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Example sentences for "consisting"

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consistence; consistency; consistent; consistently; consisteth; consistorial; consistories; consistory; consists; consociated
  1. Most of the men appeared to possess two, the pair in general consisting of a fat plump gin and one much younger.

  2. The Huron Wyandots had a political council consisting of four women.

  3. Such a "love-letter," consisting of three notches cut in a twig, symbolically sums up this whole chapter.

  4. They did not move from the place, but simply covered the face with one hand, their whole modesty consisting in the desire not to be recognized.

  5. Marlborough and Eugene, drew up a line of defence consisting of entrenchments, flooded land, and the use of existing watercourses, a line running from the neighbourhood of Douai away eastward to the Belgian frontier.

  6. All are even grained, consisting of a mass of crystalline grains formed during one continuous stage of solidification, and no porphyritic crystals appear as in lavas.

  7. The plateau, consisting of strata but little changed from their original flat-lying attitude, and the platform, developed on rocks of disordered structure made crystalline by heat and pressure, both stand at the common level of the line AB.

  8. This may be calcareous, consisting of soluble carbonate of lime.

  9. He was initiated into tribal custom and usage, and became versed in a tribal language consisting chiefly of abbreviations and portmanteau words.

  10. Now happiness is defined as consisting positively in the presence of pleasure, negatively in the absence of pain.

  11. The imposing remains of this palace, consisting of a great mound surrounded by an immense circular rampart and fosse half obliterated, the whole structure covering about eleven English acres, lie two miles west of Armagh.

  12. Once they began to be written down, a great body of romantic and historical written literature rapidly accumulated, consisting chiefly of prose tales.

  13. On the south of this is the piscina, consisting of a hollow basin with a stone-drain, wherein the priest cleansed the sacred vessels after using them in the Holy Eucharist.

  14. Passing the south porch, erected in memory of Mr. James Jardine, we see the extreme south aisle, formerly consisting of chantries separated from the rest of the church by screens.

  15. The monastery was dissolved at the Reformation, and a Cathedral establishment formed, consisting of a dean and canons.

  16. There is no triforium gallery, a very exquisite arcade taking its place, similar to that in the transepts, consisting of trefoil arches, ornamented with dog-tooth.

  17. Ornaments usually consisting of four plain leaves, arranged so as to form a point.

  18. Above is the triforium, consisting of two arches, each divided into three sub-arches.

  19. Pasimadai: This village, consisting of only two families, was on the upper Salmon River.

  20. Farther down the Boise River the party "came to a village consisting of thirty willow lodges of the Pawnees (Bannocks)" (p.

  21. The little party, consisting of Rose, her uncle, and the artist, awaited the arrival of the expected visitor with considerable impatience.

  22. This proves to be a painful process, consisting largely of discovering what you can’t have and what you will have to do without.

  23. For an encore we had Papa Eating Noodle Soup which could best be described as a “gleesome, gluesome” recitative, the chorus of each of numerous verses consisting of a realistic imitation of Papa partaking of the Soup.

  24. Formerly these conferences were largely religious in significance, consisting of much righteousness with a slight leaven of business.

  25. Six of these were negligible, consisting of males of average skill and young women who played golf because it kept them out in the fresh air.

  26. No stranger lapse ever overtook a great thinker than occurred to Herbert Spencer when he described religion as consisting in a worship of the unknowable, and as due to the desire to explain a mystery ever pressing for interpretation.

  27. This saves a great amount of labour in pitting, and, if the paste is fairly strong, consisting of 2 to 2-1/2 per cent.

  28. It is of simple construction, consisting of four pieces of iron riveted together loosely in the shape of a diamond with a clamp attached to secure the tail.

  29. Their second scheme, consisting of baling a certain number of hides in canvas disinfected with a 0.

  30. To stiffen and strengthen the grain, an artificial layer, consisting of paste finishes, is often applied.

  31. The officers slept in the house all night, their bedclothing and sheets consisting of the native cloth made of the native mulberry-tree.

  32. For this purpose every vessel is furnished with a "spun-yarn winch"; which is very simple, consisting of a wheel and spindle.

  33. The residue, consisting of deeds of real estates to the value of seven thousand pounds, goes to you unconditionally.

  34. This task was performed by means of a metal instrument consisting of a metal rod of about a third of an inch in diameter and four inches in length.

  35. Thirdly, it is a theological number, consisting of perfection.

  36. It consists of seven parts, each consisting of seven divisions.

  37. This was Doblington farm, consisting of a hundred and sixty of undrained obdurate clay, as sticky as bird-lime in wet, and as hard as iron in dry weather, and therefore requiring extra strength to take advantage of a favourable season.

  38. The primary, usually consisting of a few turns of thick, well-insulated copper sheet was inserted within the tube, the inside space of the bulb furnishing the secondary.

  39. The model shown at D is one of the earliest rotating field motors, consisting of a thin iron ring wound with two sets of coils and an armature consisting of a series of steel discs partly cut away and arranged on a small arbor.

  40. But now a mechanism consisting of a finite number of parts and few at that, cannot perform an infinite number of definite motions, hence the impulses which govern its movements must come from the environment.

  41. A convenient way is to use an oil condenser of very small capacity, consisting of two small adjustable metal plates, in connection with this and similar experiments.

  42. Crookes, consisting of a bent platinum wire with vanes mounted over it (Fig.

  43. For this purpose it is best to employ a motor consisting of a stationary field magnet and an armature arranged to rotate within the same, as indicated in Fig.

  44. The most probable medium filling the space is one consisting of independent carriers immersed in an insulating fluid.

  45. The generator N in this case is shown as consisting of a stationary ring O, wound with twenty-four coils P P', alternate coils being connected in series in two circuits.

  46. A color consisting of thin varnish, a little tallow, and lampblack is now rubbed swiftly into all the depressions, and immediately wiped away again with a woolen rag wetted with gum solution.

  47. Etching-ground, dissolved in oil of turpentine, or consisting simply of tallow and put on the stone very uniformly with a cotton ball, is much better, and produces an effect similar to wash drawing.

  48. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "consisting" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.

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