they go, and of the order in which the oppositions follow each other.

  46. The accompanying illustrations of Mars and its canals are those of Lowell, and represent the planet as seen by the Flagstaff observers.

  47. The accompanying Charter accordingly authorises the Governor to alienate such lands.

  48. The accompanying Commission under the Great Seal will give effect to this arrangement, and the warrant which I enclose under Her Majesty's sign manual will constitute you Lieut.

  49. The accompanying instructions direct how that power is to be used.

  50. I enter upon this topic by observing that the accompanying statute, 9th & 10th Vict.

  51. Prostitution is the legitimate offspring of marriage and its accompanying errors.

  52. Accompanying the Shelleys and Claire to England, she served them as nursemaid at Bath and Marlow.

  53. Henceforth Shelley and his friend passed most of their time on the water; Mary sometimes accompanying them in their swift passages over the dancing waves.

  54. This computation would give the 22nd February as the approximate date of the letter, accompanying the remittance for the Hunt Fund, to Mr. Hookham.

  55. In the subsequent letter to Mr. Hookham, accompanying the contribution to the Hunt Fund, Shelley says, 'Queen Mab is finished and transcribed.

  56. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "accompanying" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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