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Example sentences for "accompany"

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accompanies; accompanieth; accompaniment; accompaniments; accompanist; accompanyed; accompanying; accompli; accomplice; accomplices
  1. Without waiting for breakfast the captain ordered Mr. Major, the first mate, the Iron Boys and the wheelman on duty at the time of the collision to make ready to accompany him to Duluth at once.

  2. I will accompany you and see that matters are straightened out.

  3. Mr. Macrae motioned for Steve to accompany him.

  4. So Au-tche-a determined to search for these wonderful people and he persuaded five of his neighbors to accompany him in his undertaking.

  5. The old marshal wished to accompany him; but the Emperor refused, and thereupon ensued an animated but fruitless discussion.

  6. On the 19th of January the Emperor sent to inform the Empress that he was to hunt in the wood of Grosbois, and would breakfast with the Princess de Neuchatel, and requested that her Majesty would accompany him.

  7. We drink another cup of coffee, we smoke a last cigarette, and true to the Turkish custom we accompany our departing guests to our front door.

  8. He had fought at Edgehill as a lad of thirteen, had been with the King at Beverley, York, and Nottingham, and had only left the Court to accompany the Prince of Wales to Jersey, and afterwards to Paris.

  9. I have never forbidden your going to Paris, nor refused to accompany you there.

  10. At first relatives of those killed were allowed to accompany the searching parties, but this was found to be too slow a method, and now the pickets are instructed to prevent any one not connected with relief parties from entering the city.

  11. No storm possible in the elements presents the terrors that accompany the hurricane.

  12. I will accompany you as cicerone, for I once knew every hole and corner of it--a great deal better, I will venture to affirm, than the heir himself here.

  13. The Gerards were to remove to their town residence in Harley Street, as soon as their guest was fit to accompany them.

  14. This I did, and as soon as ever Pierrebon, whom I gave orders to accompany me, was ready we set forth, and Sarlaboux came with us.

  15. It was Pierrebon, whom I had ordered to accompany me, who broke in upon our talk, and five minutes later we were once more upon our way, the still figure within the coach immovable and silent as ever.

  16. Without a word I took a sword from the wall and handed it to Le Brusquet, who received it with a bow, and then, turning to the Duke, I offered to accompany them to the end of the street, which was an evil place even by day.

  17. She left the room as she spoke, and in half an hour afterwards Caliste was sent for by her father, who commanded her to accompany her sister to the chapel.

  18. Lisette, bursting into a passion of tears, "for I told Madame you would be sure to accompany me, and she said it would improve the procession if my two sisters followed me and the Baron.

  19. Madame then expressed her hope that Victorine would accompany her sister to the fete at the chateau; and, with a complimentary message to her mother, she dismissed the young girl.

  20. Lisette, "do you too refuse to accompany me, Caliste; alas!

  21. Sorrowing at her disappointment, Victorine would have led her from the room, but she refused to accompany her.

  22. A closed carriage will call for me at eight, and you can accompany me.

  23. Well, if you have been ten years in London, Monsieur Valmont, we may now perhaps have the pleasure of claiming you as an Englishman; so I beg you will accompany us on another festive occasion to Paris next week.

  24. I have stolen from my corn-sowing this minute to write a line to accompany your shirt and hat, for I can no more.

  25. My wife hoped to induce Mademoiselle Cicogna to accompany us; I grieve to say she refuses.

  26. I declined to accompany them, and I advise you not to do so.

  27. Both myself and Madame Savarin, backed by Signora Venosta, earnestly entreated Mademoiselle Cicogna to quit Paris, to accompany us to England.

  28. He wished my mother to accompany him; but she replies, 'No; there are already too many wounded not to need plenty of nurses.

  29. Madame Marigny had her own reason for leaving Paris, and would accompany her.

  30. Enough of this: I have now only to request you, my friend, to accompany me, before daybreak on Wednesday morning, to a place several miles hence.

  31. He insisted that the boy should accompany him to the tavern, where he and Colonel French were going to try some excellent Madeira.

  32. In fact, he had resolved at one time, if he could prevail on Mrs. Franklin to accompany him, to settle permanently in England.

  33. A few days after his mother's return, she asked him to accompany her to the cellar, to provide a suitable location for a supply of sherry which she expected from Cork.

  34. Also, she had a sturdy assistant detailed to accompany her in her work.

  35. I showed it to O'Brien, and asked him whether he would accompany me.

  36. At last I was ordered home, and not wishing to leave her, I begged her to accompany me, offering her my cabin.

  37. One morning, Lord Belmore called upon us, and asked the general if we would accompany him to the theatre, to see two celebrated pieces performed.

  38. I told the men that we might as well walk into the town and deliver ourselves up as prisoners; to which they agreed, and we set forward, promising to send for the poor fellows who were too much hurt to accompany us.

  39. You will naturally accompany us, as I am to keep an eye on you.

  40. There will be a ship waiting to pick her up as soon as she is out of sight of the Jivros who will accompany us.

  41. So that upon all hands we may look for a form of servitude most galling to the blood--servitude to many and changing masters, and for all the slights that accompany the rule of jack-in-office.

  42. The drawings that accompany this narrative, and represent each of these visions, appear to have been executed shortly afterwards, and are valuable illustrations of the general costume of the period.

  43. Generally they are called tombs, but there are no chambers nor anything about them to indicate a funereal purpose, and the inscriptions which accompany them are not on the monuments themselves, nor do they refer to such a purpose.

  44. The costume of the figures resembles that of the Emperors of the Lower Empire, and although the inscriptions which accompany the figures are in Latin, the whole bears the impress of Greek workmanship.

  45. This man told them that Desbourdes was certainly bewitched, and offered to accompany them to the house of an old man named Renard, who, he said, was undoubtedly the criminal.

  46. If he leaves the city where he has presided, the crowd accompany him from his residence to the gates, where his boots are drawn off with great ceremony, to be preserved in the hall of justice.

  47. The man at the oar, women beating lime, the labourer engaged in irrigation, alike accompany their toil with song.

  48. Lord Grey said that he had no authority to entertain such conditions; but he encouraged the hope that an unconditional surrender would tell in his favour, and he promised himself to accompany his prisoner to the king's presence.

  49. Phenomena of this eccentric kind always accompany periods of intellectual change.

  50. A detachment of infantry and a battery of artillery accompany the cavalry, and Kilpatrick is in command of the entire force.

  51. Two brigades of infantry under Generals Ames and Russell accompany the expedition, each with a battery of artillery.

  52. I trust you will persuade Sir George Templemore to be of our party, and at four we shall be ready to accompany you; until then I am contracted to a gossip with Mrs. Bloomfield in her dressing-room.

  53. When out of the room, John Effingham did better, and he proceeded to the library, followed by his own man, whom he had ordered to accompany him with a light.

  54. No man should make a woman the confidant of his attachment, until he is fully prepared to accompany the declaration with an offer of his hand;--and such is not my condition.

  55. The tastes are too uncultivated to exercise any essential influence; and when they do exist, it is usually with the pretension and effort that so commonly accompany infant knowledge.

  56. Mrs. Hawker and the Bloomfields were expected, and the morning passed away rapidly, under the gay buoyancy of the feelings that usually accompany such anticipations in a country-house.

  57. But, as cousin Jack will accompany us, he may very well confer that important favour.

  58. We will leave the ladies in their seats, a few minutes, and accompany the gentlemen on their way into the Exchange.

  59. Whether the Haddington housekeepers accompany their fasting with any ablution may be doubted, since they refuse to pay 10d.

  60. I hope," said I, "you will accompany us to church?

  61. I felt it impossible to accompany them--as though to leave the sunshine on the hills, and go down there to the chapel, would be for the time an act of spiritual suicide.

  62. By this formidable term Kant merely meant the fact that the consciousness "I think them" must (potentially or actually) accompany all our objects.

  63. Harry said that he quite understood, and only asked to be allowed to accompany the expedition to El Obeid in any capacity.

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    Other words:
    accompany; agree; assist; associate; attend; bring; call; chord; coincide; combine; concur; date; escort; execute; follow; guard; guide; interpret; join; match; perform; play; render; show; squire; synchronize; take

    Some related collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    accompany her; accompany him; accompany them