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costly; costs; costui; costumbre; costumbres; costumed; costumer; costumes; costumi; costumier
  1. The old popular songs show clearly that this costume has always been worn by the natives.

  2. The costume is not so ancient, but that one may tumble now and then on a country squire who glories in it and denounces us juveniles as 'bears' for want of a similar precision.

  3. That would account for the choice of a monastic costume in which to masquerade--and it would also account for the queer language of the letter, savoring as it did of the Bible.

  4. The next time I went to New York I purchased the costume and a pair of large boots from a theatrical supply store.

  5. She was dressed in a two-piece outing costume of knitted wool, and she looked just now as if those garments were too warm for comfort.

  6. This: the fellow who wrote that note and does his stuff in a monk's costume has all the earmarks of a maniac.

  7. In wondering how best to do that, she evolved the crazy scheme of appearing in the monk's costume some time when I was with you.

  8. Unfortunately for the costume historian, the dialogue is not illustrated.

  9. Other series, such as the plates on the dress of Augsburg engraved by Jeremias Wolff, belong more to the history of costume than to the history of fashion.

  10. A fashion plate is a costume portrait, that is to say, a portrait not of an individual but one which shows the sort of clothes that are being worn or that are likely to be worn.

  11. It is wrong to take such a print, as some writers on costume have done, for a fashion plate recording what was worn or likely to be worn in the year in which it was engraved.

  12. The earlier period has been treated in greater detail because it is generally less well-known, and the boundaries between the fashion plate and the costume picture are not all easy to define.

  13. Nevinson Origin and Early History Of the Fashion Plate A fashion plate is a costume portrait indicating a suitable style of clothing that can be made or secured.

  14. There are engravings of costume figures such as the Sieben Edelleute verschiedener Nation by Willem Buytewech (Amsterdam, ca.

  15. Their purpose, however, was explicitly "pour servir a l'histoire des Modes et du Costume des Francais dans le XVIIIme siecle.

  16. His costume was the ordinary leather hunting-shirt and leggings of a backwoodsman, and, although deeply bronzed, his colour not less than his blue eyes and brown hair told that he was not an Indian.

  17. The man was dressed in the costume of an Indian, but his hair and beard were those of a white man.

  18. Treves of the dress of the negress of Martinique, sums up in a few words the salient features of the Sunday costume of her sister in Costa Rica.

  19. Sometimes I think she doesn't care--" She stopped to gaze at a striking costume just entering the room.

  20. The Academician has a different costume from the judge.

  21. At one of the Towers's costume balls Mr. X, of American renown, dressed conspicuously as Jupiter (of all ironies!

  22. At the Duchess Fiano's costume ball he had worn a costume of a Mignon-Henri-II.

  23. This costume needs only a towel folded square and put on the head, and a Roman apron, easily obtained at the Campo di Fiore for a song.

  24. This costume was adopted in memory of the principle of mourning on which they were associated.

  25. Then the rear was closed by a single American Indian in a complete costume of copper-colored tights, with tomahawk, war-paint, and feathers.

  26. It seems that he has a costume of his own.

  27. All that day the dusky bodies, stripped to the costume of Eden, swayed athwart his vision over the flashing blades, as he stared forward with aching eyes down the long vista of dazzling water that unrolled itself before him.

  28. The costume suited her; and Miss Castro was probably aware of the fact.

  29. On those afternoons Mrs. Laue would stick genuine rhinestone studs into her ears, would don a brown velvet dress with a black jet collar on the square-cut neck, and in this costume would pay Lilly a formal visit in the best room.

  30. He wore a brown velvet costume consisting of a jacket, knee-length breeches, and a Phrygian cap.

  31. Unsuspecting spirits might believe that a similar costume was to be had everywhere from San Francisco to St. Petersburg, from Cape Town to Christiania for two hundred marks.

  32. Offshore four kilometres is the Ile de RĂ©, an isle thirty kilometres long, where the inhabitants wear the picturesque coiffe and costume which have not become contaminated with Paris fashions.

  33. With the close of the eighteenth and the beginning of the nineteenth century, costume was stiff and ugly to an extreme that excites our laughter now.

  34. Here we have a painting that does not suffer from the costume of the sitter and a rather daring but completely fortunate effect in the contrast between the curtain background and the dress.

  35. She only dresses and dresses, one costume for the morning, another for the afternoon and so on.

  36. The costume seemed so appropriate to that other fair dream.

  37. She is just as nice in a morning costume as old Dudgeon in her war paint.

  38. Her toque and costume were irreproachable.

  39. Theodora was sitting in any kind of costume--what did her costume matter?

  40. Pretty English children with Breton nurses, each in the costume of her native town, played under the lindens all abloom with odorous flowers and alive with bees.

  41. Little boys, in the costume of Cupid, were riding great horses in to bathe after the day's work.

  42. It is impossible to make costume the prime culprit, when we recall what robust generations have been reared beneath the same formidable panoply.

  43. This love of adornment is also found among the Hungarians, [Footnote: The Hungarian costume worn by Prince Nicholas Esterhazy at the coronation of George the Fourth, is still remembered in England.

  44. It is to be noted, also, that as they scorn the task of the mere gymnast, they do not wear the scant costume of the acrobat; they are enveloped in ample draperies, which fall into lines of beauty with every movement.

  45. Not only did he perform on a stage which was intended to resemble a drawing-room, he also eschewed any other costume than that appropriate to a drawing-room.

  46. His wife arrived first, however, and when she saw the gentleman in fancy costume in her room, she exclaimed: "Mon Dieu!

  47. A Carnival costume would not inspire confidence.

  48. B] His costume is well chosen, at all events.

  49. And that little woman in the Pompadour costume smokes through her nose, does she?

  50. I did your errands, monsieur; I carried the Spanish costume back to the costumer, who said that monsieur had lost lots of spangles off the cloak.

  51. The widower wore a costume resplendent with spangles and gold braid.

  52. Despite her disguise, one could divine that the costume covered a person well accustomed to the noisy demonstrations of the maskers and to the eccentricities of the dancers.

  53. But I don't see so rich a costume as mine in the whole place; I am covered with spangles.

  54. I shall have to grease my concierge's paw to keep from telling all over the neighborhood that I came home this morning in Carnival costume after passing the night away from the house!

  55. In this costume he had driven to Rue de Ponthieu in a cab, for he did not propose that his clothes should be marred by the slightest speck of mud.

  56. He has worn a disguise, attended public balls, and carried disregard of propriety so far as to appear in broad daylight and in his own neighborhood, dressed in a costume to which it is impossible to give a name.

  57. It was a man perhaps forty years old; but his repulsive appearance and dilapidated costume made it difficult to judge of his age.

  58. Ruth tried to convince herself that it was only his western costume that was picturesque, the soft shirt with the loose handkerchief knotted at the throat.

  59. Quite by accident her odd costume exactly suited her.

  60. While he sported his commission as lieutenant Tad looked the part, having from some source got a uniform suitable for the occasion, and in that proud costume he had himself photographed to the great delight of his admiring circle of friends.

  61. At ten o'clock at night he took leave of the queen regent, hastened to his apartments, exchanged his ecclesiastical costume for a dress in which he was entirely disguised, and on foot threaded the dark streets to escape from the city.

  62. Inspired by vanity, which even dying convulsions could not quell, he had rouged his pale and haggard cheeks, wigged his thin locks, padded his skeleton limbs, and dressed himself in the almost juvenile costume of earlier years.

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